Try this: frozen jackfruit banana ice cream


Jackfruit Ice Cream Recipe, Chakka Pazham Ice Cream Recipe, How to make Jackfruit Ice Cream recipe in Kerala Style, Jackfruit Ice Cream with step by step Photos & Detailed Video. Kerala Famous Chakka(jackfruit in Malayalam) Ice cream is melt in mouth Ice cream Recipe that anyone can make. Easy Recipe with step by step photos. Chakka Payasam(Jackfruit Kheer) is the one more Jackfruit recipe i love to the core.

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Making Kerala Famous Jackfruit Ice Cream was in mind while I was posting the Kulki Sarbath Recipe on Prema’s Culinary. Somehow I totally forgot. Recently I was talking to lớn my Friend Sowmy she told me to post Jackfruit Ice Cream Recipe. With her Hint & tips for making Chakka Ice cream, I made & sharing the recipe here.

Before the Jackfruit season ends vày try this unique and yummy ice cream, I bet you love it. No egg used và no artificial flavors. Very simple ice cream recipe.

Tips to lớn make Perfect Jackfruit Ice cream recipe:

To make Jackfruit Ice cream choose to lớn ripen and sweet Jackfruit.Even if it is little less sweet still we can make by adjusting with sugar.Instead the normal milk we can use the coconut milk for more Coconut Jackfruit Ice cream.

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Jackfruit Ice cream recipe Video:

Jackfruit Ice Cream Recipe Step by step Photos và Instructions:

1. Take 8-10 ripen Jackfruits and add it lớn the mixie jar. Add 1/3 cup of sugar and blend to lớn smooth paste.

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2. Jackfruit Puree is ready now.

3. Take the Heavy cream(we can use the Amul Cream) or the whipping cream & beat it till it thickens.4. địa chỉ the condensed milk and mix well.

5. Add the Jackfruit Puree và mix well.

6. Finally, showroom the jackfruit chunks and mix it.

7. Transfer the Jackfruit ice cream mix into a container.8. Cover the container and refrigerate it for 8 hours.