Mooncake recipe

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I know that this year I have left you the recipe a little short of time, but it is also true that it is a sweet that is worth making and enjoying at any time of the year. Yesterday I left you how khổng lồ make lotus seed paste, a silky, soft & very aromatic filling, which not only can be used khổng lồ make today’s recipe, Lotus paste mooncake with salted egg yolk, but can also be used for many other elaborations.

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Last year I wanted khổng lồ make them & try them, but this year I was sure I was going to chia sẻ with you the process of both recipes. When making the lotus paste, you will find a very similar process lớn making anko. It is true that it requires standing for quite a while, watching and stirring, but the result is well worth it.

The dough recipe that I leave you this year is the same as last year. I really lượt thích the result and, for the moment, I don’t see the need lớn modify it. What I have improved is the stretching process, so that we can achieve a very thin dough that wraps a large amount of filling. In addition, this process will allow us lớn handle the dough much better, preventing it from sticking to lớn both the work surface & our hands.


Lotus paste mooncake with salted egg yolk.This combination, without having tasted it before, already had me fascinated…. Just seeing the màu sắc of the lotus paste, I could imagine its taste. Which, by the way, is much better than I expected. However, my family found it rather bizarre… A sweet paste made from seeds and a salted duck yolk? Phew, no thanks!

You know what? It’s their loss! I found it fascinating, very different & a very balanced combination. They were utterly delicious. I can tell you that the salted yolk does not taste lượt thích an egg yolk as if we were eating a boiled egg yolk. The flavor is much more delicate và smooth. In the video clip you will see that I am making marks in the filling lớn have, constantly, located the yolks. So that they didn’t mở cửa one and find what they didn’t want.

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On the other hand, I must say that the salted yolks I have used are not the common or usual ones. In Spain it is not easy to lớn find them…. I was in an Asian supermarket & saw the salted duck eggs. Immediately, I was super happy believing that I had found what I was looking for, but no. The taste is good and curious, but it is not.

The flavor is good & delicious, but the consistency, or rather hardness, is not what is needed for this type of elaborations. Even so, I decided to use them, since I had bought and opened them. So I apologize in advance because, when you see me cutting the mooncake, it will be hard to find the yolk, hahaha.

I really want to lớn make them at home and, I think, this is the best way lớn obtain the best result. The following ones will be better, in this aspect, no doubt.

If you want to lớn know everything about these sweets và their origin, you can vày it in this post I left you last year