Bean sprouts machine,making sprouts easily and fast


A secondary school dropout & the son-in-law of a family of four generations of bean sprout farmers, invents an automatic bean sprout growing machine lớn help with the hardships of his family’s work.

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As a bean sprout farmers, Nguyễn Văn quang quẻ from Đa Tốn commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi understands the hardships of the work. This is why he invented an automatic machine system that produces tons of bean sprouts of high quality.

Nguyễn Văn quang quẻ said his wife used to work so hard and never took a break. She used khổng lồ wake up at 2-3 am và worked until 9-10 pm. “Her hands & feet were exposed to water all day. They were pale and worn down. I wanted to lớn solve those hardships & thought of using technology,” he added.

The hands of a Bat Trang potter are used to working with iron and steel. 15 years ago, quang began lớn learn about mechanics. He borrowed many books on manufacturing.

He said the meticulous perseverance he learned as a potter helped him overcome the initial challenges.

“Now I’m confident that with my qualifications, I can make whatever equipment is needed for manual labor.”

An automatic bean sprout growing machine invented by Nguyễn Văn Quang. (Photo by VTV)

In 2006, the first machine quang quẻ invented was a machine that could clean raw materials & filter out the maximum amount of bad beans. It saved a lot of time and was able to clean 50kg of beans in 1 hour.

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After building many machines, quang decided lớn invest in a 3-story house for growing bean sprouts. He created a closed-process bean sprout growing line with an on-site water supply, a cooling fan in the summer, and a heater in the winter.

From there, after ten years, he developed a continuous flipping machine, which does all seed care work, including automatic watering.

Quang invested 44,000 USD in this house & installed machines. “I had khổng lồ borrow the money and for it khổng lồ work smoothly like this I have khổng lồ put in a lot of effort,” said Quang.

A homemade scale that can weigh bean sprouts at the request of a customer, or a machine that can automatically pack và stamp products. These are some of the additions quang quẻ is developing to perfect his automatic packaging line.

“Every success is fueled by passion. I will continue lớn invent more machines until my eyes are blurry,” quang quẻ added.