How to earn money on youtube

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I’ll admit that I’ve only scratched the surface, & there are nội dung creators out there making more than my lifetime earnings every month.

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So, how bởi vì other YouTuber influencers lượt thích PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, và Dude Perfect rake in seven and even eight-figure incomes every year & create incredibly successful digital real estate assets?

In this post, I’ll cốt truyện some of the best strategies that the đứng top YouTubers use to lớn make money on YouTube and show you how you can vị the same, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

If you’re wondering how lớn make money on YouTube, this is the most common answer.

The concept is pretty simple; you join the YouTube Partner Program, earn money, và earn ad revenue through đoạn phim ads that show before, during, or after your videos.

You consent lớn run YouTube ads before, during, or after your videos. Then, you get to choose what type of ad placements you’re comfortable with, press a few buttons, và Google company does the rest.

Once set up, Google can show ads on your videos, & every time someone sees (or clicks) those ads, both you và YouTube split the fee that Google charges the advertiser. The split is 45% for YouTube & 55% for the creator.

As an example, let’s say that you have a vlog channel on YouTube, và halfway through one of your videos, a Netflix commercial plays talking about their latest & most fantastic Netflix original series.

We’ll assume that Netflix is willing to lớn pay $1 for that placement on your entire đoạn clip for easy math.

Once that Netflix commercial pops up to the viewer, Google will take $0.45, và you will earn $0.55 in your partner YouTube account.

This doesn’t sound like much money, but these numbers can showroom up when you get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views per day.

How khổng lồ Get Started

Step 1: Start a YouTube Channel

It’s safe to say that you need your own channel lớn start to lớn get any views on YouTube. YouTube walks you through the process on this page, but I’ve also embedded a đoạn clip below to lớn help.

Step 2: Create YouTube Videos

The next step khổng lồ any YouTube channel is to lớn click Youtube Studio & log in. Then, create content that YouTube users & your audience will love. From my experience, it’s best to lớn focus on a particular niche & dive into the content that they’ll enjoy.

For instance, on my YouTube channel, I lượt thích to discuss all things related khổng lồ online business. So naturally, this attracts YouTube premium subscribers và pretty much anyone interested in working from home and loves the idea of building something of their own.

This is the tricky part about any YouTube channel, even for the highest-paid Youtubers – because when you start, it’s unlikely that anyone will see your videos.

But I promise you that this won’t happen forever.

As long as you keep creating content such as vlogs, music videos, music, và more that your audience will enjoy, the algorithm will eventually start recommending your videos khổng lồ people và begin subscribing lớn you. So, naturally, with these subscribers comes more income.Pro-tip: Tutorials are a GREAT way to get started with YouTube if it’s possible in your niche.

Step 3: Meet the YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Requirements

While YouTube formerly allowed any channel to lớn join its partnership program right after it started, people began to lớn abuse the system. As a result, the platform had khổng lồ change things to ensure the channels were legitimate.

This ended up creating the YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Requirements.

At the time of this writing, the minimum eligibilityrequirements to join the YouTube partner program are simple:

Your channel needs to lớn have at least 4,000 watch hours of clip in the past 12 months above the video length requirement before you can apply to monetize your videos, vlogs, music videos, & more.You also need lớn have over 1,000 subscribers to your channel.You must be at least 18 years of age before you apply to join YouTube’s partner program.

There’s no specified timeframe in which to lớn meet these requirements. However, once you successfully achieve them, you’ll be able to enable monetization features and begin earning while making nội dung for your target audience.

Step 4: mix up a linked AdSense trương mục to get paid on YouTube

Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements for an AdSense Account, you can then apply. This linked AdSense tài khoản will ultimately be how you make money on YouTube from ads, so take your time answering everything correctly when you sign up for your AdSense Account.

Step 5: Configure Your Newly Available Monetization Methods

Once you’ve been accepted khổng lồ the YouTube Partner Program, there are many different methods lớn begin making money on your channel.

