How to make bean sprouts with a basket at home effectively


Referring khổng lồ stone sprouts, many people are probably still confused. Sprout stone is the name in the fairy tale Trang Quynh, unexpectedly it is also real in real life. The name of this food is even known as the beauty of the world . Is it hard? How can rocks be eaten? Please refer to the article ” Stone Sprouts – A Rare Food ” of to better understand stone sprouts! In fact, rock sprouts are a famous specialty vegetable in Sapa.

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Ice Sprouts

This is a rare vegetable. Only appear in a few places, but not popularly sold in the market. The season of ice sprouts is at the over of the year, the weather is cold. From November lớn March of the following lunar year is the time when rock sprouts grow và develop well. Rock sprouts grow in the high mountains. So it is also difficult to harvest. That further increases the value of rock sprouts. 

Although not popular, few people know, but if you have tasted it once, I am sure you will not forget the taste of this vegetable. 

The characteristics of rock sprouts are vegetables. How to lớn recognize rock sprouts?

What is a rock? 

It is because it is a rare dish that only appears in Sapa. Therefore, when visitors come lớn Sapa, they have the desire lớn enjoy once. Everyone loves this dish, hunt for it. But please lưu ý that if you want to enjoy, come to Sapa in the season of stone trays. Not only are tourists fascinated, stone sprouts are also a very sharp snack. Loved by the drinkers, it is impossible to lớn ignore this delicious specialty. 

In the fairy tale Trang Quynh, stone sprouts are used as a dish to help the king improve his insecurity and pain in joints. This dish is known as the dish for the king. However, now everyone can enjoy this dish.

This is a naturally available dish used by mountainous people lớn improve health. The appearance of this ray is quite similar to lớn that of cabbage. But it’s actually tastier, sweeter, & more nutritious .

Where does the name stone germ come from? 

The name is quite unique, when many people hear it, they find it strange, doubting whether it is better to eat. Why is it called rock sprouts? Is it related to rocks? In fact, unlike that beautiful name, this vegetable is like bamboo shoots, green and soft. The colder the weather, the sweeter the ice sprouts. This vegetable is very well adapted to cold climates. 

Sprouts are very big

Rock sprouts are not hard as the name suggests, when processed it becomes soft và sweet. Therefore, when processing, people only cook to lớn the point of being cooked, to lớn keep the sweetness và nutrients of the vegetables intact. When finished processing, vegetables are very soft và green, looking just want to lớn eat right away. 

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What are the uses of rock sprouts? Should you eat rock sprouts? 

In addition lớn being a rare but delicious food with many nutrients. In the past, rock sprouts were also used as a medicinal herb. All folk remedies have the presence of stone sprouts. 

The effect of alcohol detoxification, nourishing the body toàn thân of rock sprouts

Rock sprouts are a type of vegetable that belongs khổng lồ the group of naturally fermented vegetables. In stone sprouts there are substances that help the body toàn thân produce natural substances. It helps khổng lồ increase the body’s resistance. Thanks to lớn this amount of natural yeast, the toàn thân becomes healthier, more vitality, the body toàn thân is more supple. 

In addition, stone sprouts also have the ability to lớn prevent some mild diseases such as colds, reduce cholesterol, & eliminate alcohol. Rock sprouts are also suitable for people who bởi vì heavy labor on a regular basis. People in the high mountains use food from stone sprouts as a panacea to improve their health .

Sprouts are very good for bones & joints

Trang Quynh is the inventor of a remedy lớn improve osteoarthritis pain. It has been handed down to this day. In winter, the king’s spirit was not comfortable, his bones and joints ached. Trang Quynh ran everywhere to lớn find an effective remedy. And he found the food from the rock sprouts to lớn make the king healthier. 

Beauty effects from stone sprouts

According khổng lồ experts, this vegetable contains a lot of vitamins C & E. So, rock sprouts are very good for improving skin. Abundant water nội dung in stone sprouts has the ability to lớn repel dry skin, skin aging. Sprouts are a favorite dish of many women. Because the stone germ helps the skin become taut và smooth. 

Some dishes from rock sprouts that you should try 

Boiled rock sprouts 

There are many ways khổng lồ prepare rock sprouts. However, the simplest way khổng lồ prepare it is lớn boil rock sprouts. When boiled, the rock sprouts are kept the sweetness & aroma of the vegetables. You just need lớn put the pre-prepared stone sprouts into boiling water. Wait about 2 minutes, then take out the vegetables to lớn cool down. Eat better when dipping with fish sauce. 

