Healthy banana oat cake {gf, low calorie}


This banana oat flour cake is a fun crossover between a traditional healthy banana cake & a banana oat cake. It has the look and feel of a traditional moist banana cake with cream cheese frosting, but it’s made using only whole grain oat flour!


A funny thing happened when I posted my oat flour banana bread recipe earlier this year. Not only did that recipe become wildly popular (I don’t blame y’all I love it too), but also, I started to see an interesting trend. On the backend of my site through a few tools (I won’t bore you with the technical piece of it, I can barely stop myself from being bored to lớn tears by it), I can kind of tell what people are searching for when they come to lớn HH for a recipe.

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Over & over & over again, I started to see searches for oat flour banana cake or banana oat flour cake or banana cake made with oat flour. I had never had banana cake before, so I started to vị a little research lớn see if making a healthy banana cake out of oat flour was even possible. After researching about banana cake & trying some at a local bakery, I knew I had lớn give it a go.


I wanted this recipe not to lớn taste like healthy banana cake or banana oat cake, I wanted it lớn taste lượt thích a banana cake that you could barely tell was made with one of the world’s healthiest flours, oat flour, và I’m not going khổng lồ lie y’all I NAILED IT.

This banana oat flour cake is now officially my favorite cake (even surpassing my beloved carrot cake), & if potlucks are ever a thing again, it’s what I’m bringing. It’s what I’m dropping off on doorsteps for new babies, it’s everything, it’s perfect.


This banana oat flour cake is moist, airy in texture, and filled with sweet banana và cinnamon in every bite. Và don’t forget lathered in the perfect amount of delicious creamy frosting (I used cream cheese) to seal the deal. Banana flavored dessert lovers unite because your appreciation for all things banana is about to go up a notch or two or three. I can not wait for you khổng lồ try this! And, if you’re looking for more oat flour inspiration, try out these amazing dessert recipes!


And if baking intimidates you, I get it and don’t worry I’ve got you covered with a step by step guide including photos below.

How to lớn Make Banana Oat Flour Cake

Alright, y’all here we go, I promise, for my friends who don’t love to bake, you can do this. You can bake a cake from scratch, you can bởi vì it with oat flour, and they won’t even know.

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The first step is to make sour milk by combining lemon juice with milk. I used unsweetened original almond milk, but any milk will work. The second step is lớn blend your oats khổng lồ make oat flour, then combine the oat flour with the remaining dry ingredients (except sugar.)


In another bowl, mash up bananas & set them aside. My trick is to mash them in the peel first then finish the job once the peel is removed with a fork. PS Overripe (very yellow with at least a few đen spots) bananas work the best. If you only have green bananas, you can quickly ripen them in the oven! Preheat your oven to lớn 300F và bake them for 15-20 minutes, then use them!


I won’t lie.

I’m too damn lazy lớn make my own frosting nowadays.

With healthy brands out there like Simple Mills and Miss Jones, I’m just not super interested in beating 4 cups of powdered sugar together.

So for this one, I used Miss Jones Cream Cheese Frosting, which everyone I’ve ever served it too loves. (I frequently use it for my Starbucks copy cat cranberry bliss bars during the holidays and people almost comment on how much they love the frosting.)

All that being said, if you want lớn make your own frosting, I suggest trying my Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Frosting, the greek yogurt lowers the calories, but it still has a rich cream cheese taste too it.