YouTube Red (Premium) Revenue: Every time a YouTube premium account watches your videos, you’ll get a small portion of their subscription fee. This isn’t a ton of extra money, but it also doesn’t take any extra effort on your behalf lớn make it happen.Super Chat & Super Sticker: These interactive elements allow users khổng lồ pay to be seen in your live streams by purchasing a “super chat” or “super sticker” so that you see them. You can phối this up as long as your channel has 1,000 subscribers.Step 6: Continue Making nội dung and Don’t Violate YouTube Guidelines

Once your channel grows and you’re making money, the sky becomes the limit for your channel. You mustn’t violate any YouTube community guidelines related to Spam/Deception, sensitive content, banner ads, violent/dangerous content, misinformation, or regulated goods while creating videos. You can read all about their guidelines here.

Bonus: How lớn Maximize Earnings With YouTube Ad RevenueManually insert ads when possible: I vì this when I have a cliffhanger of sorts. Meaning I start a sentence and then play the ad in the middle of the sentence because the user wants to lớn hear the rest of it. An example, “The thing that you absolutely must know about affiliate sale is”….(add)……the rest of the statement. This approach will keep your users engaged enough to finish the ad instead of clicking off the video like other YouTubers while creating nội dung from Youtube và social truyền thông media platforms.Keep your channel advertiser-friendly: Don’t swear or say controversial things that advertisers don’t want lớn participate in your videos. Remember, you make money when advertisers advertise. So advertiser-friendlycontent is crucial to achieving this goal.Make as many videos as possible: YouTube is ultimately a numbers game, & the number of views is the essential factor to success. People don’t like to hear it, but it’s 100% true. The more videos you post, the more likely you will succeed because of the number of đoạn phim views your channel will get.For most big YouTubers, advertising revenue is the most passive way lớn make money. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg lớn make money on YouTube.

Don’t Forget About YouTube Premium Subscribers

While Adsense can pay quite a bit itself, don’t forget that YouTube has a premium subscriber feature on its platform. So if you’re able to lớn get these subscribers to your content, you’ll make additional income from that.

Unfortunately, many YouTubers don’t pay attention khổng lồ this opportunity, and you can’t vì a lot khổng lồ target these specific users. Still, it’s pretty lucrative if you get them khổng lồ your channel.

2. Build a Blog to Compliment YouTube

YouTube is great for building your brand to lớn create fans, drive lots of conversions, and increase your business revenue.

Not only that, but as the second-largest search engine, YouTube offers immense opportunities lớn get your brand in front of your ideal audience and grow your audience in other areas.

How vì chưng I know this? Because as a marketer, it’s one of the things I’ve done lớn grow the blog you’re reading right now.


The screenshot above shows you how many visitors I got khổng lồ my blog last month. As you can see, an additional 6,924 visitors in a single month is nothing lớn sneeze at.

But what’s most important to understand is that a blog will almost always outearn any successful YouTube channel because it’s a platform that allows you to lớn connect with your audience on a deeper & more personal level, such as through e-mail and so on.

Blogs can also show display ads and usually have higher click-through rates on affiliate liên kết from popular affiliate programs & other ad revenue channels.

How to lớn Get Started

Step 1: Start a Blog

The first step in this process is to lớn start a blog under the same branding that you’ve already created. The key is to lớn ensure that your blog has the same look and feel as your YouTube channel.

After that, you can either hire a graphic designer or use graphic kiến thiết software if you’re a DIY type of person. While I recommend WordPress, you can always use your preferred web thiết kế software if you’d.

You can click right here to lớn join my không lấy phí IGNITION course if you want khổng lồ start today. It’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Step 2: share Your Blog lớn YouTube For More Traffic

Once you’ve started a blog, the next step is to cốt truyện the content you’ve already created with your YouTube channel. There are a few ways you can vị this;

Mention blog posts in videos and tell people to check them out in the descriptionCreate evergreen content to post in the description of your videos

The key here is to get people off the platform và over to your blog so that you can get them more deeply immersed in your brand.

Unfortunately, YouTube is notoriously bad for gathering information about viewers. Still, connecting it with a blog allows you lớn diversify touchpoints lớn build a deeper relationship with your biggest fans.

Think of it this way.

What would you vày if tomorrow you woke up và your YouTube channel was deleted?

Aside from panic, if you don’t have another platform you’re connected with your audience, all of your hard work will vanish overnight.

