Why do sprouts taste bitter?


The most important thing is that you can make mung bean sprouts at trang chủ without any additives.

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You can spray water once a day to grow a crop in four or five days, which is environm

Why vị the bean sprouts made at trang chủ become bitter? How lớn remove the bitterness? How khổng lồ stir-fry so that it is crispy, tender and not old

What you want to lớn know, this article will talk about it. There are a lot of dry goods, please look down patiently.

As the saying goes: "Eat buds in spring, melon in summer, fruit in autumn, và root in winter". It is the spring season when all things are growing, and the sprout vegetables are very fresh and tender.

At this time, we follow the season & eat more sprouts, such as wolfberry sprouts, toon sprouts, and bean sprouts, which can supplement the toàn thân with rich vitamins and minerals, và help the five internal organs change from winter storage khổng lồ spring growth.

Mung bean sprouts are also the most frequently seen sprouts on the table during this time in our family. The mung bean sprouts are crispy, tender & delicious.

The main thing is that you can make mung bean sprouts at home without any additives, và you can pour water once a day khổng lồ grow a crop in four or five days, which is environmentally friendly. And healthy.

also sprouts mung bean sprouts every other time, so I still have some experience và insights on how lớn make mung bean sprouts at home.

Many netizens reported that the bean sprouts they made at trang chủ tasted bitter, or the bean sprouts were simmered after being fried, & they were not as crispy và tender as outside restaurants. These were my doubts.

Today, let us use this article to lớn slowly find the answer.


How to lớn make bean sprouts that are not bitter at home?

It is not difficult khổng lồ send bean sprouts. As long as the humidity và temperature are coordinated, they can be sent all year round at home. If you want the bean sprouts khổng lồ not be bitter, just try not lớn let the bean sprouts shine.

Let’s vì it as simple as possible, please read down for details.

1. First prepare a double-layer vegetable basket that can filter water and a large black plastic bag. Of course, don"t forget the most important mung bean.

If sent well, 50 grams of mung beans can produce 400 to lớn 500 grams of mung bean sprouts, which is exactly the amount of an 8-inch plate. You can prepare mung beans according to lớn your own situation.

Tips: If there is no vegetable basket that can filter the water, it is okay to use pierced mineral water bottles and beverage bottles, but vị not use oil bottles. The oil container will affect the growth of bean sprouts.

2. Pour the mung beans into a clean oil-free bowl, wash the dirt on the surface with an appropriate amount of water, và choose lớn remove the bad beans và incomplete mung beans.

Then use more than twice the amount of water to soak the mung beans. Generally, soak for about 12 hours. Most of the mung beans" skins are cracked, revealing the soft yellow beans inside, và the bean sprouts can be started.

Tips: You don’t need lớn shading when soaking the seeds. If it is winter or a place with low temperature, it is recommended khổng lồ soak mung bean seeds with warm water of about 40 degrees.

3. Spread the mung bean seeds in a flat layer on the bottom of the drainable vegetable basket, preferably not overlapping. If one vegetable basket is not enough, use another container khổng lồ send it, và don’t pile all the seeds together.

The lower basket is filled with a proper amount of water, & the amount of water is just enough to lớn soak to 50% the height of the mung bean seeds. Do not soak the whole seed completely, it is easy to rot the seed.

Tips: The bean sprouts from the seeds piled together will not only grow unevenly, but also not grow high, which will affect the yield of mung bean sprouts.

There are two major benefits of using this double-layer vegetable basket lớn sprout bean sprouts:

First, soak the seeds to 50% of the height of the water, which can just meet the moisture needs of the seeds for a day, so there is no need to cover the seeds with a wet cloth. Moisturized. And it is very suitable for lazy people, just change the water once a day, simple & easy.

Secondly, without frequent watering, the bean sprout seeds can be prevented from being exposed lớn light, và the bean sprouts will not turn red and will not have a bitter taste.

4. After adding water, cover the vegetable basket with a đen plastic bag or a shading cloth khổng lồ avoid light lớn the mung bean sprout seeds. Then move the basket lớn a warm & dark corner and put it away.

Tips: The best temperature for mung bean sprouts to germinate is 20~30℃. If it is winter or area with low temperature, you can put the bean sprouts in the kitchen cabinet & close it. Good door insulation.

5. For the next two or three days, xuất hiện the black plastic bag every day, pour out all the water in the bottom basket, và then replace it with clean water.

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At this time, the mung bean sprout seeds have taken root, and the amount of water added can just cảm biến the mung bean seeds.

