5 Best Diy Fruit Fly Traps


After my first fruit fly sighting of summer, I was determined lớn get rid of them for good. I turned my kitchen into a lab—testing five versions of the homemade fruit fly trap—and found a clear winner.

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We don’t know where the fruit flies came from—they just showed up one night. Maybe some stowaway fruit fly eggs arrived on a bunch of bananas from the grocery store. Or maybe it was a bad idea to lớn let fruit salad sit on the counter while we had a bonfire in the backyard. Or maybe I neglected khổng lồ empty our compost bucket for a little too long và some of those awful pests with their sense-of-smell superpowers shimmied their way through a screen.

However they got into our house, we wanted them out. Fast.

Then I noticed a sạc pin on my ever-helpful Pinterest feed: Make a Homemade Fruit Fly Trap, it announced. So I did.

What Causes Fruit Flies, Anyway?

Long story short: fruit flies are attracted to ripened fruits và vegetables, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. The surprising part, however, is how they travel into your home. Fruit flies are usually brought in by you. Yes, you! These little buggers linger on produce và are brought into your trang chủ when you unpack your grocery goodies.

Once they’ve snuck into your home, their breeding process begins (if it hasn’t started already). They breed almost as soon as they land—laying eggs underneath the surface of your precious produce. No matter where they breed, you’ll want khổng lồ act fast. Female fruit flies can breed up lớn 500 eggs, which can hatch within a WEEK—eek!

Pro tip: Think throwing away infested produce is enough lớn get rid of these pests? Think again. Fruit flies can (and will) continue breeding within trash bags, drains and garbage disposals. Be sure lớn throw away rotten produce before your little friends move in for good.

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The Method

My anti-fruit fly campaign became a bit of an obsession. I didn’t just want khổng lồ make one type of trap, I wanted to lớn try a bunch so I could kết thúc the invasion once & for all. I Googled “homemade fruit fly traps” & felt slightly relieved lớn discover a long menu of folk remedies. Obviously, I wasn’t the only person to lớn fail at keeping fruit flies at bay. I put the five most popular recipes—all of which use common household items—to the test. I’d noticed most of the fruit flies were hanging out near the vinegars in my pantry (did you know vinegar lasts forever?), so I cleared a spot for the traps on the shelf và let them do their thing for about 12 hours. Here’s how each trap fared.

The DIY Fruit Fly Traps

Trap 1: Rotten Fruit

Taste of Home

Potential benefits: Gives rotting fruit a new use, a valid excuse to lớn dump a beer you’re not a fan hâm mộ of

How khổng lồ make it: Put a piece of rotten banana in a jar. Pour in enough beer khổng lồ partially cover the banana. Grab a cone-shaped coffee filter and poke a small hole in the bottom. Mix it on top of the jar, folding the paper over the edges of the jar lớn hold it in place. (You definitely don’t want khổng lồ use these amazing local craft beers in your traps.)

My take: This turned out lớn be a sad waste of beer. When I removed the coffee filter the next morning, there were more living fruit flies than dead ones in this trap.

Fruit flies captured: 3 dead, 5 alive

The Results

Trap No. 4 won by a landslide! I was inordinately happy (gleeful, really) to lớn see the death toll mounting each time I checked this trap during the day. But I also think Trap No. 5 has potential. If you’re curious about this method, địa chỉ cửa hàng a squirt of dish soap khổng lồ the beer & use the plastic wrap cover method from Trap No. 1. Maybe you’ll have more luck.

The Takeaways

Since that first test, I think I’ve perfected the winning trap. As you can see from the photo, I used a juice glass, which meant I had to lớn refresh the bubbles a few times. Later, I tried it in a pint glass. Sure, it uses more vinegar, but the bubbles last much longer, making fruit fly killing a hands-off event.

I also tried this trap with two types of táo apple cider vinegar: the clear filtered stuff & the raw, unfiltered variety. The latter was definitely more effective, probably because it contains little bits of fermented apple. (Do you know the benefits of eating fermented foods?)

Since the experiment, I’ve kept a pint-size trap in my pantry (I also cleaned my vinegar bottles & have been faithfully taking out the compost). I’m happy lớn report I hardly ever see fruit flies anymore. But if & when they ever stage another invasion, I know what to do—and now, so vì you.

How Can I Prevent Fruit Flies?

The easiest way khổng lồ avoid a fruit fly catastrophe? Use up those ripe fruits & veggies! (Here are some great ideas for using up ripe bananas.) If you want to save your ripened produce for a few days longer, store them in the refrigerator to lớn prevent any uninvited guests from breeding. When discarding inedible, overripe produce, make sure you throw away the trash ASAP.