Hand made oil gac treatment of melasma


Gac powder is a common ingredient used lớn prepare many delicious dishes. Making pure Gac powder by hand is not difficult. Homemade Gac powder helps us feel more secure when using. Here, nhatroso.com will guide you how to make simple dried gac powder at home. With a few tips will help your finished product much better quality.

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What is Gac powder?

This is a dry material made from fresh gac fruit. Gac powder is a food source with high nutritional value. According to lớn many studies, Gac powder brings special benefits to lớn the development of young children as well as enhancing human health.

Gac powder contains many important ingredients: oleic, stearic, palmitic fatty acids, vitamin F, carotene, beta-carotene, etc.

The amount of beta-carotene in Gac powder is twice as high as in carrots, many times higher than in fish oil. According to research, 1ml of fish oil contains 1000ui of vi-ta-min A. Meanwhile, 1ml of gac oil contains up khổng lồ 50,000ui of vi-ta-min A.


Not only that, the Lycopene component in Gac powder has a very good biological effect, beneficial for reproduction.

Gac powder contains some trace elements such as copper, iron, cobalt, zinc. These are essential nutrients that are very good for the eyes, liver, bones, etc. 

In addition, the active ingredient Selenium in Gac powder along with vitamin E will create active ingredients to lớn help strengthen the body’s resistance. Thereby forming a type of stable không tính phí radicals, effectively preventing cancer. 

Therefore, Gac powder is useful lớn prevent many diseases and maintain a healthy and active immune system.

The following article will guide you how khổng lồ make dry gac powder at home simple, extremely convenient.

How lớn make dried gac powder at home

In the process of processing Gac powder, you need to cảnh báo a few important steps lớn create the best unique and most secure Gac powder product. The màu sắc of gac powder must be beautiful. Nutritional nội dung and taste must be guaranteed when used.

Choose ingredients

To make dried Gac powder, you need to prepare a sufficient amount of Gac fruit. You need khổng lồ sort to lớn choose the best unique Gac fruit.

The Gac fruit used lớn make Gac powder must be a ripe, healthy, & not cracked or crushed Gac fruit. The fruit has a round shape, the spines bloom evenly, the outer skin is orange-red & the hand is heavy. When harvesting & choosing gac, it is advisable khổng lồ cut gac stalks about 1-2cm long lớn avoid stem rot affecting the quality of gac.


You can put gac fruit in a blender and grind it thoroughly. Or bring it lớn a store that specializes in grinding and grinding flour so that Gac powder has the highest quality.


Step 1:

Add gac fruit in half. Use a spoon to separate the Gac fruit into a bowl. After taking the intestines of Gac fruit, you can use a plastic bag or a plastic box to preserve the Gac intestine. 

Put the gac powder in the refrigerator so that the gac meat will shrink. You should not expose gac meat too much khổng lồ the sun. This will make Gac meat dry, aroma & nutritional content will be significantly reduced.

Step 2: 

Take out Gac meat and let it dry through so that the seeds of the gac fruit will close. Note that during the drying time of gac fruit, attention should be paid khổng lồ the right temperature to ensure the best unique gac powder.

Step 3: 

Separate the seeds, take the dried Gac meat in a bowl.

Step 4: 

Put Gac meat in the microwave lớn dry at a suitable temperature. Customize the time and temperature so that Gac powder is both dry and beautiful.

If you vị not have an oven or microwave, you can apply the method of making dried Gac powder with sunlight.

Step 5: 

Putting gac into grinding is a highly technical process that determines the quality of the finished product. 

To grind Gac powder lớn be smooth, it is necessary to lớn use some advanced grinding công nghệ to be able khổng lồ grind the smallest Gac powder without burning Gac & losing oil & substance of Gac.


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Uses of Gac powder

Application of Gac powder in cosmetic industry

Gac powder contains high levels of vitamin A & active ingredients FRAP. These two ingredients have the ability to lớn prevent oxidation, helping to keep the skin young và smooth. 

Therefore, Gac powder is used a lot in the cosmetic industry lớn produce anti-aging products such as lotions, masks, lipsticks, etc. 

In addition khổng lồ anti-aging, cosmetics from Gac powder also have effects such as: skin care, skin protection, helping skin always smooth, youthful, …

Gac powder in functional food processing

In Gac powder contains many nutritional components, Gac powder is used lớn process functional foods, … khổng lồ help support the treatment và prevention of many diseases, khổng lồ protect a healthy body.

Strengthen resistance

Gac powder has the ability to strengthen resistance, improve the immune system. The toàn thân has the ability to lớn prevent many diseases thanks to 2 compounds found in Gac, which are curcumin và beta carotene. Therefore, regularly using foods related to Gac will help you improve your health.

