How to create a great prezi presentation

Prezi offers some impressive features that can help you create compelling presentations. Here are some of them!


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Prezi is an all-in-one communication and collaboration suite that takes care of slideshows, graphic designing, và even social truyền thông media posts. It has features lượt thích Prezi Design, Prezi Video, và Prezi Present lớn make notable presentations.

In this article, we outline the features of Prezi that make you a master of presentations.

mở cửa Canvas Slideshows

Prezi slideshow canvas is a fresh và more creative approach lớn slideshow making than any other apps. All the slideshow pages show up in one large canvas. The following features are essential in designing great presentations:


Prezi calls individual slides topics. So, you can add multiple topics to increase the length of the presentation. Within each topic, you can địa chỉ cửa hàng many subtopics. You can control how a subtopic appears and moves away within a slide by choosing different Subtopic layouts.

If you zoom onto a topic, that element will mở cửa as a new slide so that you can make fine adjustments. You can also zoom in on subtopics.

2. Không tính tiền Movements

Unlike other slideshow makers, you don’t need to go back và forth lớn revisit the previous slide during the presentation. All you need to bởi vì is zoom out to maximum by scrolling up the mouse wheel, and then drag the canvas to lớn pinpoint a topic that you want lớn revisit. Now, zoom in again to mở cửa that slide.

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3. Zoom Reveal

In usual slideshow makers, all elements are visible on the slide unless you apply transitions. It's a time-consuming task. However, the Zoom Reveal feature of Prezi helps you show critical details as you keep unfolding the story.

Add multiple subtopics within primary topics. By zooming in on the subtopics, you can generate a creative effect of unfolding new facts as you go on with the presentation.


Prezi makes slideshow making simple through their drag-and-drop slideshow editor. The following are the basic elements that you need lớn create a professional presentation:

4. Charts

You can use the Prezi thiết kế tool to create informative charts và graphs. You can simply pick a pre-built infographic or chart from the canvas and edit that lớn meet your requirements. Furthermore, you’ll find many pre-built formats like Reports, Dashboards, email Headers, Posters, Social Posts, etc.

Prezi’s presentation builder looks kind of a modular tool. You’ve got everything that you need in the Explorer menu on the right side. All you need to bởi vì is choose the one you lượt thích and place it on the canvas. In this app, you don’t need khổng lồ draw shapes from scratch.

You can right-click on the canvas lớn bring up the thực đơn where you’ll find element blocks for text, image, và topic. On the same menu, you’ll see the option to modify the background. Prezi has an image library of royalty-free images for you to lớn use.

You can further beautify the slideshow by applying custom màu sắc for the topics và subtopics. The Subtopic layouts enable you khổng lồ customize the way topics appear on the final presentation.

6. Media

The Prezi truyền thông media library consists of royalty-free Photos, GIFs, & Stickers. When you click the Insert image option from the menu, the library appears automatically on the right-hand side.

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You can drag-and-drop images or stickers to lớn your canvas and customize them by right-clicking on any media. You may also upload your own truyền thông media or embed videos from other sources to play them directly in the presentation slides.

7. Professional Branding

Branding is an essential part of your profession. Therefore, branding shouldn’t be a complicated task. That’s where Prezi becomes useful. From the Change colors option, you can access the right-side menu that shows many màu sắc palettes.

Click on the Create new icon lớn define your own brand màu sắc palette. When you create a second presentation, you can select this personalized palette to apply your brand design.

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Smart Presentations

Don’t just present! Show your creativity, knack for technology, & professional body language when presenting in clip meetings. That’s how smart the Prezi presentation is. Here are some of the features that help you along the way:

8. Slideshows on Video


Picture-in-picture mode for đoạn phim call-based slides presentation could become boring. However, when your slideshow và you appear on the same screen, that’s way more interesting.

You get an elaborate presentation console where you can adjust slideshows & your đoạn clip to maintain the flow. You can show gestures that perfectly sync with a certain figure or chart appearing on the screen or moving away.

9. Offline Presentation

If you need to present slides when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, you can bởi vì that on Prezi. For offline presentation purposes, there is a desktop ứng dụng that you can download on laptops.

You can also install the Prezi smartphone app on an game android or tiện ích ios mobile. Then you can download essential presentations from your tài khoản when you get the internet. Now, sync your thiết bị di động with your máy tính by using the Start remote feature on the thiết bị di động app & present offline.


Prezi offers smart tools to lớn help you present effortlessly. It has different features for presentations like Presenter view, Live Prezi, và Voice-over.

Presenter view shows you talking points, prompts, & notes while you present the slide decks. You can only see this extra nội dung on your device và not the audience. Live Prezi turns boring presentations into engaging live-streaming.

You can share a secured liên kết within the target community so that the invitees can stream your presentations on their devices. Here, Voice-over helps you record the stepwise narration.

11. Analyze Presentation Performance

Prezi has an elaborate tool to lớn give you an idea about your slideshow performance. The View Analytics tool helps you measure metrics lượt thích time spent, viewership, and shares. Here is how the slideshow analytics help different professionals:

Teachers can find out if the students are going through the slide decks or not. They can also know which students didn’t view the slides. A freelance designer can discover if the public likes the slide decks or not by analyzing the views, shares, & total hours spent per viewer.

Present Ideas or Data in an Immersive Way

The above-mentioned features of Prezi enable you lớn create & present slideshows in a way that makes the audience happy. You’ll be able khổng lồ communicate your data lớn the mass in an immersive phối up where video, content, & design work hand in hand.

Like Prezi, there are other potential slideshow-making apps that you can also try out to lớn choose the one that suits your style.

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