Step 3: Capture Blog Visitor email Addresses

The key to lớn making more money with your blog is to lớn get visitors (whether they’re from YouTube or otherwise) to lớn sign up for your e-mail list.

The reason?

Generally speaking, email kinh doanh is one of the best ways lớn make money from your following. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent, you’ll see a return of $36.



Achieving that ROI through any other means is very difficult to lớn do. Use your blog khổng lồ offer something of value to lớn your readers in exchange for their email.

For example, if people sign up for one of my không tính tiền courses, I get their email addresses. I then deliver a TON of value with the course lớn their inbox và keep in cảm ứng with them khổng lồ promote other things.

But it doesn’t have khổng lồ be a course. You can try creating a downloadable PDF as a checklist, outline, ebook, offer a Audible hosted audiobook, guide, or anything your audience will find helpful. Then, once you’ve figured out what you’re going lớn offer, you can use my danh mục of email marketing software to figure out the best platform for you.

Step 4: Use e-mail to Grow & Make Recommendations

Once you have an thư điện tử address, you can grow your following & make recommendations to bring in more from your revenue streams.

In terms of growth, don’t be afraid lớn send out an e-mail for every blog post or YouTube đoạn clip you create.

Or, if you already have tiếp thị liên kết products that you can make money from by recommending, send those over in an email and sit back as the commissions pile in.

But lưu ý that with great nguồn comes great responsibility & demand for more YouTube premium content.

If you abuse the trust your following has given you by constantly emailing them, they’re likely khổng lồ unsubscribe. If you’re worried about that, consider sending an email once a week with all of the new developments that your audience needs to lớn know about.

This will ensure they get the information they need, and you won’t overwhelm them.

3. Create a Faceless YouTube Channel

One of the ways that my wife và I discovered to lớn make money online from YouTube views is to lớn make, what I call, a “faceless” YouTube channel.

When people think of having a YouTube channel, they picture themselves as a full-fledged đoạn phim creator in front of a camera, recording and editing videos with editing software and video clip manager until their eyes bleed.

But the idea here is similar lớn what I bởi vì with websites, và it’s quite an exciting business model.

You create a channel full of videos around a specific topic or theme, and when those videos rank or get recommended by the algorithm, you make passive YouTube income from ad views.

Keep in mind YouTube is the second largest tìm kiếm engine & continues to grow with more self-accomplished youtube content creators year after year. So that’s why we got on this trend in 2020; we think it’s set khổng lồ explode.

I’d love to lớn say that I came up with this myself, but that’s not true. I found out about this whole business model through Matt Par. He hosts a webinar on this concept that you canattend by clicking here.

A few things to lớn know:

Matt makes over $30,000/month with this method (He shows proof of income in the course he sellsMatt is a young guy và looks lượt thích he could be the friend of your son or daughter. But don’t be fooled by his age. His methods do work, và his course is solid.In my opinion, Matt is a bit pushy with his sales tactics, but I’m sure he does it for one simple reason, it works. If you can overlook the sales tactics, his course is excellent và full of value.

My wife and I started experimenting with two channels & multiple videos, và I can say with 100% certainty that this does work, and it’s showing promising results.

Below is the first channel that we’ve created using this method.

I don’t even mind sharing this channel with you because it’s all in Portuguese (my wife speaks it fluently), & the revenue per 1,000 views (EPM) is meager because of the market (which primarily serves people in Brazil, not the USA).

The channel name isDiva Makeup,and the focus of the videos is makeup compilations. You can see a snapshot of the YouTube views và general analytics below.


This was the first channel where we decided khổng lồ try his methods, và they actually worked for us, so we decided khổng lồ go after a more lucrative United States market. We don’t upload new videos on this channel anymore because the EPM is too low.

Our second channel converted an old YouTube account she had in the USA market.


I can’t giới thiệu the name of this channel with you because I don’t want more competition. But obviously, this shows that the methods work.

This model gets interesting when you start outsourcing the whole process. While it seems daunting, it isn’t all that complicated. Khổng lồ create a successful video, you need to:

Research to lớn find footage or imagesEditing to make the contentSomeone to lớn post the video and optimize the videos for SEO

To sum it up, this is a valid business model, & one that I think isn’t very saturated as the idea hasn’t gone mainstream yet và is as stressful as making videos from scratch.

