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Our final pre-order starts on Sunday, October 17, 2021, and closes on Thursday, October 21, 12:00pm ET.Orders will be ready for pickup on Sundays afternoon. The pickup location will be updated weekly.The menu will change weekly.

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​​Ăn Xôi is a passion project run by Thảo Bùi. Based in NYC and inspired by childhood days eating xôi before school in dùng Gòn. Ăn Xôi focuses on Vietnamese sticky rice và all of its deliciousness.

Savory sticky rice with chicken liver pâté, xá xíu (char siu pork), fried egg, pork floss, scallion oil, crispy shallots, và pickles.


Shredded green cabbage, halved shrimps, sliced pork tossed in a sweet, savory, and tangy nước mắm (fish sauce mix). Garnished with fresh mints, crushed roasted peanuts (optional), & fresh thai chili pepper (optional)

Nhi works in the fashion industry và comes from central Việt Nam. Her hometown offers many unique and distinctive cuisine compared khổng lồ the common Việt food often seen in the US, which makes it so much harder lớn seek.Her cooking is an ode khổng lồ her hometown in central nước ta and its distinctive regional cuisine. She has established a small business, selling tapioca dumplings (bánh lọc lá) & rice dumplings (bánh nậm) within her circle, for whom also craves central Việt food.

Pork belly, shrimp, and tapioca flour wrapped in banana leaves & steamed to perfection served with nước mắm nam ngư (fish sauce) và fresh bầu chili pepper (optional).

“Chúc Ăn Ngon” is our interpretation và love of Phở Gà và Cơm Gà! A glimpse of simple và tasty food that could gather a community.

Turmeric Chicken Rice that comes with shredded poached Chicken with rau củ Răm (Vietnamese coriander), thin-sliced pickled onions, topped with fried shallots & Makrut lime leaves and ginger dipping sauce khổng lồ compliment.

Lauren è worked at Gramercy Tavern prior khổng lồ the pandemic và when she was laid off, she started making Vietnamese bánh because she couldn’t find any in NYC. Bánh by Lauren features desserts & pastries that pull from Lauren’s background as a proud Vietnamese-American & from being a classically trained pastry chef.

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A chewy pandan flavored honeycomb cake made with tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, và eggs./ gluten-free /

A sticky steamed Vietnamese cake with alternating layers of pandan và mung bean, made with tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, mung beans, coconut water, and pandan water./ gluten-free / vegan /

An is a graphic designer with a background in environmental design. When she’s not diagramming architectural strategies, she’s out walking her dog or cooking something fun in her tiny kitchen.

Rice flour và tapioca flour, fluffy bits of shrimp wrapped in banana leaves và steamed lớn perfection, topped with scallion oil, fried shallots, and served with nước mắm.

Mai Thy Nguyễn is a California native working in the fashion industry here in NYC. Lượt thích many others, Mai Thy has found joy in baking during the pandemic. Started from her small kitchen in downtown Brooklyn, MaiThyLoaf is always looking for a new flavor twist khổng lồ her sourdough bakes.

Buttery sourdough Pâté Chaud made with ​​Ăn Xôi’s homemade pate, pork and wood-ear mushroom then baked khổng lồ flaky, crumbly goodness.

After our first week of Việt Nomz, Thảo BùifromĂn Xôi returns to collaborate with MaiThyLoaf to bring you one of many Vietnamese comfort foods with a carb-tastic twist.

Xíu mại with juicy ground pork, onions, wood-ear mushrooms, crunchy jicama, with a quail egg in the middle & cooked in a tangy tomato sauce.

Scallion focaccia seasoned with five-spice, white pepper and sesame seeds. Baked to lớn golden perfection.