Tips: Plants all have water tropism, that is, plants are actually very smart. Where there is water, its root system will grow towards where. So when the bean sprout seeds grow a bit of roots, the amount of water can"t be as much as when there are no roots.

Too much water is counterproductive & it is easy to rot the seeds. This is also the reason why sometimes we vày not grow into bean sprouts và the seeds have a rancid smell.

6. At a room temperature of about 20°C, mung bean sprouts can reach about 4 centimet in three or four days, và they can be harvested at this time. If you don’t plan lớn cook it for the time being, harvest it and store it in the refrigerator to prevent the mung bean sprouts from being too long & affecting the eating quality.

Tips: Since the mung bean sprouts that I send myself bởi vì not use any growth regulators, they are generally not sold lượt thích outsiders. So long & so thin. If you continue lớn grow it down, it should grow green leaves, which will greatly affect the taste. The harvested mung bean sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 lớn 3 days.

The mung bean sprouts of my own mung bean sprouts have a big harvest, và then some people are worried: why the mung bean sprouts fried at trang chủ are not as crispy và refreshing as those made in restaurants outside, và they are always stunned. It looks old & astringent, và still has a bitter taste?

How lớn stir-fry mung bean sprouts so that they are crispy, tender and tasty?

If during the process of bean sprouts, shading should be done. The mung bean sprouts vì chưng not have redness or grow green leaves. It is normal that the bean sprouts have a bitter taste. Some people also describe the bitterness & astringency as beany taste.

lớn remove the beany flavor of bean sprouts, blanching or long-term stewing và simmering can also be mostly eliminated, but doing so will make the bean sprouts thua trận their crispy taste.

The correct way is to showroom some vinegar, which can not only shorten the heating time, but also achieve the purpose of eliminating the "beany smell" và maintaining the crispness.

Why showroom vinegar lớn keep the bean sprouts crispy & tender? Xiaolu Mama will give you the knowledge you have searched in the past few days. After reading it, everyone will understand the reason:

First, the bean sprouts can have a crispy taste because the inside of the bean sprouts is like a gel. Structure. The formation of gel from pectin in bean sprouts can only be achieved in an environment with low acidity.

add a little vinegar khổng lồ the fried bean sprouts, the bean sprouts will easily form a gel, so as lớn protect the bean sprouts from water loss, and the taste is crisp and tender.

Second, in addition to lớn pectin, bean sprouts also contain a certain amount of protein. Heat lớn make bean sproutsThe protein in the bean sprouts is denatured. Adding vinegar can coagulate the protein of the bean sprouts, which makes the bean sprouts firm & crispy.

In addition, it should be noted that put the vinegar time sooner rather than later. Many people only put vinegar when they are out of the pot, which is not advisable.

The correct way khổng lồ fry bean sprouts is khổng lồ put the bean sprouts down after the frying pan is hot. Put vinegar in about half a minute. Vị not put too much vinegar. Just put 2 tablespoons of vinegar on 500g bean sprouts, otherwise it will affect The taste and color of bean sprouts.


The practice of hot and sour fried mung bean sprouts

1. Fried mung bean sprouts promote rapid fry, we first prepare a bowl of sauce khổng lồ avoid frying In a hurry.

Take half a spoon of edible salt, 3 spoons of light soy sauce, 2 spoons of trắng vinegar, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, and half a spoon of sugar khổng lồ make a bowl of juice for later use. Cut the chives into sections, separate the white và leaves; cut the millet into thin strips for later use.

If you can"t eat spicy food, you can also skip the chili.

2. Heat the wok, pour in a suitable amount of cooking oil, pour the green onion & millet & stir fry for a spicy flavor.

3. Turn the wok on high heat, put the cleaned mung bean sprouts into the wok, & stir-fry for about half a minute.

4. Pour in the pre-adjusted sauce và fry until the mung bean sprouts are broken. địa chỉ the chives & stir-fry for a few times.

5, crispy và refreshing, hot và sour appetizing fried mung bean sprouts, just a few minutes away, the taste is not as good as outside restaurants , Make it yourself when you want khổng lồ eat it.

I am Xiaolu Mama, a second treasure mother who loves life, loves food, & is willing to lớn share. I hope lớn learn & communicate with more friends who like food , Make everyday life more enjoyable! Welcome everyone to lớn pay attention khổng lồ the magic kitchen of Xiaolu Mama, and welcome everyone khổng lồ comment, leave a message, forward or bookmark, let us cốt truyện the wonderful world in the kitchen with each other.