5 tips for beautiful powerpoint slides

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How many times have you sat through poorly designed PowerPoint presentations that were boring, cluttered, and distracting? Probably way too many. Even though we all loathe a boring presentation, when it comes time khổng lồ make our own, vị we really vì chưng any better?

The good news is you don’t have khổng lồ be a professional designer khổng lồ know how lớn make an awesome & attractive presentation. There are a few simple rules & tips you can follow for creating a professional, beautifully designed deck.

Since PowerPoint remains one of the most popular presentation thiết kế programs out there, we’re also going to walk you through some slide thiết kế tips và tricks khổng lồ maximize your PowerPoint skills & make you look really good next time you’re up in front of a crowd.

1. Use Layout khổng lồ Your Advantage

Most Western languages read left khổng lồ right, đứng top to bottom. Knowing this natural reading order, you can direct people’s eyes in a deliberate way khổng lồ certain key parts of a slide that you want to emphasize. Using layout is a simple, but effective, way to control the flow and visual hierarchy of information.

You can guide your audience with simple tweaks to the layout. Use text kích cỡ and alternating fonts or colors lớn distinguish headlines from toàn thân text.

Placement matters, too. There are many unorthodox ways to structure a slide, but most audience members will have to take a few beats lớn organize the information in their head—that’s precious time better spent listening khổng lồ your delivery & retaining information.

Try to lớn structure your slides more lượt thích this:


And not like this:


Layout is one of the trickier PowerPoint design concepts to lớn master, which is why we have these không tính phí PowerPoint templates already laid out for you—use them as a jumping off point for your own presentation, or use them wholesale!

2. No Sentences

This is one of the most critical slide kiến thiết tips. Slides are simplified, visual notecards that capture & reinforce main ideas, not complete thoughts.

As the speaker, you should be delivering most of the nội dung and information, not putting it all on the slides for everyone lớn read (and probably ignore). If your audience is reading your presentation instead of listening to you deliver it, your message has lost its effectiveness.

Pare down your vi xử lý core message and use từ khoá to convey it—you should try to avoid complete sentences unless you’re quoting someone or something.

Stick with this:


And avoid this:


3. Follow the 6 x 6 Rule

One of the cardinal sins of a bad PowerPoint is cramming too many details và ideas on one slide, which makes it difficult for people to retain information. Leaving lots of “white space” on a slide helps people focus on your key points.

Try using the 6 x 6 rule to keep your nội dung concise & clean looking. The 6 x 6 rule means a maximum of six bullet points per slide & six words per bullet. In fact, some people even say you should never have more than six words per slide!

Just watch out for “orphans” (when the last word of a sentence/phrase spills over khổng lồ the next line). This looks cluttered—either fit it onto one line or showroom another word khổng lồ the second line.

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Slides should never have this much information:


4. Keep the Colors Simple

Stick khổng lồ simple light and dark colors. Exceptionally bright text can cause eye fatigue, so use those colors sparingly. Dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background will work well. Also avoid intense gradients, which can make text hard to read.

If you’re presenting on behalf of your brand, kiểm tra what your company’s brand guidelines are. Companies often have a primary brand màu sắc and a secondary brand color, & it’s a good idea lớn use them in your presentation lớn align with your company’s brand identity & style.

If you’re looking for màu sắc inspiration on your next presentation, check out our 101 màu sắc Combinations, where you can browse tons of eye-catching color palettes curated by a pro. When you find the one you like, just type the corresponding color code into your presentation formatting tools.


Stay away from màu sắc combinations lượt thích this:


5. Use Sans-Serif Fonts

Traditionally, serif fonts (Times New Roman, Garamond, Bookman) are best for printed pages, and sans-serif fonts (Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana) are easier khổng lồ read on screens.

These are always safe choices, but if you’d like to địa chỉ cửa hàng some more typographic personality, try exploring our roundup of the internet’s best không lấy phí fonts. You’ll find everything from classic serifs và sans serifs to lớn sophisticated modern fonts and splashy display fonts.

Just keep legibility at the forefront of your mind when you’re making your pick.

Try to lớn stick with one font, or choose two at the most. Fonts have very different personalities and emotional impacts, so make sure your font matches the tone, purpose, and content of your presentation.


6. Stick lớn 30pt fonts or Larger

Many experts agree that your font form size should be at least 30pt. Not only does it ensure that your text is readable, but it also forces you lớn include only the most important points of your message & explain it efficiently, since space is limited.


7. Avoid Overstyling the Text

Three of the easiest và most effective ways lớn draw attention to text are:

BoldItalicsA change in color

Our eyes are naturally drawn lớn things that stand out, but use these changes sparingly. Overstyling can make the slide look busy và distracting.


8. Choose the Right Images

The images you choose for your presentation are perhaps as important as the message. You want images that not only support the message, but also elevate it—a rare accomplishment in the often dry world of PowerPoint.

But, what is the right image? We’ll be honest. There’s no direct answer lớn this conceptual, almost mystical subject, but we can break down some strategies for approaching image selection that will help you curate your next presentation.