Change the background of your slides in powerpoint for the web

There’s no getting around this – your PowerPoint presentation background matters. A lot of factors go into what makes a particular design stand out, but one of the most overlooked factors is PPT slide background design.

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PowerPoint’s default background color is white. If you’re in a hurry & you need khổng lồ put a presentation up fast, then trắng will normally suffice. But, if you want to impress your audience, you have lớn think outside the box.

If you’re interested lớn know how your PowerPoint presentation background can impact your overall presentation, then you need to read this entire article. It will only take up a few minutes of your time, but by the kết thúc of this article you’ll know the importance of using a great PowerPoint slide background!


4 Reasons Why Your PowerPoint Slide Background kiến thiết Matters

Humans are visual creatures. We have the gift of sight that allows us to appreciate the infinite variations và combinations of color, texture, style, và design all around us.

Our eyes are automatically drawn to lớn beautiful imagery. Our eyes linger on colorful and beautiful scenes on photos, videos, canvases, & many other different places, including PowerPoint slides.

Think about it – will you pay more attention lớn an outdated và lousy-looking slideshow or a well-designed one? I bet you’d pick the latter. Your eyes just automatically gravitate lớn the attractive-looking slideshow.

Without further ado, here are five of the biggest reasons why your PPT slide background kiến thiết matters:

1. The best PowerPoint presentation background makes your slide elements come alive

To make the most of your PowerPoint slide design, you can use a combination of many different kinds of elements. You can insert text, images, icons, vector images, video, audio, shapes, charts, graphs, tables, & diagrams.

Take note, however, that just because you can insert many different kinds of elements into your slide doesn’t mean you should use these all at once, in a single slide! That would be chaos, pure & simple.

For maximum audience impact, you’d want to use a few elements only on each slide. Make sure there’s plenty of trắng space, and don’t forget to lớn use a good combination of colors that actually complement, not clash, with each other.

Here’s a sample slide which uses plenty of white space, good typography, excellent màu sắc combination, và a nice background that is related to the presentation’s subject (football).

The best PowerPoint presentation background makes your slide elements come alive. (Image source)

Just by looking at the background (the striped green football field), football fans will immediately recognize what the subject is all about. Since the subject is football, the dark colors in the background’s edges further help to lớn emphasize the masculinity of this sport.

Now imagine if this slide had a plain light or dark-colored background. It probably won’t have the same effect as the current background does.

2. The best PPT slides use backgrounds that địa chỉ texture to the presentation

One of the least thought about aspects of presentation design is the PowerPoint backdrop. Think about all the PowerPoint presentations you’ve done in your life. Did you bother changing the background in any of those presentations? Or were you happy with the mặc định white background?

Now, please don’t get me wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a trắng background. However, if you’ve got the time to spare, don’t settle for the mặc định white when you know your slides can look much better with a different background.

To create truly beautiful PowerPoint slides, you’d need khổng lồ think about adding some texture to your background. It’s easier to add or create texture when you’re physically holding something. When designing PowerPoint slides, it’s a different story. You’re basically creating a physical illusion for your audience.

For instance, if you use a background image of an expensive và plush looking carpet in your slides, then it’s easier for your audience khổng lồ imagine the feel of that carpet.

If you want to lớn create the illusion of wetness, then you can use an image of raindrops on a glass window, or the surface of a wet umbrella, or something of that nature. Take a look at this image below:

Cool PowerPoint slides often use background images like this that địa chỉ cửa hàng texture khổng lồ the slide. (Image source)

Wouldn’t you say that when you looked at the image, you ‘felt’ the rain touching your skin? If you used this image as a background on slides that talk about something that’s related khổng lồ rain or the weather in general, then your audience will find your slides much more relevant and interesting.

Or how about this slide?

This PowerPoint backdrop or background is very nice & adds texture lớn the slide. (Image source)

There’s a pale pink overlay on top of the brick wall in the slide’s background. I think the background adds a nice texture khổng lồ the slide, và you can also see how all the elements (fonts, icons, colors) complement & match each other.