I suggest checking out his webinar lớn understand it thoroughly for anyone thinking this may be a good idea.

4. Create và Sell a Course

Yet another terrific way khổng lồ earn money on YouTube is to lớn create và sell a digital course. If you have the knowledge to share & can offer great value to your followers for their watch time, they will gladly buy your course to learn more about how you can help them improve their lives.

You can teach various topics, including fitness & health, personal development, digital marketing, và professional or curriculum courses.

Many YouTube nội dung creators are doing this successfully, includingMeet Kevin, a well-known entrepreneur who runs a 7-figure business. He heavily uses his videos lớn drive the public, especially YouTube premium subscribers, lớn his online training programs that teach people how khổng lồ invest & make money in real estate.

How does he generate sales for the courses with his YouTube views?

He adds his courses in his video descriptions with a solid gọi to kích hoạt to help drive viewers into action, so they purchase his courses.


This is a great way to make money on the YouTube platform and successfully sell courses. You must create high-quality, practical, anduniquecontent that offers immense value to lớn your viewers.

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After all, no one will want lớn purchase a course if its information is just a rehashing of what everyone else has already said.

How khổng lồ Maximize Earnings With Courses on your YouTube Account

Put course link in your description sections.Refer to lớn the course in videos once in a while (Don’t be too pushy)Use YouTube cards sometimes to lớn push people to lớn your course (But not too much)

5. Affiliate Marketing

You may not always rely on clip ads for revenue generation on your YouTube video clip investment. The good news is that there are other monetization methods khổng lồ choose from – such as tiếp thị liên kết marketing.

I currently make thousands of dollars every month from a few of my favorite affiliate programs, as shown below.


Affiliate kinh doanh is an excellent idea if you have an affinity with followers. Large marketing agencies don’t depend entirely on their channels of content distribution.

Often, they find it more profitable to pay YouTube channels that already have a solid tín đồ base khổng lồ promote their products.

Interested brands watch out for how many subscribers a video creator has before partnering with them. In addition, they expect nội dung creators khổng lồ be a YouTube sale expert by selling their products or services in the language that their community understands.

So, yes, sponsorship programs are determined primarily by how many youtube views và watch time a channel gets.

Affiliate sale is a great way to boost your earning potential on this platform if you’ve already built a large following. However, even with a smaller number of followers and high-quality YouTube videos, you can still make a good living on this platform – provided you use an effective kinh doanh strategy lượt thích other YouTubers.

To use this YouTube monetization technique, sign up with companies or tiếp thị liên kết programs in your niche to lớn get affiliate links for products that your audience might want. You can then recommend these products on your channel and get paid a commission for every sale.

A straightforward way lớn get sales is by linking khổng lồ the tiếp thị liên kết products in your video descriptions. But, of course, the higher your conversions, the more money you’ll make.

Here is an excellent example of howGraham Stephan, a successful đoạn clip content creator on this platform, makes an income with Amazon affiliate liên kết to camera và recording equipment. He has a link below his clip descriptions which takes his YouTube audience khổng lồ this page:


As you can see, whenever someone clicks on one of those Amazon products and purchases something, he’ll make a small commission. But these small commissions địa chỉ up.

For example, the most recent business insider video about his income indicated that he made around $2000/month from these affiliate link under his videos.

But it doesn’t have to stop with physical products. If you go to lớn a platform likeShareaSale, you can promote many products và software khổng lồ generate income streams & make money.

How khổng lồ Maximize Earnings With YouTube affiliate Marketing

Leave affiliate marketing links in the mô tả tìm kiếm of videos for YouTube SEOPin the first phản hồi with affiliate linksRefer lớn affiliate liên kết in videos(like YouTube shorts fund for monetization preferences)Add YouTube cards in your video pointing to tiếp thị liên kết links

Note:It’s important to note that understanding disclosure requires continuously making money on YouTube through tiếp thị liên kết networks và marketing. This is simply a formal statement explaining to lớn your readers that you have an tiếp thị liên kết relationship with the manufacturers of the products that you talk about in your digital content.

If you are in the U.S., you can follow the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines onhow to craft a clear disclaimer. In addition, follow the ASA(Advertising Standards Authority) guidelines.

