How to grow mung bean sprouts made easy

I love to have fresh veggies at the house at all time, & when possible I love lớn be able lớn grow them. If you live in cold environments, it can be hard lớn grow produce without a greenhouse or expensive indoor lights. Mung bean sprouts are the easiest và cheapest thing to lớn grow no matter where you live.

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What"s crazy is how expensive (and usually subpar) store bought bean sprouts are when they"re so cheap and easy to grow at home.


What are Mung Beans and Why Should I Sprout Them?

Mung beans are plant species in the legume family, similar lớn beans & lentils và can be used interchangeably for a lot of recipes. They are slightly sweeter than lentils.

Mung beans are different than a lot of different legumes because they"re one of the most common varieties lớn sprout. If you see bean sprouts on any menu, most of the time they have been grown from mung beans.

Traditionally, mung bean sprouts are grown & cultivated in East Asia - most commonly India.

Benefits of Sprouted Foods

Sprouted grains và seeds are mid way through the germinating process. Harvard Health Blog claims that:

"This germinating process breaks down some of the starch, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher. It also breaks down phytate, a form of phytic acid that normally decreases absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. So sprouted grains have more available nutrients than mature grains".

They continue that "thosenutrientsincludefolate, iron,vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and protein."

There"s also evidence that sprouted foods are higher in fibre và may help with blood pressure, digestion và regulating blood sugar (source).

Personally, I like bean sprouts because they"re high in water content, are crispy and địa chỉ cửa hàng a delicious fresh crunch khổng lồ meals lượt thích pho, pad thai & stir fries. It"s just a bonus that they"re super nutritious và cheap khổng lồ make.



Are raw mung bean sprouts safe khổng lồ eat?

Yes! Sprouts are safe to eat raw. They are a sprouted food grown in warm khổng lồ room temperature environments so just handle them with clean hands and avoid cross contamination. As always use your senses to determine if a food is past prime. Lots of food is wasted because people are too worried about food safety. Your eyes, nose and mouth have an incredible ability khổng lồ detect spoiled food.

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How vì I store mung bean sprouts?

After the sprouting process, I lượt thích to wrap the bean sprouts in a damp paper towel and store them in either a food storage container or a large freezer ziplock bag. They usually store well for 3-5 days.

Can I freeze mung bean sprouts?

Yes, but they won"t be as firm when they"re thawed. The best option is khổng lồ continually grow small batches instead of growing large batches. If you vì find yourself in a position where you need to lớn freeze them, they maintain their texture best if you blanch them before freezing.

Can I grow bean sprouts in a jar?

Yes, but I prefer this method. If you"re looking for a guide to mason sprout growing, this is a thorough guide from Serious Eats. I prefer this method for thin sprouts lượt thích broccoli or alfalfa sprouts.

My bean sprouts are discoloured, are they safe lớn eat?

As long as they"re still firm and aren"t slimy or smelly, they are safe lớn eat. When sprouts are exposed khổng lồ too much light or oxygen, they may brown or turn slightly pink. Use your senses lớn determine if they"re normal discolouration or if they"re unsafe. If you"re unsure, it"s safer to not eat them or at least cook them prior to lớn eating.

Where is the best place khổng lồ grow mung beans?

Indoors is the easiest and most consistent to lớn grow bean sprouts. You can control the environment the best. Ideally, you want them khổng lồ avoid light more than necessary. Keep in mind if you don"t use a heater or AC, your house temperature may change the time it takes the sprouts to grow.

Can I eat the shells on mung bean sprouts?

The "shell", also known as the hull, on bean sprouts are safe to eat. If you"d like to remove them for aesthetic or texture preferences you are more than welcome to. To remove them, run them under water và they should fall off by themselves.

How bởi vì I make mung bean sprouts fatter?

If you"re looking for supermarket looking bean sprouts, you need to weigh down the sprouts as they grow. For the first 2-3 days, use a plate. After the third day, place a book on đứng đầu of the sprouts to help them grow thicker.