3. A good PowerPoint slide background makes your slide look so much more interesting

Imagine if you had khổng lồ sit through an hour-long PowerPoint presentation và all the slides had nothing but a plain trắng background on it. No variety, no design, no background. Just that awful mặc định background for an entire hour.

Let’s say this is slide #1 out of 50, and all the slides had the same background:

Example slide with a plain white background – doesn’t look too good, does it?

You’d probably feel physically sick after the first 5 minutes knowing you have another 55 minutes worth of slides khổng lồ sit through!

If you were the presenter, would you subject your audience to such horror? I sure hope not!

Now, what if you used a different color every 2 or 3 slides? Would that make your presentation appear better? Maybe. Maybe not. But it would sure add some variety to your presentation.

Going back lớn our example, what if you added a nice background image khổng lồ slide #1 & it looked something like this?

Example slide with a nice background image. It looks way better than the previous slide.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say this looks much better than the one with the plain trắng background. The best thing is it will only take you a minute or two khổng lồ find a good image, and set it as your slide’s background!

Nowadays, with multiple sources of thiết kế inspiration which you can easily Google online, poor design skills can get you in real trouble.

Your audience can easily take a video clip of your disastrous presentation and upload it to lớn social truyền thông media where you will forever be branded as the world’s worst PowerPoint designer (this is an exaggeration of course, but with today’s Internet, anything’s possible!).

You don’t even need thiết kế skills lớn make cool PowerPoint designs. Simply look for inspiration on graphic kiến thiết websites & then have the initiative lớn come up with your own design.

The best PowerPoint slides all follow the best practices in graphic kiến thiết – and that includes using good presentation backgrounds.

4. A nice background for PowerPoint helps lead your audience’s eyes to your subject

When creating PowerPoint presentations, it’s important khổng lồ pay attention lớn your content, or the message you want khổng lồ convey to your audience. It’s also a must that you think about how you’re going to present your points in a clear and succinct manner. You don’t want your audience to lớn tune you out while you deliver your presentation!

One way lớn tie all these elements together – your message and your audience’s attention – is by leading your audience’s eyes to your subject with the help of a nice background for PowerPoint.

There’s a lot of factors that come into play khổng lồ lead your audience’s eyes to lớn your subject. You’ll have lớn consider first what your slide’s main subject is & then look for a suitable background image or create one from scratch. You can use your background’s colors, compositions, shapes, etc. Khổng lồ catch your audience’s attention.

Also, don’t forget that the background should be just that – a background. It’s not meant khổng lồ superimpose on the foreground. Rather, it’s supposed lớn enhance the foreground or the subject in your slide.

Remember this point when you get confused about choosing the best background for your PowerPoint presentation. If you’ve got a very colorful image as your background, you can địa chỉ a màu sắc overlay to lớn mute the colors, while still making sure it’s visible.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about overlays. I’ll show you how lớn use overlays later in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions About PowerPoint Presentation Backgrounds

Now that you know why a good PowerPoint presentation background is necessary for your presentation to be a smashing success, it’s time khổng lồ answer a few of the most commonly asked questions about presentation backgrounds.

Question #1. How to add a background in PowerPoint?

Adding a custom background in PowerPoint is a fairly simple process. There are two ways to lớn go about adding a background lớn your slides:

Method 1 – the right-click option. Khổng lồ access this option, click on the slide you want lớn format the background on. Then right-click on the slide itself. The Format Background option will be the last option (see screenshot):
How to địa chỉ cửa hàng a background in PowerPoint – the right-click method.Method 2 – the kiến thiết tab option. Lớn access this option, go to lớn the Design tab on the ribbon. On the far right side, you will see the Format Background option. Clicking it will xuất hiện the Format Background pane on the right side of your screen.
How to địa chỉ background in PowerPoint – the design tab method.

The format background PowerPoint options allow you khổng lồ choose from a number of different elements which you can use as background. Scroll down to Question #3 for more details on the different background options you can use in PowerPoint.