6. Review Products or Software

Affiliate marketing doesn’t just have to be for physical products. You can use it to earn money from YouTube with any products you like. For instance, you can bởi vì software or product reviews on your YouTube channel for various companies in your niche và earn money from brands seeking exposure & sales.

I have done this on my YouTube channel. This is areview on Instacart, excellent grocery delivery và pickup service that helps you save money & time.


Knowing how to make money on YouTube using certain tactics works exceptionally well because it can be beneficial for your followers – provided it’s a good market fit. So you get paid, your viewers get helpful information, và the brand gets more exposure – everyone wins.

How to Maximize Earnings With reviews on YouTube

Include a link in the pinned phản hồi and đoạn clip descriptionUse YouTube cards when it makes sense with link pointing to the affiliate offerRefer to your liên kết and disclose how people clicking on them will help you (people want to lớn help creators usually)

7. Work with Sponsorships

Working with sponsorships is a great way to boost your earnings here. As your audience & viewership grow, brands will approach you to lớn create videos on their behalf with product placements.

Most brands pay exceptionally well for quality videos that help them achieve their business objectives, và YouTube influencer marketing seems khổng lồ be growing in popularity.

I have done this myself và made $500 on one video with this monetization method.

If you want lớn use sponsorships to showroom income streams to your YouTube videos like many YouTube influencers out there, it’s important to cảnh báo that some niches have a lot more placements than others.

For example, you’ll find tons more opportunities in industries like makeup and beauty than you would in many other sectors.

The trick to success in this area is to lớn use your channel to lớn showcase your skill & expertise to lớn potential contractors. This indirect monetization strategy is highly effective & involves advertising yourself to be hired for paid opportunities lớn create videos for brands và create channel memberships.

Direct promotion of this kind is basically lượt thích affiliate marketing, but with a slight difference.

The advertising companies pay you a fixed amount khổng lồ collaborate with your YouTube channel. The amount you charge varies, & it depends on the quality of your videos & your popularity while your video receives recognition from your target audience.

Remember, when you create sponsored content or “sponcon” advertising, you need lớn be transparent about it on your YouTube channel. Also, make sure you adhere lớn Google’s Ad Policies of the Adsense account to avoid possible issues with your accounts, such as suspension or even termination.

Follow the FTC andASA guidelines for sponsored contentto ensure that your audience knows that you are advertising khổng lồ them. Then, use YouTube’s disclosure feature to showroom transparency to avoid legal issues and build a stronger relationship with your viewers.

How to Maximize Earnings With Sponsorship

Focus on chất lượng videos that are thorough và helpfulCreate unpaid review first; this will attract competitionNegotiate when contacted and ask for 50% upfront khổng lồ protect yourselfRequest additional products along with payment

8. Sell Services

Selling services lượt thích masterminds, group consulting, etc., to your followers is another effective way lớn leverage your channel into paid opportunities hence earning Money from YouTube. Although this type of monetization can be slow initially, it can be very lucrative once you hit critical mass.



For example, if you had a YouTube channel focused on retail arbitrage, you could create a service helping others by reviewing their accounts & helping them be successful.

In addition to lớn making money on YouTube selling your services, you will also develop a strong community around the services you offer. This is similar tohow you can make Money on Redditas well. Simply provide or perform a service for someone, và they’ll pay you for your work.

Service promotions are another winner when trying lớn figure out how lớn make money on YouTube. Whether as a freelancer, small business, or eCommerce siêu thị owner.

All you need to bởi is begin uploading video content related to lớn your brand & use a compelling call to kích hoạt to get viewers to try out your services.

How lớn Maximize Earnings by Selling Services on YouTube

Sell group consulting & callsPrice yourself highOffer pre-packaged services & limit clients for premier pricing

9. Sell Products with Live Streams

Another way to lớn make money from YouTube is lớn sell YouTube live streams. This monetization strategy works particularly well in popular niches lượt thích beauty & fashion. The idea here is khổng lồ sell products to a live streaming audience.

To make this even more profitable, you might consider creating your own products và offers that you can sell to lớn your avid viewers.

For example, you can create a digital course, an ebook, or anything else that your audience would appreciate. Or, you can use this strategy lớn sell products on Etsy, a Poshmark shop you own, or even a Shopify store if you have one.

