Frozen banana yogurt with peanut butter and chocolate

Looking for sweet yet healthy dessert recipes to enjoy? This Banana Frozen Yogurt is SO refreshing, and it’s made with just 3 ingredients – none of which are sugar!


Easy 3 Ingredient Frozen Yogurt

If you’ve never made a big batch of frozen yogurt lớn dig into, you are missing out! It’s just as sweet và delicious as regular ice cream is, but so much healthier. And, about this Banana Frozen Yogurt recipe? It’s made with just 3 ingredients: bananas, plain yogurt, & honey. How’s that for a short shopping list?

Whether it’s summer và you need a sweet treat khổng lồ cool down with, or you’re just a big tín đồ of all-things-bananas, this homemade frozen yogurt is a must-make dessert recipe.

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Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt & ice cream taste and look very similar, so it’s generally pretty difficult to distinguish one from the other without a label. The main difference is that frozen yogurt uses cultured milk (found in the yogurt) instead of cream, which results in less fat content.

Beware, though, because sometimes extra sugar is added to frozen yogurt to cosplay for the tart taste that is associated with plain yogurt.


What You’ll Need

Like I mentioned earlier, you only need three ingredients to whip up this easy frozen yogurt recipe:

Bananas: I needed about 4 – make sure they are ripe to get a strong banana flavor.

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Yogurt: I lượt thích to use plain yogurt because it has less added sugar, and it doesn’t introduce other flavors.

How khổng lồ Make Banana Frozen Yogurt

One of the best things about this banana frozen yogurt is that you don’t need an ice cream maker lớn prepare it. Instead, you just need a food processor và then you can follow these 3 simple steps:

Slice the Bananas: Then place them in a sealed container; freeze for 2 hours.Blend the Ingredients: địa chỉ cửa hàng the frozen bananas, yogurt, and honey khổng lồ a food processor. Process until just creamy, stopping lớn scrape down the sides of the processor if necessary.Serve Immediately: The frozen yogurt should be more like a soft serve.

Tips for Success

Looking for tips on how lớn get the best banana frozen yogurt results? You’re in the right place:

Fresh vs Frozen Bananas: You can use either – I just prefer to lớn freeze my own bananas!What Yogurt to Use: Any plain yogurt will work for this recipe. Flavored yogurt will add other flavors! 😊Serving Tips: If you serve this frozen yogurt immediately, it is more like a soft serve ice cream, but freezing it will make it more firm. Whatever you choose khổng lồ do, just don’t forget a little chocolate syrup… and maybe some sprinkles, too! Annnnd, there goes the healthy dessert. 😄

Easy Variations

Banana frozen yogurt is very easily customized! Here are a couple of fun variation ideas lớn play around with:

Add Cocoa Powder: A big bowl of chocolate banana ice cream would be irresistible for me!Add Cinnamon: Banana cinnamon froyo sounds pretty good, no?

How to lớn Store Homemade Banana Ice Cream

Banana frozen yogurt can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for a month or so – but I doubt you will need that long!