How To Store Bean Sprouts At Home!


Nothing says fresh like the tantalizing snap of a crisp bean sprout. From salad rolls lớn stir frys and pho lớn salad, bean sprouts’ crunchy texture levels up almost any dish. 

Mushy bean sprouts have lost their meaning in life, và so often kết thúc up in the compost bin. Not any more.

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Bean sprouts are alive & they need khổng lồ breathe. Airtight containers (like plastic bags) trap excess moisture that leads khổng lồ slime. Yet without protection, they quickly wither and wilt. To lớn keep bean sprouts fresh, they need a protective environment that releases excess moisture. That’s where reusable food wrap steps in. 

Simply wrap up towel-dried bean sprouts in There’s no need to showroom a paper towel, soak in ice water, practice blanching, or any other trick to extend the shelf life of bean sprouts. easily và naturally keeps your bean sprouts crisp, fresh, and alive so you can enjoy them lớn their very last juicy snap.

How long vì bean sprouts last, you may ask? Well, with, for what feels lượt thích forever.

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Find out what happened with bean sprouts in our demo kitchen Get tips khổng lồ find the best bean sproutsDig into our favorite bean sprout recipes, because the best way to store bean sprouts is in your tum kiểm tra KITCHEN RESULTS | BEAN SPROUTS WITH VS. WITHOUT

In the spirit of discovery & to deepen our collective understanding of how food behaves, we used our test Kitchen to to experiment with bean sprout storage methods.


Bean sprouts stored in a bowl covered with retained 8x more moisture than bean sprouts stored in a mesh/cloth bag, và 4x more than bean sprouts stored in an uncovered bowl. 

Bean sprouts that were loosely wrapped in resulted in similar numbers to lớn the covered bowl & appeared the most firm và crisp. 

Without protection, either in a bowl or mesh bag, the bean sprouts quickly withered.


Bean sprouts are alive và need to lớn breathe. Each testing method allowed for that as we already know airtight plastic containers trap bean sprouts with excess water và cause serious slime (sometimes in less than a day!). wrap acts like a peel và naturally protects while it breathes. The result is longer living bean sprouts!


Towel dry bean sprouts, place in a Large & loosely roll up the sprouts inside, scrunching the ends khổng lồ seal. Alternatively, fold and seal the edges to lớn make a parcel or a packet, or place in a bowl & cover và press.

For more wrap inspiration, check out our YouTube channel. 




Bean sprouts are the shrinking violet of the vegetable world. Delicate and quick to wilt, it can be difficult lớn find fresh sprouts.

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Bean sprouts are easy lớn sprout at trang chủ and will be the freshest you’ll get! Grocery store sprouts in an airtight bag are at high risk for wilt and slime và are best avoided. Visit Asian markets for sprouts in bulk & choose how much or how little sprouts you’d like. They’re most often locally grown và fresh.

The freshest bean sprouts are firm & have a sharp snap when bent. Browning is a sign of oxidation và means they’re past their prime. If they’re slimy, they’re on their way out so avoid these ones. If your sprouts are brown or slimy at home, don’t fret—put them in a colander và rinse in freezing cold water lớn clean & perk ‘em up.



Amazing crunchiness aside, vày bean sprouts actually showroom nutrition & health benefits? Yes, according to this Chatelaine article, these veggies are bursting with fibre, choline, vitamin C và K, và potassium. 

We love bean sprouts in our Founder’s favorite pho recipe designed lớn boost your immune system and can attest khổng lồ our marketing Manager’s salad rolls. They màn chơi up the freshness of any dish. Tip: A quintessential stir fry ingredient, think outside the wok and throw sprouts into an avocado và cilantro sandwich or địa chỉ cửa hàng to this savory and sweet sandwich for a taste of summer. Or try bean sprouts in place of noodles in your favorite pasta dish. Pad Thai, salads, soups, omelettes have our mouths watering.



We may not always like to admit it, but mom knows a thing or two! Make sure lớn tap into her experience in the kitchen like our Marketing Manager did with her mom when making salad rolls.

Food wisdom is a two-way street. The cross pollination of the tried & true with the new gets us khổng lồ new heights. Look khổng lồ tradition and showroom innovation all the while observing your food.





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