Instant pot bo kho vietnamese beef stew


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Vietnamese beef stew, or trườn kho, is a fragrantly spiced version of a familiar dish.

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It can be served with rice, a fresh baguette or noodles (my favorite method of eating them) & makes for a really easy and warming Vietnamese noodle soup dish.

Traditionally this stew is slow-simmered on the stove until the beef is fork tender. I like to cook this in a crockpot for an easy, hands-off approach. However, I still brown the meat on the stove to lớn lock in the flavor before slow cooking. I find that if you just dump everything in a slow cooker first the stew comes out a little flat tasting. I"ll include instructions for stove đứng đầu cooking if you don"t have a slow cooker.


Beef choices for trườn kho


My all time favorite cut of beef for this dish is beef rough flank or beef outside flank. It"s an extremely tough cut of meat with tons of silver skin và tendon. Since this dish is slow simmered/cooked in a slow cooker, all that sinew will become tender and provide a delicious textural contrast to lớn the fall apart beef.

If you can"t find rough flank or you don"t lượt thích tendon, feel miễn phí to use stew meat or chuck in its place. You will need to lớn adjust the amount of time you cook the stew for, however. Stew meat/chuck will cook faster than this flank. I highly recommend you try the rough flank!

Crock pot Vietnamese beef stew (bò kho): Step-by-step instructions


You will need some bò kho bouillon for the beef marinade. My favorite brand is Bao Long, seen below.

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You can get this at any Asian grocery store or on Amazon!


Dissolve a packet of this bouillon in some water and địa chỉ it khổng lồ your chopped beef pieces along with garlic, shallot, salt, pepper, fish sauce và ground lemongrass. You can grind your own lemongrass in a food processor or buy it frozen from an Asian grocery store. Let the meat marinate for at least least half an hour or up khổng lồ 24 hours.


When you"re ready khổng lồ cook the trườn kho, showroom all of the beef and marinade into a heavy bottomed pot on high heat và sear. địa chỉ cửa hàng tomato paste khổng lồ the beef at this point và cook until the liquid has reduced.

Once the liquid has reduced, add your meat cubes khổng lồ your slow cooker and showroom just enough water lớn submerge the beef. You don"t want the stew to lớn be too watery.


Cook the stew on high for 4-6 hours until the beef is fork tender. Showroom peeled and chopped carrots during the last half hour of cooking.


I lượt thích to eat this with pho noodles. The starchy noodles thicken the broth & make it even more rich and stew-like. If we don"t have noodles, my family will also dip fresh baguette into the broth.

Cooking bò kho on the stove top

If you don"t have a slow cooker or prefer khổng lồ cook this on the stove, follow all of the same steps up until you transfer the meat into the slow cooker. Showroom water directly into the pan instead và bring it to lớn a boil before reducing khổng lồ a light simmer.