Boiled stone sprouts

This specialty vegetable dish is a must-try for vegetarians . Unlike the name snake offering, rock sprouts are very soft & ripe very quickly. When eating, feel the delicious taste of the mountains. To make the dish even more delicious, you can eat this dish with egg fish sauce or salted sesame seeds. In addition, you can also eat boiled stone sprouts, which are simple but extremely expensive

Sour salt with rock sprouts 

Sprouts can also be pickled lượt thích many other vegetables. Vegetables soaked in brine lớn remove dirt. Then wash and slice thinly. The thinner it is, the faster the dish will cook. You can also leave the whole plant to lớn salt, which is also very tasty. The recipe for salt is the same as for other vegetables. During the Tet holiday, there is nothing lượt thích this delicious dish. 

Some ingredients for the dish that you need lớn prepare. 

1 pound of rock sprouts

1 liter cooled boiled water

250ml táo khuyết cider vinegar or pickle juice

2 teaspoons salt và sugar seasoning

Garlic, chili

Quantity can depend on taste & serving size


Wash vegetables and cut into thin slices. Then, soak the vegetables with salt for about 30-45 minutes. 

Remove vegetables khổng lồ drain. Garlic, chili washed, peeled, can be left whole or chopped.

Dissolve the mixture of boiled water, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Place the sprouts in a jar or glass jar. Pour the water mixture that has just dissolved into the surface of the vegetables. Put garlic and chili on top. 

Leave the jar of pickles at room temperature if it’s cold outside. If the weather is hot, it will only take about 12 hours for the vegetables khổng lồ be sour. At this time, put the vegetables in the refrigerator lớn preserve and eat gradually.

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Stir-fried rock sprouts with meat 

You can stir-fry with lean pork or beef. 

Materials to prepare:

Ice Sprouts 

Beef tenderloin or lean pork 

Ginger, garlic và green onion

Common cooking seasoning


After being washed, the beef is thinly sliced ​​and marinated with spices. Marinate for about half an hour for the meat khổng lồ infuse the flavors. 

The rock sprouts are washed và sliced ​​thin lớn taste. Marinate the spices in advance for the vegetables to infuse. Vegetables cook very quickly so you don’t need lớn cut them too thin.

Sauté garlic and stir-fry the beef. When the meat is almost cooked, scoop it out onto a plate. Add in the vegetables & stir-fry. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add the beef & stir-fry together. Stir well when the ingredients are cooked, then turn off the heat. 

Delicious dishes made from vegetables

Rock sprouts when stir-fried are very sweet & delicious, especially when stir-fried with meat. This fresh green dish soaks up the fat but isn’t greasy. Enjoy once, you will remember forever. 

When stir-fried together with the meat, it will be very sweet, the juice extracted from the vegetables is absorbed into the meat. To refresh the menu, you can also replace beef with buffalo meat, pork khổng lồ stir-fry with stone sprouts. When stir-frying rock sprouts, using lard will taste much better than cooking oil.

Pieces of green stone sprouts are shiny and shiny. Eating is not boring but sweet, the more you eat, the more delicious it is. Stir-fried beef sprouts is not only an attractive & mouth-watering dish for the family, but also an ideal drink.

Some notes when preparing dishes from rock sprouts. 

If you vì not like to eat with beef, you can also stir-fry the stone sprouts to lớn feel the sweetness. Note that the vegetables are thinly sliced ​​so that the vegetables can absorb the spices evenly.

When boiled, rock sprouts secrete nutrients that make the water very sweet. To make vegetables tastier và sweeter, make sure they’re just barely cooked. Do not boil for a long time or stir-fry too much, the vegetables will become soft and lose their deliciousness. Stir well & keep the fire green.

In short, processing rock sprouts is very simple. The only caveat is not to lớn overcook the vegetables. Because vegetables will thua the natural flavor of vegetables, chiến bại nutrients.

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How lớn distinguish stone sprouts of Sapa and China?

Today, rock sprouts are very popular and sought after. Demand is high, so many traders import Chinese stone sprouts khổng lồ sell. Because the rock sprouts in Sapa cannot be enough lớn supply the market. To avoid buying Chinese stone sprouts, you need to know how khổng lồ distinguish it. Specifically: 

Sapa’s products are quite similar in appearance khổng lồ cabbage. However, the branches growing around clustered lượt thích towers. Vegetables are green. The branches are stout. The price of a vegetable plant ranges from 45-75 thousand VND. The average weight of rock sprouts is 0.8kg. The biggest tree is only 1.5 kg.

Chinese sprouts are bigger và more eye-catching designs. Average weight is 3kg. Store for 3-4 days at room temperature. Frozen storage will last longer. The price is cheaper, only about 25-30 thousand 1 kg. If left in water, the vegetables will spoil after 2 days. 

Stone sprouts are abundant in Sapa và Bac Ha. This vegetable only accounts for about 10 hectares of the total vegetable growing area. Harvest this ray at the intersection of winter và spring. 

This is one of those foods that is both delicious & nutritious & a rare medicine. If you have tasted it once, you will understand why it is so loved. The above useful information can hopefully help you better understand rock sprouts. Try it and try it once. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.