The easiest way to grow bean sprouts indoors

Korean Bean Sprout Salad (Sukju Namul). Crunchy bean sprouts seasoned in a simple & flavourful sesame garlic soy sauce. Ready in 10 minutes!


This Korean side dish is found popular at most Korean restaurants or Korean BBQ restaurants for it’s delicious crunchy taste and sesame flavour profile.

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Easy Korean Bean Sprout Salad

My Korean bean sprout salad recipe is very quick and easy to make at home. It comes together in less than 10 minutes and can be stored in the fridge up lớn 3 days to consume.


Cooking Tips

Below are tips on making Korean cold bean sprout salad:

Use fresh bean sprouts

The trắng part of the bean sprout should be white and opaque and the bean should be a combination of yellow & green. If you notice that the sprout is brownish & translucent, it"s not fresh.

Rinse bean sprouts well

When they come in their packages, they usually sit in the liquids that are released from the mung bean and have a slight odor. Rinse this with cold water until it runs clear.

Do not over blanch the bean sprouts

Just 1 minute or less will vị or they will đại bại their crunchiness.

Rinse cooked bean sprouts in cold water

This stops the cooking process and makes the sprouts crunchier.

Combine the sauce first in a large bowl

Before adding the bean sprouts to your mixing bowl, mix the sauce first and then địa chỉ the sprouts lớn mix. This will create a more even seasoning.

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Below are frequently asked questions about this mung bean sprout salad:

How long bởi vì Korean bean sprouts last?

It should last up to lớn 3 days stored in an airtight container và refrigerated.

Can I use soy bean sprouts instead of mung bean sprouts?


Can I replace the soy sauce with dark or light soy sauce?

Light soy sauce can be used as a substitute but make sure you địa chỉ cửa hàng to taste since it’s saltier than regular soy sauce. I wouldn’t recommend dark soy sauce.

May I use fish sauce instead of soy sauce?

Yes, many recipes also use this as a substitute. I would recommend starting off with 2 tsp first và adding more as needed since fish sauce is very salty.

Can I omit the sesame oil or sesame seeds?

You may but it will be missing the signature flavour of this salad.

How can I make Korean bean sprout salad spicy?

Feel miễn phí to địa chỉ cửa hàng 1 tsp of gochugaru aka Korean red pepper flakes.

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Try it!

Well, I hope you give my Korean Bean Sprout Salad a try! It always excites me when you make my recipes & I hope this is one you try & most importantly, enjoy.

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