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These lacy thin bánh xèo with a crackly crisp are filled with juicy pork belly, shrimp, and bean sprouts. This Vietnamese crepe is the perfect dish khổng lồ make for your next family dinner!


This bánh xèo recipe is an instant crowd-pleaser. It is crispy, savory, flavorful, & delicious. This savory rice flour Vietnamese crepes are stuffed with mung beans, shrimp, thinly sliced pork, bean sprouts and pan-fried until crispy.

Bánh xèo instantly brings me back khổng lồ times when my extended family would come together, catch up and eat these brilliantly yellow crispy Vietnamese crepes. I would watch in awe as my mom pour the batter over a hot sizzling pan & see the batter bubble up as it turns golden brown with a very tender-crisp.

Now you can make these delicious Vietnamese crepes at trang chủ with this recipe. To serve, the crepe is wrapped in lettuce & fragrant herbs and then delicately dipped in a garlic & lime-infused nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce). If you love authentic Vietnamese cooking, kiểm tra out my bun thit nuong (grilled pork noodles), thit kho (braised pork ribs), or bo luc lac (shaking beef).

Table of Contents

What is Bánh Xèo?

Bánh xèo loosely translates to the sizzling cake. It refers to the sizzling sound when the batter hits the hot pan. Bánh xèo is a very popular Vietnamese dish. It is basically a Vietnamese savory crepe that is made with turmeric và rice flour and is filled with thinly sliced pork, shrimp, mung beans, and bean sprouts. Vietnamese crepes are traditionally broken up into portions, wrapped in lettuce and fragrant herbs, and then dipped in a bright umami nuoc cham or Vietnamese dipping sauce.


🍽Kitchen Equipment

Mixing Bowl: You will need a large mixing bowl to mix the batter.


Cornstarch: the main ingredient that will make these crepes crispy.All-Purpose Flour: adds lớn the crispiness of the batter.Scallions: finely sliced scallions add flavorful aromatics to lớn the batter.Sugar: adds a subtle sweetness to lớn the batterSalt: enhances the flavors of the other ingredients


Pork: you can use any cut you like, such as pork belly, pork shoulder, or pork butt. The pork just needs lớn be thinly sliced.Shrimp: I prefer to lớn use larger shrimp but you can use any shrimp that you’d like.Yellow Onion: the onion will be thinly sliced and will địa chỉ cửa hàng a sweet aromatic flavor to the pork & shrimp.Mung Beans: you will need lớn soak the mung beans overnight or for at least 2 hours & steam them khổng lồ soften.Bean Sprouts: adds a subtle crunch to lớn the Vietnamese crepe.

Herbs và Dipping Sauce

Lettuce, Mint, Vietnamese Perilla: these are the most commonly used veggies & herbs.

📝How lớn Make Bánh Xèo

This banh xeo recipe is very easy khổng lồ make with only a few steps. The hardest part is simply waiting for the batter to rest while it absorbs the liquids.

Prepare the mung beans. In a small bowl, soak 1 cup of dried mung beans in water until softened about 1 hour or overnight. Drain the mung beans và blend a ½ cup with coconut milk until smooth. Mix aside the other ½ cup for steaming.Mix the batter.

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In a large mixing bowl, showroom the mung bean mixture, rice flour, cornstarch, water, scallions, turmeric, sugar, and salt. Mix together lớn combine. The batter will be thin, with a heavy cream consistency. Let the crepe batter rest for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight.


Cook the pork, shrimp, và onion. Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a wok or a 10-inch nonstick skillet. Showroom the pork, shrimp, and slices of yellow onion. Season with a sprinkle of salt và pepper and cook for 1 minute until the shrimp is pink and done cooking. Set aside.
Steam the mung beans. In a steamer heat ½ of your steamer with water & bring it lớn a boil. Lay the mung beans over your steamer basket và steam for 15 minutes or until soft and tender. Phối aside.


In the wok or large skillet on medium heat, địa chỉ cửa hàng a few slices of pork, shrimp, & onion to lớn one side of the pan. Stir the crêpe batter và pour ⅔ cup of it into the pan; tilt và swirl the pan to lớn coat the edges until it is an even layer, making sure lớn cover the shrimp and pork. Scatter mung beans over the crepe and place the bean sprouts on half of the crepe with the pork and shrimp. Drizzle 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil around the edges. Cover the skillet and cook over moderately medium to lớn steam the bean sprouts for 2 minutes. Then remove the lid and cook on medium-high until the bottom of the crêpe is golden and crisp about 5-7 more minutes. Then fold the crepe in half.

⭐️ Tips for the Best Bánh Xèo

Make the batter in advance. The batter needs time for the flour lớn absorb the liquids & fully reach its crispy potential. The minimum time the batter should rest is 2 hours but preferably overnight.Before cooking stir the batter. The flours will sink lớn the bottom of the batter so give the batter a quick stir before adding it lớn your hot skillet.Make sure your skillet is hot before adding the batter. A hot skillet will ensure the batter will be crispy. Make sure you use medium-high heat to lớn prevent the crepe from burning.Cooking time will vary. The cooking times will vary depending on what pan you use, how hot your stove is & how many banh xeo you are making. It is important khổng lồ keep an eye on the crepe to make sure you vì chưng not burn it.Drizzle oil along the edges of the crepe. This will ensure the edges are extra crispy as they pan fry in the skillet.

🥡Storage Instructions

You can store the batter in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up lớn a week. If the banh xeo is already made, you can store them in the refrigerator for up lớn 3 days. They will thua their crisp over time in the refrigerator.