Question #2. How khổng lồ change the background in PowerPoint?

Changing your PowerPoint custom background works pretty much like adding a background. You can change your background anytime by accessing the Format Background thực đơn options. From there you can change khổng lồ solid fill, gradient fill, picture or texture fill, & pattern fill.

If you’re using đoạn phim as your slide background, you will need to delete the video clip first, & then access the Format Background options to change the background.

Question #3. What are the different types of elements you can use as background in PowerPoint?

There are 4 main elements you can use as a PowerPoint background: color, pattern, image, và video. I’ll describe each element in more detail below:

Color Background

When using màu sắc as your background, you can choose to use either a solid or gradient color. Solid is simply using a single color as the background for your whole slide. Gradient, on the other hand, is using a combination of different colors to create a gradual blend or mix of colors.

Here’s how you use a màu sắc background on PowerPoint:

Right-click on the slide & choose Format Background. The Format Background pane will appear on the screen.In the Fill section, select Solid Fill (see box 1). The settings for this option are right below (see box 2). You can choose your color and the transparency level.
How lớn use single or solid màu sắc background in PowerPoint.If you want to use a Gradient fill, then see the next screenshot:
How khổng lồ use gradient fill background in PowerPoint

As you can see, you have more options with Gradient Fill. In addition to choosing the ‘base’ colors for the Gradient Stops, you can choose the gradient type, the direction and angle of the gradient, the position, transparency, and brightness. You’re also không tính phí to địa chỉ cửa hàng or delete any of the preset gradient stops.

Pattern Background

Pattern backgrounds địa chỉ cửa hàng texture lớn your slides. In PowerPoint, there are many different patterns lớn choose from. You can even play around with the foreground và background colors you want lớn use for each pattern.

Here’s how you use a pattern background in PowerPoint:

How khổng lồ use patterns as background in PowerPoint.

After choosing Pattern Fill, select the pattern you want khổng lồ use. Once you’ve chosen your desired pattern, choose the foreground & background colors. That’s it!

Image Background

You can make cool PowerPoint designs just by selecting an awesome image as your presentation slide’s background. Of course, a professional presentation background means using strictly subject-relevant images.

Just because you like an image doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your presentation. Remember lớn consider who your audience is when choosing images.

Using ‘offensive’ background images can dock points off your presentation, leaving you with an unhappy audience.

So, here’s how you use an image as a background in PowerPoint:

How lớn use an image as background in PowerPoint

There’s quite a number of options when setting an image as background. You can choose lớn use a file from your computer, clipboard, or online. You can mix the transparency, the position, etc.

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Play around with the different settings until you find the most suitable appearance for your background image.

Video Background

Using đoạn clip as a background may seem lượt thích an advanced technique that can’t be done on PowerPoint, but trust me it’s really quite simple to bởi vì this.

Video backgrounds look nice on its own so you’d have khổng lồ be really careful not khổng lồ make your slide look messy and chaotic.

For best results, it’s best lớn use simple text or shapes on top of your video. But then again, the final output đầu ra will depend on what your presentation aims to achieve.

Here’s how you use đoạn phim as background in PowerPoint:

Go lớn Insert > Video. You can use a đoạn clip from your PC or from an online source. Chú ý that if you’re going lớn be using an online video, you’d need lớn have to lớn access to lớn it when you play your presentation. Otherwise, your đoạn phim background won’t work. See screenshot below.
How khổng lồ use video as background in PowerPointOnce you’ve chosen your video, you can resize it to fit the slide or you can reposition it to lớn show only a particular section in the video. To vì the latter, you can unlock the aspect ratio in the Format Video settings (click on the đoạn clip to access the Format Video pane).If you want to insert some text or shapes on đứng top of the video, go to lớn the Insert tab and select the element you want to insert.To make sure your đoạn phim stays in the background, click on the video. The Video Tools tab will then appear on the ribbon. Click on Format and hit Send Backward.
How khổng lồ send your video clip into the background in PowerPoint

For royalty-free videos, you can visit any of these sites: Pixabay, Videvo, Videezy, và Pexels.

