How to customize the keyboard on iphone and ipad

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Your iPhone background and lock screen aren"t the only things you can customize on the táo bị cắn dở handset.

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The digital keyboard you use for typing can transform from the drab QWERTY layout into a portal for typing in French, Chinese, Portuguese, and most of the world"s languages. You can also use the keyboard khổng lồ spice up your texting with GIFs, emoji, memes, và stickers. Other custom keyboards change the layout of the keys or how you type.

Let"s explore how lớn take your typing beyond the standard, default keyboard.


The easiest way to lớn change up your keyboard is to add more language options. For an iPhone follow these steps to địa chỉ cửa hàng as many options as you"d like.

Open Settings and find General

Within General you"ll see "Keyboards"

Click on that & you"ll see all the keyboards already loaded

At the bottom of the các mục click "Add New Keyboard"

From there you can scroll through or search through all available languages (it"s a long danh sách from Ainu to Welsh)


A bevy of apps let you redesign your keyboard.

Typewise arranges the keys into an easier-to-type honeycomb shape, while apps like Microsoft"s SwiftKey let you type by swiping from key lớn key (a feature ios has since adopted) và use a different text prediction tool.


Hexagons for better typing.Credit: Typewise

KeyPro gives you fonts & skins for a more colorful keyboard arrangement, as bởi vì other apps like iKeyboard & Kika Keyboard.


Get creative.Credit: Screenshot: Apple phầm mềm Store

Fun stuff

If you want easy access to GIFs and memes, you can download different keyboard apps to vị just that.

Google"s Gboard is known for being the ultimate keyboard alternative. You can tìm kiếm for GIFs, emoji, photos, even restaurants và other locations & put those directly into your text.


Search Google right on your keyboard.Credit: Screenshot: Apple phầm mềm Store

The straight-forward GIF Keyboard is made just for searching for GIFs from GIF site Tenor, since who needs words if there isn"t an image?

Grammarly even has a keyboard to lớn keep typos & poor grammar out of your texts.


A grammar keyboard? Yes.Credit: Screenshot: Apple ứng dụng Store

There"s something for everyone.

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