How to get a picture behind text in powerpoint

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PowerPoint doesn"t have the same text-wrapping feature that Word does. But you can lay out your picture & wrapping text in Word, then embed that layout on a PowerPoint slide. Read on for instructions.

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In Word, lay out the picture và wrapping text

Start a blank Word document.

Enter your text in the document.

Place the cursor somewhere in the middle of the text.

Go to Insert > Picture, & then insert your image.

Select the picture. Near its upper right corner, select the Layout Options button:


Select one of the text wrapping options. 

If necessary, drag the picture lớn position it within the wrapping text.

Save the Word document and make chú ý of where it is stored.

Close the Word document.

Important: When you attempt to lớn insert the text và image to your slide in the next procedure, the document must be closed.

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In PowerPoint, địa chỉ the nội dung to your slide

Switch to lớn PowerPoint, then open the slide where you want to địa chỉ cửa hàng the picture & text.

On the Insert tab, in the Text group, select Object.


In the Insert Object dialog box, select Create from file.

Select Browse.

Navigate lớn the Word document you saved in the previous procedure.

Select it, then select OK.

In the Insert Object dialog, select OK.

After the object is placed on the slide, you can move or resize it, if necessary. If you want lớn move or resize the image, or edit the text, just double-click the nội dung of the box to lớn make it editable.

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