40 tips to take better photos in 2022


Tip #1: Capture Interesting LightingLighting is the most important aspect of a professional photo!

Tip #2: No AberrationsAn aberration in photography is something that is left in the picture that doesn't belong in the picture.

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Tip #3: Choose a Clear Subject By Zooming In TightIf you're having a difficult time getting a composition to make sense, the problem is most likely that you've chosen too many subjects at once.

Tip #4: Use Digital StylingCreatively change the colors, contrast, and exposure in Photoshop and Lightroom!

Tip #5: Don't be too taken by an Interesting SubjectIf you are too excited about the subject, it can be easy lớn forget about all the of the other things needed for the perfect photo.

Tip #6: Get the Focus RightIf you aren't getting the crisp sharpness you expect, it's usually due to focus. It's essential to put the focus point exactly on the eye of the person you are photographing.

Tip #7: Create Your unique PerspectiveIf you look at professional photos, they are very often taken from non-obvious spots.

Tip #8: Learn CompositionComposition is probably the most difficult thing on this các mục to teach in a short amount of time, but it makes a tremendous difference.

Tip #9: Consider the Mood You Want The Photo to lớn HaveMood is an often overlooked aspect of photography, but it's an excellent way to make a photo more impactful!

Tip #10: Learn khổng lồ Create Proper Depth-of-FieldLearning this technique can instantly transform your photography and help you create much more professional looking photos.

Tip #11: Learn Proper ExposureThere are three ways to lớn control the exposure of a photo: aperture, ISO, và shutter speed. If you want khổng lồ learn more kiểm tra out our không tính phí photography basics series!

Tip #12: Print LargeDon't you dare put a tremendous amount of work into a photo & then print it out at 8×10. Go big!

Tip #13: Never Stop LearningConstantly seek resources lớn improve your photography. We highly recommend Improve Photography Plus! The membership can be life changing!

- What action do you want viewers to lớn take at the kết thúc of the video? *Please write the exact message you want at the over of your đoạn phim so people know what action to take.

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There is no silver bullet to lớn making a professional picture. It often takes years of practice; however, as a newer photographer you"ll find that there are some things that will dramatically improve your photography without much effort.

But after you apply the tips on this page & get lớn the point of being a competent photographer, you"ll find that your progress will be slower và you"ll have to lớn work harder to make your photo just 1 or 2% better.

But here are the simplest things you can bởi to quickly see an improvement in your photos.

By shooting a panorama in this location, I was able to capture the gentle curve of the river, which made a huge difference in the photo. My guide, Andy Beales, pointed out this location lớn me và it was a winner!

Viewing the Photo Large

After you apply all of the other tips on this page, the way you present the photo will also make a major difference in how it is viewed by those who see it. Don"t you dare put a tremendous amount of work into a photo và then print it out at 8×10. Show your photo large lớn have a bigger impact!

Have you ever walked through a photography gallery? Notice how HUGE the photos are? It"s because almost any photo looks better & more captivating when it is viewed full screen or on a very large print.

Printing photos on Canvas has become increasingly popular. I"ve fallen in love with CanvasPop! They make it so easy lớn print your beautiful photos on Canvas. They also offer framed prints, pet portraits, photo collages, và Triptych canvases (I absolutely LOVE these).

Learn Photography!

If you"re ready to sink your teeth into photography and learn to lớn master it, I highly recommend you read my miễn phí photography basics article series. I poured hours into that tutorial to make it the very best way to learn photography, and thousands of people read it every month. I"m sure you"ll love it.


If you can only bởi a few of these things in your photo, make it these: capture interesting lighting, use a creative composition, & remember to lớn digitally style the photo afterward.

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