Bean sprout steam experiment

A wonderful way lớn celebrate Earth Day is to explore how things grow. We have a fun, hands-on way to lớn watch a plant grow and document growth.

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Your child will delight in watching a sprout develop from a dry seed to a plant. For added fun, you can use our New Horizon Academy Plant Journal to lớn help your child observe and chart the growth of their seed.

Supplies Needed

Small plastic sandwich-sized zipper storage bagDried, uncooked beans, peas, or seeds (Dried beans are a choking hazard for small children, adult supervision is required)Paper towelsBowlWaterTapeA window with plenty of lightRuler

Step 1

Cut the paper towel in half & continue to fold it until it will fit snugly into the plastic zipper bag.

Step 2


Pour water into the bowl.

Step 3


Dampen the paper towel in water & slide it into the plastic zipper bag. Remove excess water. You want the paper towel khổng lồ be damp, not soaking wet.

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Step 4


Smooth it out, so that it is flat.

Step 5


Place two or more beans or seeds about one inch from the bottom of the bag. The beans should be placed on đứng top of the paper towel. Make sure they are firmly in place with a snug fit between the towel and the plastic zipper bag. Pour out any excess water.

Step 6


Seal the bag, but leave a small corner open, so that the growing plant gets fresh air.

Step 7


Tape the plastic zipper bag to the window. Be sure khổng lồ have the beans face the indoors, so that your child can watchthem grow.

Check on the seeds daily. You should see a root come out of the seed within the first three days. If you used bean seeds, you should be able to lớn observe the plant until it grows lớn the vị trí cao nhất of the plastic zipper bag.