Soybean Sprout Soup ( Kongnamul Guk )


Today’s recipe is for kongnamulguk (soybean sprout soup), which is one of the most common, typical, and popular Korean soups, made with soybean sprouts in a delicious, savory broth.

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As you know, a Korean meal is composed of rice, soup or stew, and side dishes, so soup has a very important role in Korean cuisine. This soybean sprout soup is not only an everyday Korean staple, it’s also well-known among Koreans as a hangover cure soup, along with dried pollock soup (bugeoguk).

The soup is irresistible with savory broth and nutty crispy soybean sprouts. I often wonder if other cultures have a soup lượt thích this? It’s so important and central to lớn Korean food that whenever you visit any Korean grocery store in any part of the world, they always stock soybean sprouts. These days you can find soybean sprouts in many non-Korean grocery stores too, or you can grow your own.

I made a đoạn phim for this recipe in 2009 soon after I moved khổng lồ the US from Canada. The recipe is basically the same as this one, but the video chất lượng is much better and I can write a better recipe now, having written 2 Korean cookbooks since then!

When I was in elementary school in Korea I used khổng lồ go to my aunt’s house during vacation. She didn’t have any children of her own so she was waiting for the moment I arrived. She gave me a lot of love, made me delicious meals and took me lớn the theatre with my uncle. She used lớn say, “oh, cute!’, then she squeezed my baby finger so tightly. It was a little painful but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to let her down by complaining. It was really a wonderful time for me & a great memory. One of the dishes she made was this soup. My mom’s soup was not spicy but my aunt’s was spicy & more savory. I remember she used MSG at the over which was usual in those days, but my version doesn’t have it.

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A tip for vegetarians is lớn use vegetarian stock instead of anchovy broth and to use soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

Whenever I go to lớn the Korean grocery I always buy soybean sprouts & make this soup, and I always have it with kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), even if I have khổng lồ make it with just one small radish! The kkakdugi needs to lớn be well-fermented, juicy, spicy, and sour. Trắng fluffy rice, soybean sprouts soup, and kkakdugi mixed together, I can’t compare it lớn any more delicious food in the world. I was raised on it so I am so happy to tóm tắt my delicious life with you, too.



Serves 3 to 4

8 cups water4 garlic cloves, minced4 ounces onion, sliced (about ½ cup)2 to 3 green onions, sliced diagonallyDirectionsCover & cook for 30 minutes over medium high heat. It may boil over while cooking, just crack the lid if it does.Remove the anchovy pouch and discard.Remove from the heat and stir in the sesame oil.

Serve Ladle into individual soup bowls, vị trí cao nhất each serving with sesame seeds powder. Serve with rice, kimchi, a few more side dishes (if desired). The soup can be refrigerated for up khổng lồ 4 days.


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