Eyes widening and things to know

Enlarged eye angle is a cosmetic surgery method lớn help narrow, disproportionate eyes become large, round & naturally beautiful.

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Widening the eye angle (also known as big-eye plastic surgery) is a cosmetic surgery method that affects the width of the inner eye corner and the outer corner of the eye (the tail of the eye), while treating it vertically khổng lồ make the eyes bigger. Rounder và more refined. Depending on each specific case, the doctor will advise on the most suitable internal or external method.
Expanding the outer corner of the eye is a technique to lớn remove excess skin on both sides of the eyes, changing the length of the eyelids, making the eyes bigger và rounder and deeper.
In this surgery, the doctor makes a small incision at the corner of the eye, removes the loose skin that forms the tín đồ folds, and finally stitches it up with cosmetic sutures. Enlarging the inner corner of the eye helps to lớn increase the kích cỡ and opening of the eyes, resulting in larger và more flexible eyes.
Small eyes are often seen as a weakness that makes the face look sad & lifeless. The eyes will be much more beautiful and attractive khổng lồ the opposite person if the eye corners are symmetrical, wide, và round. However, whether khổng lồ widen the eye angle no longer depends on the needs & status of each person"s eyelid defects.

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If the eyelids encounter obvious defects such as: The crease at the tail of the eye is covered, the eyes are slanted, the distance between the eyes is too wide or too narrow... Making the eyes small and disproportionate to the mold. Face, the method of widening the eye angle is considered necessary. In which, the eye angle is adjusted & lowered, thereby becoming bigger and more beautiful. In addition, widening the eye angle is also a method to lớn help the eyes have a wider opening than usual, & at the same time helps lớn improve the aesthetics of the eyes: Create depth for the eyes, clear eyelid creases, beautiful long eye tails. , helps eyes to be round, sparkling and more impressive. In particular, if the eyes have excess skin, excess fat bags will also be removed quickly during the surgery.
Surgery to widen the eye angle is considered a simple minor surgery, but it has many advantages: Improves the aesthetics of the eyes: Brings a clear difference compared khổng lồ the original, increases the opening, for Big round eyes glitter, attracting eyes, creating sympathy for the opposite person. Moderate cost, fast time: Currently, a minor surgery lớn widen the eye corner has a relatively low cost và quick completion time. Results improve the appearance of the eyes after only 40 - 60 minutes, the xuất hiện eye angle is maintained for a long time. From here, you almost don"t need to use other methods lớn enlarge your eyes such as wearing tương tác lenses or highlighting makeup for too bold eyes.
High efficiency & safety: Widening the eye angle is considered a minor surgery, does not change or affect the eye structure. The only intervention effect is on the skin, non-invasive lớn the muscles, so it is very safe. On the contrary, after the correction of the eye angle was completed, the appearance of the eyes improved much more than before.
Although it is a simple minor surgery, if you perform surgery to widen the eye at an unreputable cosmetic facility, the procedure is not safe, there may be unfortunate risks. The harmful effects of widening the eye angle include: Scars: When done carelessly, the doctor can intervene too deeply into the eyelid area, causing scars on the eyes. Asymmetrical results: Sometimes inexperienced doctors will determine the ratio of opening angle difference, resulting in disproportionate eyes after surgery. Inflamed eyes, affecting vision: Improper & unsafe surgical procedures risk causing eyelid inflammation that lasts for many days, even affecting vision as well as the internal structure of the eye. Eyes if not detected and treated promptly. When you intend to lớn have surgery lớn widen the angle of your eyes, you need to be fully consulted and examined to lớn rule out contraindications. After surgery, you need lớn take proper care of your eyes to lớn avoid unnecessary damage nhatroso.com - View Aesthetic Center has the foundation of the Aesthetic Department of nhatroso.com Times đô thị International Hospital. This is a prestigious & reliable address in skin care, bringing beauty to customers with the following advantages: nhatroso.com"s team of doctors and aesthetic technicians are professionally trained and have long experience. Years in the field of cosmetic internal medicine. A team of experienced & specialized doctors ensures the quality of surgery. Taking "safety" as a development foundation, in 15 years of establishment and operation, View has not had any plastic surgery complications, is the place lớn send beauty care of many famous artists. Korea

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