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Mooncake is a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节 zhōng qiū jié). The traditional baked mooncake contains a rich, dense & sweet filling encapsulated in a thin crust. The filling is usually made from red bean or lotus seeds. Inside the filling may sometimes contain salted duck egg yolks.

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I grow up eating baked red bean mooncakes và plain piggy mooncakes (no filling). The red bean mooncakes are small, about 2-inches wide, with no salted egg yolk inside. Somehow my family is never really into louts seed mooncakes, salted egg yolks or those snowskin varieties. As my mom and I love baked mooncake, I try to bake a batch of these mooncakes every year during Mid-Autumn Festival period.

Mooncakes taken after one day of resting

Tools Required

Mooncake Moulds. There are different shapes & sizes for mooncake moulds. The common shapes are square & round, but I"ve also seen flower-shape & animal-shape moulds online. The moulds are traditionally made from wood, but the plastic stamps are getting more popular, as they offer a wider variety of designs. Sizes range from 50 grams to lớn 150 grams but I own only 50-gram mooncake moulds because I lượt thích my mooncakes small: 1) I can try to stop at one; and 2) small things are cute! While mooncake moulds are not an absolute must as you can shape them manually (like into piggies and rabbits), it will be very time-consuming without the moulds.

Weighing Machine. Definitely a must as precision is key. It is required to weigh out ingredients & portioning the dough and filling accurately. If you choose lớn eyeball instead of accurately portioning out the dough và filling, you will kết thúc up with some mooncakes having more dough, or some with insufficient dough to wrap the filling completely. I have a separate jewellery weighing machine khổng lồ weigh out the lye water. I use it to weigh items less than 10 grams, such as yeast, gelatine etc., it"s definitely a worthy investment in the kitchen.

Pastry Brush. This is needed to brush the đứng đầu of the mooncakes with egg wash. I like brushes with natural bristles as it"s easier lớn control the amount of egg wash on the brush. If you apply too much egg wash, the egg wash will fill the gaps in the designs, và the resulting mooncakes won"t be as pretty. (It will still be delicious though!)

Jewelry weighing machine and plastic mooncake mould

Ingredientsfor Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Flour. I used to lớn buy Hong Kong flour specifically lớn make mooncakes, but always did not manage to finish the remaining flour by its expiration date. Hong Kong flour is pretty similar lớn all-purpose / plain flour in terms of gluten content, just that it"s supposed to lớn be finer in texture. This year I made my mooncakes using all-purpose flour and without a side-by-side comparison, it"s hard khổng lồ tell if mooncakes made with Hong Kong flour are better than those made with all-purpose flour.

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Golden Syrup. This is an inverted sugar syrup which helps baked goods to lớn retain moisture & have a tender texture. I have tried making golden syrup from scratch once but it"s a tad too tedious. The only downside with store-bought golden syrup is that there will most likely be leftovers. I will be looking for recipes khổng lồ use them up, hopefully there are some good recipes out there for me to blog about them!

Mooncakes taken after two days of resting - darker và glossier

Lye Water. An alkaline solution that gives mooncake skin the dark golden colour. It"s very interesting because the mooncakes will be golden at the đứng top fresh out of the oven, but after a few days of resting, the mooncakes will slowly become darker và more golden in colour. Again, only a little lye water is required for a batch of mooncakes & I"m going to lớn try finding recipes to lớn use them up.

Oil. Mooncakes are traditionally made with pork lard, but these days peanut oil is used instead. I guess it"s so that vegetarians can enjoy mooncakes as well? Peanut oil is preferred over other oils because it"s supposedly more fragrant.

Mooncake Filling. My mooncake filling has always been store-bought as 1) I didn"t have time khổng lồ make my own red bean paste from scratch; và 2) I worry they won"t turn out well. I will still want khổng lồ make my filling from scratch in the future though, one day...Some common places khổng lồ get mooncake filling are Phoon Huat (aka Red Man) & Kwong Cheong Thye. Phoon Huat"s filling are all 1-kg each. Kwong Cheong Thye used to lớn sell 500-gram of filling but due to COVID-19, they told me they aren"t allowed to lớn repack them into smaller packages. So for this year I made only red bean mooncakes. You can use whatever filling you like. There are many recipes và YouTube videos out there teaching how to make mooncake filling from scratch too.

Mooncake filling, making sure they are approx. 30 grams each

Dough : Filling Ratio

Most mooncakes have a dough : filling ratio of 1:2, but I prefer my mooncakes to lớn have a bit more dough, so I"m using a ratio of 2:3. So how much dough vì you need? khổng lồ help you readers (and myself in future) to compute how much dough one will require, I came up with a Mooncake Dough Calculator! vì chưng take cảnh báo of the following:

This calculator is only for traditional baked mooncake with melon seeds but no salted egg yolks. Please don"t ask me how to adjust the calculator to lớn factor in salted eg yolks.I have catered an additional 10% buffer for the dough so you may kết thúc up with leftover dough. Leftover dough can still be shaped into mooncakes and baked as per normal - they will taste just lượt thích the piggy mooncakes!

Mooncake Dough Calculator

Resting and Storage

Don"t be too eager to dig into the baked mooncake on the day it"s baked. You will most likely be disappointed - it will be dry and the crust will be firm. Store the mooncakes at room temperature for two to three days so that the mooncakes can hui you 回油. The pastry will soften và the mooncake will darken & look glossy - that"s when you know they are ready khổng lồ be eaten!

As I made a huge batch of mooncakes, I will store whatever I can finish in one week at room temperature in an airtight container. The rest will go into the fridge và I will let them come to lớn room temperature before eating them. This is just khổng lồ reduce the risks of mould growing on the mooncakes. If you have other storage ideas for baked mooncake, vì chưng share in the comments below