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There is something so special about receiving a handmade card that always fills me with joy. I love the feeling that someone took time lớn think about me & create something special with me in mind. Admittedly though,for as much as I loveto receive pretty cards, I tend lớn shy away from making them myself. It’s not that I think it’s too difficult, but the mere fact that I get incredibly overwhelmed with all the choices và options. I can honestly say that it has taken me hours lớn make a single thẻ before because I’m so indecisive! When I heardthat the new Darice Core’dinations David Tutera Celebrate card System takes all the guess work out of cardmaking, I couldn’t wait khổng lồ try it out.

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They weren’t kidding when they said that the David Tutera Celebrate card System makes cardmaking simple! The system is phối up so that each card is made up of components from Step 1, 2 và 3. All of the products in the line coordinate with each other so that you can mix và match & layer without having to lớn worry if it goes together or not. Easy peasy!

Step 1: Choose a blank thẻ for your base. The cards come in several different sizes, tons of colors & even include specialty papers with pearlized and metallic sheens lớn them.

Step 2: Choose layering pieces to showroom dimension & personality to your card. Step 2 layers come in a wide variety of solid colors, textures, metallicsand die cut overlays. Okay, I have khổng lồ be honest và say that Step 2 might have been a little bit tough for indecisive me, just because there are SO many cool options lớn choose from!

Step 3: Choose finish embellishments to lớn express your sentiment, địa chỉ splashes of color, và bring the final piece together. You can add as many or as few of the Step 3 components as you wish including tags, pre-layered greetings, die cuts, rhinestones, pearls, và more.
Thislovelyfinished card took me less than fiveminutes & zero frustration khổng lồ put together!That’s truly a near-miracle.

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I like that the pieces can be combined in ways that make them look a bit more masculine as well. It’s always so hard for me khổng lồ find cards for the men in my life, so I’m really pleased thatthe David TuteraPaperCraftssystem works well to lớn create cards for both men và women.
I was having so much funcreating và experimenting with all the componentsthat I just kept making thẻ after card…
He skipped Step 2 và went straight lớn the final embellishing, but I still think he did pretty darn good job! He settled on a seashell pattern & decided to lớn make a good luck thẻ for one of his aunts who just graduated from college.
I love that the system is so simple that my first grader could make something special and elegant without any direction or parental intervention. Truly, if he can vày it on his own, anyone can!
You will be able to find the David Tutera Celebrate line at Joann’s stores soon, so be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter & You Tube lớn stay up-to-date on hàng hóa information và release dates.
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