Question #4. What is the best PowerPoint background size?

Your PowerPoint background kích thước will be the same kích cỡ as your PowerPoint slide. So, whether you’re using standard (4:3 aspect ratio), widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) or custom slide sizes, your background size will be exactly the same size as well.

For instance, if you’re using a 16:9 image as your background, và your slides are standard 4:3, PowerPoint will resize your image lớn fit the 4:3 slide.

If you’re not sure what your slide sizes are, you can go lớn Design > Slide Size as you can see in the image below:

If you want khổng lồ change your PowerPoint background size, you would have to change your slide sizes too.

Question #5: How lớn create the best background for PowerPoint presentation

The most creative PowerPoint slides and the best designer slides have something in common – awesome backgrounds! Of course, backgrounds are just one element in the whole presentation. But with a combination of the right background & foreground elements, the chances of visually delighting your audience are much higher.

Creating the best background for PowerPoint is a subjective endeavor. What may fall in your ‘best’ category may be mediocre for someone else. Likewise, what may look lacking khổng lồ you may be impressive to another person. At the kết thúc of the day, however, you’re presenting in front of an audience, so it’s their opinion that really matters the most.

Think about your presentation topic & who your target audience is. Then work on your presentation slides with your audience in mind. There are plenty of PowerPoint presentation kiến thiết tips on the Internet and you’ll find many slide kiến thiết ideas khổng lồ inspire you.

8 Highly Actionable Tips lớn Help You Make Cool PowerPoint Presentation Backgrounds

Here are a few PowerPoint slide background ideas to lớn help get your creative juices flowing:

1. địa chỉ Shape and màu sắc Overlays to lớn Background Image

When using image backgrounds, you can địa chỉ a shape overlay khổng lồ make the background even more interesting or lớn make the foreground look sharper.

To vày this, go lớn Insert > Shapes.

For this method, I’d normally select a rectangle shape và cover the entire slide. Click on the shape itself so that the Format Shape pane will appear on the screen. I personally find that adding a gradient fill makes the background look better.

Here’s a before & after picture:

BEFORE: The image background with no overlays. The subject doesn’t stand out from the background.
AFTER: The image background with a gray gradient overlay. The text now stands out from the background và is much easier khổng lồ read.

You can see just how much better the second image looks after I added an overlay. The word HELLO stands out and provides a nice contrast lớn the dark background. It’s really a simple trick that you can bởi in just a few minutes.

2. Use Trendy Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

Geometric polygon backgrounds look great on PowerPoint especially if you pair it with the right kind of font & the right graphics. It also adds texture lớn your slides & makes your slide look colorful và interesting.

To use geometric backgrounds, you can either download from any royalty-free photo sites, or generate your own. If you want a unique background for your slides, you can visit Trianglify Background Generator.

Here’s what it looks like:

The Trianglify Background Generator will help you create awesome PPT background designs.

To use this nifty không tính tiền online tool, simply choose the settings for your background. In the Render Options section, you can specify the Width, Height, Cell Size, Cell Padding, và Bleed. For the màu sắc scheme, you can choose from the Palette List.

When you’re happy with how your geometric polygon image looks like, tải về it and then save it to lớn your computer. You can then use the image as your PowerPoint slide background. You will be able to lớn edit it using the Format Background options.

3. Use Artistic Effects in Format Background Pane

The Format Background menu in PowerPoint gives you plenty of options to customize your background according lớn your thiết kế preferences. For even better control, you can use Artistic Effects khổng lồ make your background look better.

To access Artistic Effects, click on the background image to xuất hiện the Format Background menu. Click on the second, pentagon-shaped icon.

How to lớn access the Artistic Effects options in Format Background Menu

You can choose from different artistic effects by clicking on the drop-down menu. You can also change the transparency and the intensity of your chosen effect.

