Banana coconut milk nice cream recipe + video

This nice cream recipe is one of our favorite dairy free desserts! A creamy, tropical banana & coconut milk ice cream lớn make in your blender! Make this vegan ice cream recipe for a cool treat any time of the year. Paleo, dairy miễn phí and Whole30 friendly, too.

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Let’s recap the week shall we? It’s hot. 104F in Utah! and when the heat is blazing outside, refreshing cold drinks (like this limeade) and frozen desserts are must-haves lớn help cool you down.

A tall glass of turmeric lemonade hits the spot in the morning. When afternoon rolls around, I usually crave a coldFrozen Grape Dairy free Smoothie

But for me, go-to summertime DESSERT or afternoon “chill out” treat is a gluten free, dairy không tính tiền frozen dessert.

Which is why I am posting this oh so creamy and dreamy nice cream recipe today. Yes, I’m nice. Haha, get it? Corny Cotter moment.


When it first hit the foodie scene, nice cream was the name for a soft serve frozen dessert with just ONE base ingredient; frozen bananas. That’s it – nothing else.

The bananas were blended until they became creamy, like soft serve ice cream. But because the frozen dessert is gluten-free dairy-free & sugar-free, it became known as nice cream!

The name is very appropriate, because a healthy frozen dessert is very nice indeed. Actually, this banana nice cream recipe is healthier than a dairy-based ice cream.

It’s lower in sugar & uses coconut milk, which as we know, is mucho healthy.

Anyway, over time, creative foodies used other frozen fruits with the bananas, creating new flavor combinations. So these days, the name represents any vegan, sugar-free frozen dessert made with frozen fruit.

So, get your blender out, we must get to lớn it. Blend it up, y’all; soft serve for days!


Tropical Banana coconut milk nice cream recipe

This creamy frozen dessert will make you smile. It’s similar lớn my recipe for extra creamy fruit sweetened no-churn ice cream, but without the cream. So it’s dairy không tính phí and vegan. Plus, I have a recipe option lớn make it paleo và Whole30 compliant.



Frozen bananas – You’ll want the bananas to be as frozen as possible, & the riper they are the sweeter your dessert will be. Be sure to peel them before – We’re going for a tropical flavor, so mango is my frozen fruit of choice. Pineapple is a good substitute.coconut milk – For the thickest và creamiest vegan ice cream, be sure to use FULL FAT coconut milk.

Those three ingredients will create the dessert. But, if you want to địa chỉ toppings to your nice cream, go for it! Here’s what I top mine with:

coconut flakes – For a nuttier taste, you can toast the coconut flakesmaple syrup – If your bananas aren’t super ripe (or even if they ARE), you may want to địa chỉ cửa hàng a drizzle of maple syrup on đứng đầu for extra sweetness.

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If you decide to make the coconut whipped cream, you’ll want khổng lồ freeze that after whipping, too. Just so it takes shape like an ice cream scoop.


Now, here’s my other trick. This trick is help make the banana nice cream extra creamy.

Super easy KITCHEN HACK!

First, you need to lớn freeze the fruit pieces in coconut milk, and the easiest way to bởi vì that is in an ICE CUBE TRAY! You’re making creamy fruit ice cubes.

Having all of the ingredients frozen when you blend them results in extra creamy banana nice cream.



Seriously, this recipe doesn’t get any easier.

Chop the fruit and make the coconut milk ice cubes.Because it can take a few hours for the ice cubes to lớn freeze, you may want lớn make these ahead of time.Add ingredients to a high speed blender.It’s going lớn take about 5 minutes of blending lớn create a creamy soft serve consistency. Be patient. If it looks lượt thích the nice cream is getting stuck on the blades of the blender, you can use a spatula lớn clean down the inside walls of the blender. This will help everything lớn combine.

Enjoy it as soft serve right away, or freeze the nice cream for an hour. As a result, you’ll have more of an ice cream consistency.

Scoop into bowls or a cone & ENJOY!
Allow me khổng lồ demonstrate how to make this nice cream recipe ya’ll.