Gallery: how to grow bean sprouts in a jar


It’s satisfying to lớn grow your own food at home, và there are many ways you can vì that. You can plant a garden, whether in your backyard or in containers, và you can even grow plants on your kitchen counter! Growing bean sprouts is very easy và they are ready to lớn eat in just a couple of days.

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I’ve tried growing alfalfa sproutsin a jar before, và they turned out great. Those sprouts are great for salads. Recently my teenage boys have become interested in learned how lớn cook some different Chinese and other Asian dishes, and a lot of recipes call for bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts aren’t all that expensive, but I got khổng lồ thinking that these sprouts have khổng lồ be similar to other sprouts you could grow, so there had lớn be a way to grow them at home.

I went to lớn my local health food store to ask them what kind of bean sprouts were used in Chinese cooking. They told me that they were sprouts grown from Mung bean seeds. They had some at the health food store, and you can also order Mung bean seeds online from Amazon.

How lớn Grow Bean Sprouts in a Jar

Supplies Needed:

Quart mason jar

I was really excited lớn find out we could grow our own bean sprouts from home. It turns out it is much less expensive to lớn grow them yourself, you only need 4 tbsp. Of mung beans seeds to grow 3 cups of bean sprouts!

You will need some sprouting lids to lớn put on đứng đầu of your mason jar. Cheesecloth can be used in place of the sprouting lids, but the lids are very inexpensive & you can use them many times to rinse your beans. You will have to replace the cheesecloth more often.


How to lớn Grow Bean Sprouts at Home

You will only need 4 tbsp. Of mung bean seeds khổng lồ grow 1 quart jar of bean sprouts. The directions that came with my sprouting lidssay to địa chỉ 1 part seeds to lớn 4 parts water, so I placed 4 tbsp. Seeds in my mason jar & then added 16 tbsp. Of water.

Place the lid with the smallest holes on the jar first, you will use the one with the large holes later after your sprouts start growing.

Let your bean seeds soak overnight in the jar. Recommended soak time is 6-8 hours. In the morning, fill the rest of the jar with water by just letting more water from the faucet run through the screen on top of the jar.

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Pour all of the water out of the jar through the screen. FIll & rinse one more time.

For the next several days you want khổng lồ rinse your seeds several times a day, at least twice a day. The sales person at the health food store told me that if you rinse them three times a day they will grow even faster.

Make sure each time you rinse them that you pour all of the water out. The seeds will start lớn sprout with no water in the jar. It is recommended that you prop the jar sit upside down, at an angle so that any water can drain out. I decided not to do that, I just made sure I drained the water really well.

Harvesting the Bean Sprouts

As the seeds start sprouting, they will start shedding the hulls of the seeds. When you see that happening you can switch the screen lidon the jar khổng lồ the lid that has larger holes. This will allow you to rinse away the hulls while you are rinsing the sprouts every day.

It only takes 3-4 days for the sprouts to be ready for harvest. That is fast! I don’t know of any other food you can grow that you can harvest so fast.

I actually left my sprouts in the jar a day or two too long, that’s why there are little leaves growing on my sprouts! There shouldn’t be any leaves growing on them yet when you harvest them. If you bởi vì end up with the leaves, however, you can either just eat them or pull them off.

When you are ready khổng lồ harvest the bean sprouts, give them one good last rinse with cold water. Bean sprouts can be kept fresh by storing them in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh for at least a week.

Use your bean sprouts in your favorite Chinese & Asian dishes, they are fine lớn eat raw or you can cook them, whichever you prefer

This was a fun activity for my family, và we will definitely be doing it again. There are many different kinds of sprouts you can grow. Amazon has many different types of seeds you can sprout in your kitchen.