They look great in any salad or wrap, but also as topping on dips, soups, wok and stews.

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Adzuki beans are beautiful as sprouts. They look great in any salad or wrap, but also as topping on dips, soup, wok or stews.

This is also a great sprout if you are looking for green protein, as sprouted Adzuki beans have a very high plant protein content.


This is an easy sprout to grow all year in any climate. And it contains much protein.

ADZUKI BEAN SPROUTSAdzuki beans • Vigna angularis

Adzuki is an easy sprout to grow in any sprouter all year. This beautiful red bean grow from dry bean to mature sprout in just 3-4 days. So it is a great sprout to grow for kids or beginners.





A good rule of thump is that the white root should be as long as the bean for the sprouts are mature to eat. This means that the root should grow to be about 2 cm long.

You should not eat sprouted Adzuki beans before the root is this long. This is because the lechtins in the beans need to neutralize during the sprouting process. So give your bean sprouts the needed time to mature.

It takes 2-4 days for the white root to grow to the desired length. The time span is because sprouts grow faster in hot weather than in cold climates. So the cultivation time is shorter during summer than winter.


Sprouting Adzuki beans is fun and easy as this small bean is very willing to sprout. They grow easily in any sprouter – home made or commercial. That makes this beautiful red bean sprout great for beginners to the world of sprouting.

The only thing you need to be aware of when you cultivate Adzuki bean sprouts is the quality of the seed. Where Mung beans and Chickpeas are extremly sturdy, you will soon find that Adzuki beans come in very different qualitys.

To achieve the best sprouting with Adzuki beans, I recommend, that you always use organic beans sold especially for sprouting. Those beans have been tested for bacteria and checked for a good sprouting ability.


This is a very protein rich sprout, so it is especially great for vegans and vegetarians, who are looking for vegan protein sources.

They also contain the Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C. Adzuki bean sprouts also contain the minerals: Iron, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Manganese.Source:


The latin name or scientific name of Adzuki beans is Vigna angularis.

They originate in East Asia where this bean is a very popular food both in its boiled and sprouted form.

Adzuki beans for sprouts are most often red. But this bean may also be found in white, black, gray or variously mottled varieties.


Yes, if you cultivate your Adzuki bean to form only 2 cm long root, you can eat the whole sprout. Some choose to eat the empty seed hulls too. I am not to fond of the taste of seed hulls myself, but you may choose to eat them. The hulls are bitter and chewy, but full of plant fibre.

If you eat only the sprout inkl root, then Adzuki beans have a delicious and fresh flavor of fresh hazelnuts with an under tone of lightly boiled beans. The taste become ‘flat if you let the sprout grow for longer than 2 cm root.

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This is a great sprout especially if you are looking for green protein. If you are a vegan, I warmly recommend, that you eat your Adzuki bean sprouts raw. Because then you will fully benefit from their plant protein.


Adzuki sprouts have about the same size as Mung bean sprouts. But Mung beans have a green seed hull and Adzuki have a reddish-brown seed hull.

Adzuki beans are ready for harvest when their white root is 2 cm. At that stage the whole sprout is about 3 cm incl the root.

You will notice, that the seed hull stays on the bean during the first few days. As the sprout mature during 2-4 days of sprouting, the hulls fall off. The sprouts are white with a pale yellow or sometimes slightly reddish tint under the hull.

The white root often protrudes in very artistic forms, which is very pretty. You can enhanse the tendency by flipping the sprouts gently when rinsing the sprouts during your cultivation of them.



Adzuki bean sprouts are delicious both raw in Salads, Wraps, Dips and Spreads. You can also use them as topping on Soups or Casseroles.

If you choose to use the Adzuki sprouts mixed in hot dishes like Soups, Wok or Stews, I recommend you add the sprouts just before you start to eat the dish. This is because your sprouts will maintain their crispiness and nutrients best if you eat them almost raw.

Another benefit of keeping Adzuki sprouts almost raw is that they loose nutrients, protein and antioxidants when heated. Fortunately this sprout taste great in its raw state in many different dishes.


TIP #1

Adzuki sprouts are very easy to cultivate in any sprouter. But no matter your choise of sprouter, your sprouts will thriwe best when they get fresh oxygen.

To ensure this, shake your sprouter very gently when you rinse the sprouts. The soft shake will rotate the sprouts and create little air pockets between them. This will let the sprouts get more oxygen to grow better.

TIP #2

In connection to the previous tips on oxygen: Here is one on the effect of still water on sprouts.

Adzuki beans will go soft and rot, if they lay submersed in or are exposed to still water for more than a few minutes at a time during their cultivation. So drain away excess water after each rinse. That way your adzuki bean sprouts will grow well for you and result in crispy, protein-rich sprouts.

TIP #3

All sprouts need water to grow and develop.When you grow sprouts, this is obtained with the daily rinses morning and evening.

If you do not rinse your Adzuki sprouts twice a day, they will dry out. If a sprout dries, it will not grow any more. And if you attempt so start a dried out sprout again, it will simply go bad. So keep your sprouts a little moist at all times.


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