Digital presentations lesson plan

Digital learning has definitely taking the educational world by storm, & it’s not going away anytime soon. I think that through all of this, educators và leaders will be able lớn see that công nghệ in the classroom is crucial. Read below khổng lồ learn how to create a digital lesson.

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When I started teaching my students online during the pandemic, I was extremely anxious about two things:1. How am I going to make sure that my students continue learning at the same level that they were in my classroom?

2. How am I going to lớn have the time to suddenly create all of these digital lessons?The only answer that I had for the first question was khổng lồ continue “teaching” lượt thích I was in my classroom. This is what my students were used to, & I wanted to lớn keep things as “normal” as possible for them. When I teach social studies và science, for example, I use PowerPoint lessons và guided notes. I continued this strategy, but I modified it a bit for the digital classroom. 

1. Drag any PowerPoint lesson into your Google Drive™. Then, right-click & choose “Open as Google Slides.” 2. Go to “File” and “Save as Google Slides”

6. Once the lesson is complete, I assign it in Google Classroom. If your lesson is interactive and students had to lớn respond, then you must choose “make a copy for each student” when assigning the lesson so that students into their lesson instead of the original. I always assign my lessons using this method because it keeps kids accountable & I know whether they have or have not completed the assignment. 

I hope that I was able khổng lồ relieve a little stress and make learning come alive for your students! If you are in need of any PowerPoint lessons, I have following units available: 

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Adding & subtracting fractions is not an easy concept lớn grasp. I love how this resource breaks down the steps to adding và subtracting fractions khổng lồ make it easier for students. I will continue khổng lồ use the four-square method whenever teaching adding and subtracting fractions. Thank you so much!
This is an absolutely phenomenal resource. It is integrated with đoạn phim and information lớn keep the kids attention. I don"t know that I have ever downloaded anything from TPT with this amount of thoughtful quality. I loved this và so did my students. WWII và particularly The Holocaust are handled in a truthful but gentle manner and was great source material for my students as we went through this lesson. I am live instructing online & assigning videos as they come up (only due khổng lồ limitations of the platform I"m using... I would MUCH prefer to watch the videos with my kids but with only a week left of school, I"ll just make it work). Thank you very much for your hard work & creativity on this resource. It really shows. 
I LOVE this resource. I love it more than the unit my county prepared. It covers EVERYTHING & includes engaging hands on activities, powerpoints, videos & easily planned activities the kids will love. The visuals are fabulous as well, my kiddos really attended to lớn this resource. HIGHLY recommend if you"re teaching electricity or magnetism.