How to make a traditional baked mooncake?


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes become the most sought-after hàng hóa in Vietnam as people enjoy the pleasure of gathering around with their family khổng lồ drink tea & eat the square pastries. 

This year, due to lớn the impact of the pandemic, many consumers are making mooncakes at home instead of buying them in stores.

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During the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes become the most sought-after sản phẩm in Vietnam as people enjoy the pleasure of gathering around with their family khổng lồ have tea and pastries. This year, due to the impact of the pandemic, many consumers are making mooncakes at home instead of buying them in stores.

Lockdown entertainment

Traditionally, the palm-sized pastries used to lớn be round or square shape with a lotus pattern. During social distancing, trang chủ cooks have more time khổng lồ get creative. They create mooncakes in all kinds of shape, including those of cartoon characters, oriental zodiacal animals or folk paintings. The most popular this year are round shapes with floral patterns.

A batch of home-made baked mooncakes — Photocourtesy of Phan Thu Hien

The tastes và flavours of the cakes have also become diverse. They used to be filled with lotus seeds, mung bean, Chinese sausages, pumpkin seeds and salted egg yolk, but now include cheese, durian, lava custard, & many more.

Nguyễn Quỳnh Chi, a young marketer living in Đà Nẵng, received hundreds of compliments after sharing pictures of her “stay-at-home” mooncakes on a Facebook group.

Chi combines a traditional mooncake mould and silicone flower moulds to lớn create floral patterns & then binds them with corn syrup. The colours of the cakes are also created using bamboo charcoal powder, matcha and red yeast rice flour.

According khổng lồ Chi, the best thing about making your own mooncakes is being able lớn adjust the sweetness, the filling and the shape of the cake yourself.

Staying at trang chủ and making your own mooncakes is also a way to relieve stress & fatigue during the ongoing pandemic, đưa ra said.

Fortune inscription Phúc – Lộc – lâu (Happiness, Wealth và Longevity) on mooncakes — Photocourtesy of Do Thu Ha

Phan Thu Hien, a home-cook in Hà Nội, also started making mooncakes by herself this year due to the city-wide lockdown.

“I am concerned that queuing up to lớn buy cakes will spread the disease và ordering pre-made cakes can be easily damaged or broken in transport. So I chose khổng lồ make my own mooncakes at trang chủ to ensure health & safety for the whole family instead of buying them from the store,” Hiền said.

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Hiền also proudly shared that DIY mooncakes have become her new hobby during the pandemic.

“At first, I tried using ingredients that are available in the kitchen such as eggs, milk, flour & nuts to make the cake. After being praised by family và relatives, my mooncakes have become much more creative. Making mooncakes for my loved ones has also become a new hobby for me,” she said.

Easy to lớn buy ingredients 

During this time, many mooncake manufacturers have begun to transform their business models & sell ingredients online. Just by typing the từ khoá "mooncake ingredients" into Google, it will immediately return results on thousands of websites selling all kinds of tools & ingredients.

At a few stores on Shopee, a bộ combo pack of ingredients for DIY mooncake includes sausages, sugar, cashews, dried zucchini, lotus jam, rice flour, five-spice powder, with prices ranging from VND100,000 - 175,000 per bag. Each bag can make about 15 cakes of 150g. Depending on the ingredients, the price of the "combo packages" will vary. Online stores also provided tools such as cake moulds, trays, packaging, rolling pins, ovens, enough for you lớn become a professional baker.

Since the đô thị is under lockdown, Lê Phương Anh, 24, a lecturer living in Hà Nội, started buying ingredients on e-commerce platforms khổng lồ make mooncakes by herself at home.

After watching a few tutorial videos as well as getting some tips online, Anh easily finished her mooncakes.

Round mooncakes with floral patterns — Photocourtesy of Nguyen Quynh Chi


So excited and proud, she posted photos of her achievement on Facebook & received hundreds of comments praising the uniqueness of her “Tiramisu” flavoured mooncake.

Grasping the high demand, Facebook groups continuously post information about online mooncake making classes. Bakery owners also promote these courses by filming videos và posting on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube and TikTok to attract more participants.


Tiramisu flavoured mooncakes — Photocourtesy of Le Phuong Anh

After participating in an online mooncake making course, vì chưng Thu Ha, a flight attendant, was able to make eye-catching cakes with fortune inscription: Phúc – Lộc – lâu (Happiness, Wealth & Longevity) for her family & friends.

“Making your own cake at trang chủ is very simple and easy. This is an activity that brings me joy during the pandemic,” Hà said.