Alternatively, if you already have a walk-in store or business, you can use the channel to drive leads to your products with liên kết to tiếp thị liên kết products that can also be found with search engines

The key khổng lồ successfully selling products with a live stream is lớn develop a strong sense of trust among your followers for videos or earn using a YouTube shorts fund. The more they trust you, the more likely they will pull out their credit card to purchase your products on your profile or watch pages with an tiếp thị liên kết network.

Then, once you have your product ready lớn sell, you can use a tool like Gumroad lớn accept payments during your live sessions.

How to Maximize Earnings by Selling Products on YouTube Live Streams

Offer exclusive productsCreate your products for a higher profit marginHave these types of streams consistentlyOffer samples of your products as a promotional techniqueUse limited-time promo codes

10. Sell Merch to lớn Subscribers

One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube is to lớn sell your own line of products, such as t-shirts, and more, to lớn your followers. This is because the platform has a section called a merchandise shelf – another revenue streams for Youtubers .

As an online creator, you must have a large enough following before you can expect to lớn make any real money with this strategy, but you can start small & gradually build up to the cấp độ where you’re making a consistent income from your merch sales.

If you’d like to sell products yourself và would lượt thích to keep more of the revenue you generate without the restrictions that merchandise shelf has, consider using Sellfy instead. I’ve written a full reviews of the product here so you can learn more.

To give you an idea of the potential revenue you can earn from selling merch lớn subscribers, here are a few Youtube stars who are doing this successfully:

Report of the Week

This channel makes a chart monthly estimated revenue of over $3.1K from merchandise sales lượt thích t-shirts. Official branded merchandise like this is a massive industry.

You can get your cốt truyện of it by selling your merch lớn loyal fans và your YouTube premium members, who will gladly spend their money to support their favorite YouTube creator.


Another YouTube Star, who also happens to be the highest-paid Youtuber, is PewDiePie, whose recent merchandise launch sold out in just minutes, snapped up by his dedicated base of 105 million subscribers.

Though he mostly got big playing video games on platforms like Steam or other independent games, his merchandise sales are estimated khổng lồ bring in a cool $6.83 million every year.

Suppose you have successfully branded yourself và gained a lot of loyal fans. In that case, this is a significant monetization preference and strategy because people who love your work will gladly buy your merchandise.

How lớn Maximize Earnings by Selling Merch on YouTube

Have a large number of subscribersKnow your subscriber demographics – vì chưng they want merch?Create a taglinePrice it reasonablyUse limited edition merch

11. Live Streams and Superchat

Superchat and Super Stickers are another great way lớn make money with YouTube’s đoạn clip platform. It’s the feature that replaced YouTube’s “Fan Funding” in 2017. As a YouTube Partner, this feature is available to lớn you while you live stream, as many YouTube partners bởi on their super chat.

Super chat makes your viewers’ comments more visible. Depending on how much viewers pay, they are highlighted & pinned in a prominent place in the live chat stream for a specific period of time.

Subscribers lớn your YouTube channel can donate in Super chat on live streams or pay a monthly fee and become members of your channel.

In addition, they’ll get custom badges và emojis that make them stand out during your live sessions & super chat streams. They also access your members-only exclusive rewards, such as live chats with you.

This đoạn clip explains how Live streams & Super chat work in further detail.

This monetization method is facilitated through YouTube’s Partner Program, and there are a lot of creators (YouTube Partners) who are successfully using it to promote their brands and channels.

However, to make the most of this money-making technique, you will build a YouTube SEO promotion strategy lớn convince your subscribers & visitors khổng lồ become members.

In a way, it’s almost as if you’re selling YouTube advertising within your live chat feeds. Of course, with live sessions and Super chat, you will rely on fans for income – but you will also be able khổng lồ grow a strong community and make money from YouTube.

To sell channel memberships to your audience, you must be over 18 years of age, và you need khổng lồ have at least 30,000 subscribers.

Getting your fans khổng lồ pay you directly is a great way lớn make money on YouTube if you already have a strong, loyal following.

Fans love to show their appreciation by whipping out their credit cards, and you will have a reliable income stream just by continuing khổng lồ provide value on your channel.

