How To Grow Bean Sprouts In A Jar


I’m pretty excited to release this video! A couple years ago I made a đoạn clip on how khổng lồ grow your own soybean sprouts, and since then I’ve been experimenting with growing my own mung bean sprouts.

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Korean cuisine uses mung bean và soybean sprouts in many dishes (like this mung bean sprout side dish). I love their crispy texture. Now that I grow them at home I eat them a lot more often, & they are also cheaper & more delicious than what I can buy in a store!

They are pretty simple lớn grow, but you need patience and you need to be sure to water them often, or else they won’t grow long, plump & crispy, they’ll be thin & stringy. Also, be sure to keep them out of the light, so they grow yellow, not green. I used an old black t-shirt over đứng đầu of my planter to lớn keep them dark.

As I mentioned in the video, I have strong memories of my grandmother growing soybean sprouts when I was young. I used to lớn be woken up by the sounds of her dripping and trickling water over the sprouts at all hours of the night.

She had them in a corner in the room where we slept. She used to make a huge amount in a large basin, with a wooden platform across it, on đứng đầu of which she grew the beans in a traditional Korean siru (시루), an earthenware pot with holes in the bottom used for steaming rice cakes. She was always watering her beans by scooping some water from the basin over đứng đầu of them. Over time, the sprouts grew owing to lớn my grandmother’s care. It made a real impression on me.

I’m always excited while my bean sprouts are growing. If I go out, I keep thinking about how my sprouts are waiting for me to water them. When I wake up during the night, I rush lớn my sprouts khổng lồ water them: “Oh my babies, you must have been thirsty!”

It’s a one-week commitment but it gives me a lot of happiness. When I think about my grandmother, I’m sure she must have felt the same way as I do.

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What you need (for 5 pounds of mung bean sprouts):mesh net pouch (I get one when I buy onions)black clothlarge bowl or basina small bowlDirectionsThe next day, place the mesh net on the bottom of the planter and showroom a paper towel over it. Drain the beans and put them into the planter on the paper towel. Wet the beans with cold running water one last time.Put the small bowl upside down in the large basin. Put the planter on vị trí cao nhất of the small bowl, so the water will drain out nicely into the basin, and the planter won’t sit in the water. Cover it with the đen cloth.Water the beans as often as you can, at least every 3 hours. It’s ok not to water them all night, but if you happen to lớn wake up you can water them. Otherwise, be sure lớn water them first thing in the morning.The 6th day should be harvest day. You’ll get 5 pounds of bean sprouts. Put them into plastic bags & keep them in the fridge. You can store the sprouts for up to lớn 7 days, longer than that and they may brown và wither.


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I am currently residing in Jesup, Georgia USA. I’ve been attempting to purchase bean sprouts here without success. In order to alleviate my frustration I decided to lớn grow my own. After purchasing Mung Bean seeds on Amazon while waiting for the seeds to lớn arrive I searched for “growing Mung Beans” with Google. Lucky for me you are the first và only click I made with the search! :-)

Thank you for the useful Expert advice. Is way more than I can use so I modified, by reducing,your amount of seeds, kích cỡ of the container, and màu sắc of the cloth. The màu sắc was simply because I did not have a đen cloth handy & assumed the important part was to lớn block light. Here is a photo of the end of day 4

Once again my thanks and appreciation.

I live alone và the 5 pound batch .

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First time trying your recipe và first time poster here.

My sprouts look okay except for a little purple due to light exposure (sunny window where I watered them”. But I’m afraid lớn use them because some of the mung beans have brown spots on them. I put a few at the đứng đầu of the pile in the picture . It seem to lớn occur most with those at the đứng top of my planter bucket. So I discarded those. Vì chưng I need khổng lồ the discard everything? Is it mold or rot? bởi vì you know how I can avoid that in the future và get the lemony yellow colored sprouts lượt thích yours ? I did place the planter next khổng lồ a heating floorboard. It wasn’t hot by any means but it was the warmer area of the house . Dumont beans prefer to be cooler … lượt thích near a window ( I live in Boston so right now the windows are cool ).