Good for eyes

To have beautiful, healthy eyes, you need to lớn supplement with an appropriate amount of vi-ta-min A. According to research, in Gac powder contains quite high beta-carotene content. This active ingredient when absorbed by the toàn thân will be converted into vi-ta-min A. 

Therefore, Gac fruit is a food that helps to lớn protect the eyes and prevent some diseases such as dry eyes, night blindness, vision disorders, vision loss, cataracts, retinal degeneration.

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The use of Gac powder in preventing cancer

Some scientists have shown that the lycopene content in Gac fruit is quite high. This is one of the substances that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Besides, other sources of nutrients such as vitamin A, minerals, carotene have the effect of neutralizing carcinogens.

Helping children grow up healthy

Gac powder is a rich source of vi-ta-min E. Therefore, Gac powder has a beneficial effect on the development of children. Not only that, adding Gac powder lớn children’s meals helps children grow quickly, fight rickets, và malnutrition.

Heart health care

Regular use of gac fruit will help lower LDL cholesterol. Thereby keeping the vascular wall stable, preventing atherosclerosis. Complications are effectively prevented. 

Besides, Gac powder is very good for the heart, supporting a healthy circulatory system. As a result, the lifespan is extended. Therefore, on the market today, there are many functional foods for the elderly made from gac fruit.

Gac powder in nutritional food processing

With a simple way khổng lồ make dried Gac powder , you can easily use Gac fruit in everyday dishes. 

Gac powder has the ability to stimulate appetite, ensuring a healthy body. The ability lớn absorb nutrients is also better. In particular, Gac powder is a very good food for children, women and the elderly.

Uses of Gac powder when making spices

For the dishes lớn have an eye-catching bright red color, instead of using chemical dyes and toxic food colors, you can use Gac powder instead.

Gac sticky rice

Sticky rice is one of the familiar dishes for us. This is a dish that is both beautiful and delicious. Not only has vibrant colors but also contains many vitamins, fragrant plastic.


Gac oil

Gac oil is a food made from gac in liquid form. Gac oil has great benefits for health & beauty.

Gac coconut jam

Red gac coconut jam means good luck for the new year. You can make this dish khổng lồ treat the whole family on Tet holiday.

Gac cake

Gac cake is made from glutinous rice flour, green beans, sugar, Gac powder, đen sesame, grated coconut, warm water. The fragrant, beautiful red-orange gac cakes will surely make you fall in love.

Banh thông thường Gac

 This is also a dish meant khổng lồ bring good luck for the new year. Try eating banh bình thường Gac, you will see the difference.


Gac floating cake

Gac floating cake with sweetness from sugar, rich taste from beans and aroma from Gac is also a dish you should try.

Orange red jelly

The soft, chewy pieces of jelly, the eye-catching red màu sắc and the aroma of Gac fruit will be a delicious snack for the whole family. 

Gac rice cake

Little cake is a specialty cake. Little Gac cake is a creative way to bring a new flavor khổng lồ the dish.

Gac powder in animal feed processing

Gac powder helps livestock gain weight quickly, gluttony, increase reproductive productivity. In addition, Gac powder helps fight diseases, increase resistance for livestock, increase chất lượng of livestock products, …

For some poultry raised for eggs và meat such as chickens, ducks, etc., when using Gac powder, their eggs and meat will be more fragrant & the chất lượng will be much better.

You can mix Gac powder into the daily feed of livestock for good growth and high nutritional content.

How to lớn store dried gac powder?

With the above instructions, you probably already know how khổng lồ make dried gac powder at home . If you are too busy, you can buy unique Gac powder at reputable stores và supermarkets. 

To keep Gac powder for a long time, convenient for use, you need to lớn know how khổng lồ preserve Gac powder to lớn keep its nutritional values. Here are a few things to keep in mind during storage:

– In order for Gac powder to keep longer, for a longer time lớn use, you need to follow the processing and production process of Gac powder.

– Selection of unique raw materials so that the finished sản phẩm meets the requirements of màu sắc and taste.

– Gac powder put into plastic bags, plastic boxes, glass jars & sealed. Avoid mold and insects.

– Store Gac powder in a dry place, avoid sunlight to keep the màu sắc and nutrients completely.

– The best way is to lớn store gac powder in cold storage. In this way, you can preserve Gac powder for a year.

Above is a guide on how khổng lồ make simple dried gac powder at home. Hopefully this article will bring useful information lớn readers, help readers easily prepare delicious và nutritious Gac powder for the whole family. Good luck!