3 Ways To Trap Cockroaches Every Time


The cockroaches are an ancient group, dating back at least as far as the Carboniferous period, some 320 million years ago. The pest cockroaches can be carriers of various diseases because they are commonly found near waste deposits or in the kitchen, where food is present. Restaurants may also experience cockroach infestations.

They feed on human & pet food & can leave an offensive odor. They can passively transport pathogenic microbes on their body toàn thân surfaces, particularly in environments such as hospitals. Cockroaches are linked with allergic reactions in humans. One of the proteins that triggers allergic reactions is tropomyosin. These allergens are also linked with asthma.

Don"t worry, here"s the solution.

And it"s simple...

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Step 1: The Items


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9 months ago


How can One be Nice & Positive too people whom place more value on an insect"s life over that of a Humans ?


6 years ago


nice comments for soem one who is killing wasp that also pollinate plants avoid doing what his fellow is doing its not safe for the environment

do you know that figs can only be pollinated with wasps - bad invention

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Reply 9 months ago


Too gọi of those bleeding heart socialistic citizens, wimps out there whom prefer Fruits over Human life, Hopefully you would destroy the Hornet to Protect your Loved Ones, or are you going too tell ALL THE REST OF US THAT YOU WOULD Jeopardize YOUR CHILD"S LIFE FOR THE SAKE OF A STINGING INSECT ?


Reply 6 years ago


True, however, lớn a person who could die, that is DIE, due to yellow jacket stings, MILLIONS OF US would sooner take out the wasp, than see a loved one die.!