Just make sure that you make it as easy as possible for them lớn donate. If the process of giving you money is lengthy or hard, even your most dedicated followers are likely khổng lồ give up before completing it.

How lớn Maximize Earning Money With Live Sessions và Superchat on YouTube

Encourage your viewers to become channel members.Explain how Superchat & becoming a member works (not many people understand it)Promote your channel or personal brand during live chat feed

12. License Viral nội dung to the Media



Another way to make money on YouTube is lớn license viral đoạn phim content khổng lồ the media. Truyền thông media outlets are always on the lookout for high-quality content, & whenever you post videos go viral, they want a copy to replay for their respective audiences.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be only viral videos online that you cốt truyện with them. You can also cốt truyện timely footage that they deem newsworthy, & many companies will pay you for using your video and make money on YouTube.

if you have any successful viral video content that truyền thông outlets might be interested in, make sure they are easy khổng lồ find. Include a business e-mail in a prominent place on your channel profile and your description sections. This will make it easy for companies that want your video clip to liên hệ you.

You can also submit your high-quality videos khổng lồ sites lượt thích The nội dung Bible.

Many popular truyền thông media networks like FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, & The Weather Channel use this site to find video clip content for their websites. Here, you will find plenty of opportunities khổng lồ creative commons to lớn license your nội dung to the truyền thông to showroom to your YouTube revenue stream.

How to Maximize Earning Money With Licensing on YouTube

Include a business thư điện tử in the channel profile and description sections for licensing purposesSign up with Jukin truyền thông and other đoạn phim sitesHighlight the most successful nội dung on your channel

13. Use Patreon with YouTube

Patreon is a popular online platform that offers artists and creators a place lớn easily nói qua their work with “Patrons” to lớn earn money. As a content creator, you can use Patreon khổng lồ leverage the nguồn of your audience & make more money with your YouTube videos and boost your YouTube earnings. It can be a better place khổng lồ connect with fans than a site built with an artist trang web builder.

You can enable monetization of your work as YouTube nội dung creators by creating a Patreon account & releasing exclusive YouTube content or perks for your Patrons with high watch time for monetized videos.

Patreon works in almost the same way that average YouTube channel memberships do, except that you can set your prices và decide precisely how you want lớn charge for your content.

It’s a platform that focuses on crowdfunding, & so long as you have an engaged audience, it can be a viable method to increase YouTube revenue

You can choose khổng lồ be paid either a fixed monthly payment to lớn offer access khổng lồ exclusive content on the platform or charge Patrons on a per-post basis.

One YouTube channel,The East Fam, features Shawn Johnson, a former Olympic gymnast, và offers tiers of Patreon memberships that range from just $2/month for ad-free videos, all the way khổng lồ $100/month, which includes personalized merchandise, as well as a credit as a producer.


William “Suede” DuFresneisis another example of YouTube video creators making a healthy income from their subscribers through this platform.

Although he has a relatively small audience, he monetizes his videos well by providing high-quality nội dung that keeps his audience engaged enough to lớn equate to lớn YouTube premium revenue while he gets videos monetized.

The secret lớn success on Patreon is to keep your audience motivated. The emphasis on this platform is on the community, & Suede keeps his viewers coming back for more by producing consistent chất lượng and using his personality and good communication lớn persuade viewers lớn purchase his products.

To keep a revenue-generating platform lượt thích Patreon going, users need to constantly respond khổng lồ their chat messages and keep the messages highlighted for future reference.

You can drive traffic lớn your Patreon platform, và that’s how khổng lồ make money on YouTube with the help of Patreon.

How to Maximize Earnings With Patreon và YouTube

Make sure exclusive nội dung goes on PatreonDo your best to push people toward the platformRegularly ask for input đầu vào to keep your subscribers engagedOffer tiers of Patreon memberships (other than your Youtube channel memberships)

Wrapping Things Up

And that’s a wrap. You now have all the information you need lớn understand how to lớn make money on your YouTube account. I’m convinced that these ideas are perfect for anyone interested but perfect for college students looking for an online job.

All you need to vì chưng now is to take action on everything you’ve learned so you can start building và growing your audience on this lucrative platform.

Are there any other YouTube monetization strategies that you know of? Let me know in the comments section below!