#lipcare: beetroot remedies for soft & pink lips


A useful solution for you to lớn have a seductive outlook with bright, soft and alluring lips anywhere, anytime in busy life.

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Step 1: Inspect và consult

The expert will examine your lips situation & defect then based on knowledge and experience, the expert will consult customers with appropriate màu sắc that match face beauty, the skin and lips shape.

Step 2: Prepare

The expert will sterilize and scrub the lips carefully. Then the expert applies non – chemical anesthetic.

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Step 3: Implement

After blending ink, the expert start implementing with super small needle. At this stage, the expert has to lớn be careful & sophisticated khổng lồ blend ink accurately, và make the lips màu sắc smooth, shine and beautiful.

Depend on different people, the lips will recover after 3-5 days. Lips permanent Make-up can last 2 years. To lớn maintain the beauty of lips, customers should:

After permanent make-up:

To reduce swelling và quick healing, taking Alphachoay và Long huyet PH is optional recommended (sold at drug store)Massage area around your lips or chew gum khổng lồ make your lips soft again

When not healing:

Avoid water completely within 6 hours after finishingWhen eating, must keep lips clean of foodFrom the 4th day, cleansing face normally without brushing your lipsLet the eschar peel off naturallyIf you get blister because of physiology, applying Acyclovir onto blister and taking Acyclovir; and do not eat beef, egg, shrimp within 15 daysNot lớn wear gauze mask frequently to avoid swelling & infection. Only wear mask when going out

After eschar peels off

Day time: Use Dior lip balm 101 or other high quality lip balm or lip balm that is received from QuynhQuyenNight time: Use “Lip Sleeping Mask” of Laneige or other brands that have the same uses.Only use màu sắc lipstick after 3 weeksEat fruit such as orange, pineapple, grapefruit, coconut, tangerine khổng lồ supplement vi-ta-min for quick healing.Do not purse, lick lips within 02 monthsUse lip balm frequently to lớn maintain lips color

Note: When eschar has peeled off, there are several phenomena such as:

Lips màu sắc sometimes is light or dark. It is because of the unstainable thin lips skin. This makes the color change upon khổng lồ healthy statusLips color is light, or not even. It is because ink is still hidden under new thin skin. When the skin is stainable, the color will become normal. The period is 60 days. Therefore, after 2 months, the color become accurately. At that time if customers want to lớn increase hue of lips, please contact QuynhQuyen Beauty Center for warranty

In additions, to lớn customers who have used dark lips treatment, you can use lips permanent make-up only after 1.5 – 2 months

Warranty condition: Customers can use warranty 1 time (after implementation) in cases: light/fade lips color, uneven màu sắc or dark lips. Overdue, please pay the fee as price list

By compliance process & sophisticated skill, QuynhQuyen Beauty assures 100% customers will be satisfied with our services & the result. Come lớn QuynhQuyen Beauty lớn have glamour lips.

Images of lips permanent make-up done QuynhQuyen Beauty Center expert – Quyen Tran