Tips grow bean sprouts with one towel, no need watering, harvest in 4 days, simple and easy


Bean sprouts are simple lớn grow và here at we want to share our tips lớn help you grow the perfect bean sprout. What is the perfect bean sprout? Well, it is long, crisp, và has a wondrously blonde-pale complexion.

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Here at nhatroso.coms we like to keep it simple. All you really need khổng lồ grow bean sprout is a colander, some cheesecloth, a towel, & a large pot with a lid. That’s all you need from the kitchen. Mixed with some patience và practice, 4-5 days later you too will have bean sprouts that are way better than the ones from the grocery store.

Measuring and Soaking Mung Beans

Mung beans generally only last a week in the fridge so it is best to grow small batches. Start with a ⅓-½ a cup of dried organic mung beans. Remove any split or broken beans, and rinse to clean them. Cleanliness is important so make sure you wash & clean all your equipment well when growing sprouts.

Throw your rinsed beans into a large mason jar và soak overnight (6-12 hours). I lượt thích to use at least a half-gallon mason jar so you can cover them with a couple of inches of water và still have room for them lớn expand. Really though, any container will do. Just make sure you have ample room to lớn cover them with water and for the beans lớn expand.

Preparing Your Equipment 

While you are waiting for your beans to soak, always clean your colander, pot, & cheesecloth. The simplest way I found is lớn just boil everything in the pot I am going lớn use lớn hold the mung beans. I place the large pot on the stove, crank it up khổng lồ a rolling boil, then I place my colander and cheesecloth into the water to lớn make sure everything is good and clean. I turn the temperature down but give it a good boil for 5-10 minutes.

Then mix everything to lớn dry while we wait. 

Place The Beans Into The Colander

Now that the mung beans have soaked, give them a good final rinse và put them straight into the colander. When I first tried to lớn sprout mung beans, I used to use cheesecloth at the bottom of the colander, but found it unnecessary. It is simpler & easier to lớn just use the bare colander. Now arrange the beans into a single flat layer at the bottom & then cover them with the cheesecloth.

Give the covered mung beans a quick rinse, again wetting the cheesecloth on top, và place the whole colander into the pot. Cover them with a heavy towel khổng lồ keep the light out. If you choose lớn use a lid make sure you leave it slightly ajar so the air can circulate.

You can địa chỉ some weight directly on the beans if you prefer a thicker bean sprout. For example, I Use a small plate that fits into the colander (the plate provides enough resistance onto the sprouts which cause them to grow thicker). Don’t use the ‘plate method’ if you prefer longer thinner sprouts.

Keeping your sprouts in darkness is important lớn improving the taste và look of the bean sprouts. If they bởi receive light, they start to turn green and can taste bitter. I cover my pot with a towel và then place the pot in a corner of my kitchen where it will not receive direct light.

Rinsing Your Beans

Rinse your beans any time you can. The more the better! I try to vì it at least three times a day minimum. Some posts say you can rinse twice a day & it works, but the more often you can the less risk of drying & other problems.

Each rinse I take the colander out & just use tap water right on the cheesecloth. While that’s draining, I quickly clean the pot by spraying it with some fresh water & then dry the pot.

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Place your colander back in & cover everything again. Repeat at least 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days.

Depending on how warm your trang chủ is và the length of time yougrow the sprout, it can take 4-5 days lớn grow. If preferred, You can eat them younger. It just depends on how you plan to use them.

For full sized sprouts, I look for the leaves that begin to emerge & harvest them while they are just coming out.

When they are the perfect kích cỡ I will take the colander out và cut the additional roots now sticking out of the bottom of the colander and trim them khổng lồ allow easy removal from my mesh colander. You can eat the whole root if you prefer, but Trimming them will save you time trying khổng lồ pick out the bits of roots (and I don’t want khổng lồ clog the dishwasher when I put the colander in to wash).

Victory Time saving tip: cut all the root pieces into the pot so you can don’t get bits everywhere & run the risk of clogging your sink. 

Once harvested, give them a good rinse (Swishing them around in a large bowl of water also helps remove the husks). Then I phối them out khổng lồ dry by placing them on a clean towel & sheet pan. Don’t forget to remove the excess moisture before you storing khổng lồ help them last longer. If you stored well, they will last about a week in the fridge. 

Is It Worth Growing Your Own Bean Sprout?

I love the crispness of a fresh bean sprout and it pairs so well with so many things. Sprouts & microgreens really help to fill in the gaps on the harvest schedule allowing us khổng lồ have fresh trang chủ grown vegetables daily. It is a simple comfort knowing that you have fresh nutritious vegetables available right when you need them year round.

The cost lớn grow mung bean sprouts is literally pennies. You can often buy a pound of organic mung beans for less than a bag of store bought sprouts! That pound will allow you to grow many bags of sprouts. We bought a 10 pound bag of mung beans last year for a family of 3 and are still trying to lớn use them all. I really lượt thích the fact that you can store và grow the beans for years if they are kept properly, and it helps us reduce the risk of food supply chain problems in the north.

Now What bởi vì I vì With All These Bean Sprouts?

ere are a couple of my favourite international recipes for bean sprouts;

Here is a classic chinese way of cooking bean sprouts.

Or a Korean Sukju Namul Muchim

Maybe a curried chaat is more khổng lồ your liking:

As you can see, mung bean sprouts are versatile and delicious. Give it a try and you will have a hard time going back to the old store bought sprouts.