How to make a timeline in powerpoint

Step-by-step PowerPoint timeline tutorial will show you how to lớn make professional timeline right inside in PowerPoint

How to lớn make a timeline in PowerPoint

This step-by-step PowerPoint timeline tutorial will show you ways how to make professional timelines right inside Microsoft"s popular presentation tool.

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In addition, you can use the thực đơn bar like you will know it from Microsoft Word.

Change the màu sắc of your Milestones

Select any milestone using right-click. This will open a menu in which you can change the fill color, outline màu sắc and much more of the selected milestone.


Change the màu sắc and width of the timeline axis

It is possible to change the màu sắc of the axis just the way you change the màu sắc of lượt thích you the milestones: right-click on the arrow và use the menu that will then open. Besides the color, you can also change the width of the axis which will help make the milestones stand out more lớn deliver the message of your timeline.

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Change the position of the milestones

You can use drag and drop khổng lồ change the position of a milestone, vertically & horizontally. Moving the milestones closer khổng lồ their mô tả tìm kiếm text will make it easier for the readers of your graphic khổng lồ make the right connection between circle & text.

How lớn make a timeline in PowerPoint automatically

It is certainly possible to create professional looking timeline using PowerPoint"s build-in SmartArt features. This approach has a few limitations though. There is no easy way khổng lồ adjust the position of the milestones by the actual date they represent. Adjust the colors and fonts requires manual work. If you work for different clients that all have their brand guidelines this is time-consuming. An easier way is khổng lồ use an online timeline generator or a PowerPoint add-in.

Start designing your own timeline.

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Want khổng lồ create a Timeline Chart of your own?

Creating a Timeline Chart with is quick & easy. Try it for free!

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