Hover your mouse pointer over the different artistic effects to lớn know what each effect is called. Here’s an example:

Hover your mouse over the different artistic effects to lớn find out what each effect is called.

Clicking on an effect will lead khổng lồ individual effect settings. Play around with the options until you find the best background for your slide.

Here’s what my slide background looks like when I chose the Blur effect and set the radius to lớn 54%.

My new background after I applied the Blur artistic effect khổng lồ my PowerPoint slide.

4. Mix up the background colors

You can use a two or three-color theme for your entire presentation. You can use any combination of colors, however, for best results, you may want to check out Adobe’s màu sắc Wheel website.

Feel miễn phí to experiment và play around with the settings to lớn find the best màu sắc combination for your slide backgrounds. Or you can explore other people’s màu sắc themes to lớn give you a head start. It’s a không lấy phí service, so kiểm tra it out if you want to use different màu sắc combinations.

Another option would be lớn combine different gradient colors for your background. If you want ideas, you can visit UIGradients và use the suggested combinations to produce great background màu sắc gradients for your PowerPoint presentation!

For simplicity’s sake, however, black and white makes a great combo. For example, you can choose to lớn use a đen background for your title slides, và then use trắng for your nội dung slides, or vice versa. Sometimes, there’s no need khổng lồ complicate things, và simple does the job just fine.

Alternatively, you can also use a different background màu sắc for each theme or idea. For example, if you’ve got a presentation on cars, then you can use a red background màu sắc for cars made in the 1990s, a blue background for those made in the 2000s, & so on.

Mixing different background colors and/or overlays will definitely help spice up your presentation và avoid boring your audience to lớn sleep.

5. Use Your Company Colors In Your Presentation Background

If your company uses a mix of colors for branding purposes, make sure you put it to good use. Using company colors will help your brand especially if your company uses a specific màu sắc palette not commonly used in your industry. This not only helps you save time on looking for appropriate colors, but you also get khổng lồ help your company build your brand.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to lớn put your company’s logo front và center in in all your slide’s backgrounds. A small logo in a slide corner will normally suffice in most company presentations so as not lớn distract from the presentation at hand.

If your company spends a huge amount of money on advertising và branding activities, then vì your part & use your company’s colors & logo in your PowerPoint presentation.

6. Try Using trắng Fonts Over Images

I’m sure you’ve seen memes or photo quotes on social media with trắng text overlaid on an image. You’ve probably seen quotes lượt thích this on your social media timeline or news feed:

Cool presentation background sample: white fonts over image backgrounds are popular on social media.

Now, this technique may not be appropriate in some presentations, especially for business-oriented presentations. However, if you’re presenting to lớn a group of people who appreciates quotations and loves memes, then try to lớn surprise them by using a few quotation slides in between your main content slides!

7. Use a Consistent Background Image for Related Topics

If your presentation consists of dozens of slides, you may need to spend plenty of time looking for a quality background image for each slide. To save time, you can use one background for related topics or themes in your presentation.

For example, you can use one background image for your introductory slides, another background image for your company background and history slides, another background image for your timeline & SWOT analysis slides, etc.

To spice things up, you can always địa chỉ a colored overlay to make each slide background look different from each other.

8. Use Patterns & Textures in Your Background

You can use a combination of image, graphics, patterns, & textures in your presentation slide’s background. Take a look at this example where the main nội dung is divided into two columns – the text description on the left và the supporting image on the right. Wouldn’t you say your eyes quickly settled on the image on the right?

This PowerPoint slide’s background is a combination of an image overlaid with a dark màu sắc and round shapes. The main nội dung easily stands out (Image source).

Final Words

A lot of work goes into creative PowerPoint slides. Oftentimes, it’s the main nội dung or the subject that gets the bulk of a PowerPoint designer’s attention. As you’ve learned in this article, however, slide backgrounds play an important, if underrated, role too. Apply the techniques I’ve shared with you khổng lồ create beautiful PowerPoint slides that will captivate your audience for the entire duration of your presentation!