Two methods for growing mung bean sprouts

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Bean Sprouts Machine Advantages

◇Fully automatic operation (micro-computer director, intelligent digital readout, automatic temperature control, water supply, water sprinkle, ozone-sterilization, high temperature & less water alarm), saving labor and time.◇Galvanized & steel-frame structure, heat-retaining và waterproof và antirust & complex stainless steel inner, long service life.◇Nature product, healthy to lớn eat; no pollution & noise, eco-friendly; low consumption, energy-saving.◇Widely used in the mess hall, supermarket, restraint, hotel, ship & large-scale sprouts producing as well as the sprouts specialized production households.


Bean Sprouts Machine Market Potential

Whether the bean sprouts machine will replace manual sprouts production? The answer absolutely is “Yes”. The development of an intelligent device, the idea of looking for setting manual labor free, the monopoly of regional bean sprouts market & the transition from dispersing type to lớn intensive type, all of these factors lead to lớn this excellent invention as well as the great development potential.


Tips-How to Preserve Bean Sprouts

Wash bean sprouts in cold water to lớn remove seed coats và roots. If you are using them in the day, place them in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel lớn keep them moist và store in the refrigerator at 45-50 degrees. If not, you can store in a bucket of icy water and change the water a few times a day.

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Bean Sprouts Machine Specifications

ModelVoltagePowerOutput/dayWater consumptionWeightDimensionSprouts box
ALC6-60A220V/50Hz0.75kw30kg0.3 (m³)125kg1.5*0.8*1.5m6 pieces
ALC6-100A220V/50Hz0.75kw50 kg1(m³)150kg1.5*0.8*1.7m8 pieces
ALC6-200A220V/50Hz1.25kw100kg1(m³)240kg2.6*0.8*1.7m16 pieces
ALC6-300A220V/50Hz1.25kw150kg1.5(m³)300kg2.6*0.8*1.9m20 pieces
ALC6-400A220V/50Hz2kw200kg2(m³)340kg2.6*0.8*2.1m24 pieces
ALC6-500A220V/50Hz2kw250kg2(m³)450kg2.6*1.4*1.7m32 pieces
ALC6-600A220V/50Hz2kw300kg2.2(m³)480kg2.6*1.4*1.9m40 pieces
ALC6-800A220V/50Hz2kw400kg2.5(m³)500kg2.6*1.4*2.1m48 pieces
ALC6-1000A220V/50Hz3.5kw500kg2.8(m³)680kg4.6*1.4*1.7m64 pieces
ALC6-1200A220V/50Hz4kw600kg3.1(m³)780kg4.6*1.4*1.9m80 pieces