Summer Vacation In Vietnam: 10 Fabulous Phrases


What’s not to lớn love about taking a summer vacation in Vietnam? We want khổng lồ make your trip all the more special with these Vietnamese phrases you can use while lying on a beautiful beach or trekking deep into one of the country’s stunning jungle areas.

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A few basics before we get going:

Ling is the perfect accompaniment for you khổng lồ take on holiday. It’s a simple tiện ích that slides into your pocket. No more carrying unwieldy phrase books and dictionaries; now you have the nguồn of cutting-edge language learning at your fingertips while you enjoy a cool Mai tai in Ha Long bay. You wouldn’t go scuba diving without a tank, & you shouldn’t go lớn Vietnam without Ling!

Summer Vacation In Vietnam – Helpful Vocabulary

Here are some basic vacation words to know.

BeachBãi biểnPlay
Beach ballBóng kho bãi biểnPlay
Beach towelKhăn tắm rửa biểnPlay
CanoeCa nôPlay
ChairCái ghếPlay
Flip flopsDép tôngPlay
GogglesKính bảo hộPlay
JungleRừng nhiệt độ đớiPlay
PoolHồ bơiPlay
SandcastleLâu đài cátPlay
SwimsuitĐồ bơiPlay
SunMặt trờiPlay
SunglassesKính râmPlay
SurfLướt sóngPlay
To hikeĐi lang thangPlay
To relaxĐể thư giãnPlay
To swimBơiPlay
VisitorKhách thăm quanPlay

Summer Vacation In Vietnam- Helpful Phrases


Picture the scene. You’re on a three-day hike in Sapa (not my idea of a good summer vacation in Vietnam, but I know some people love it), & your phone battery dies. Now you have lớn rely on your old-fashioned, run-of-the-mill brain! You’re desperate to lớn tell the guide that you want lớn stop & take a drink of water, but you haven’t learned how to say it in Vietnamese. Fear no more. Here’s a helpful list for your summer vacation in Vietnam, whether at the beach, in a city, or in the heart of darkness!

Can you tell me the way lớn the mountain?Bạn rất có thể cho tôi biết con đường lên núi được không?Play
Can I have a coconut?Cho tôi xin một trái dừa?Play
Do you know the way to lớn the beach?Bạn bao gồm biết con đường đến bãi tắm biển không?Play
How much khổng lồ rent this lounger?Bao nhiêu để thuê chiếc ghế lâu năm này?Play
How much is this swimsuit?Bộ đồ bơi lội này bao nhiêu tiền?Play
Is the way khổng lồ the mountain?Có nên đường lên núi không?Play
Is this route safe?Tuyến con đường này có an toàn không?Play
What is the average temperature?Nhiệt độ vừa phải là bao nhiêu?Play
What is the weather like in summer?Thời tiết trong mùa hè như nắm nào?Play
Where is the nearest hotel?Khách sạn sớm nhất ở đâu?Play


Don’ts Of Travelling In Vietnam

Don’t forget khổng lồ apply for a visa- This one may sound obvious, but many tourists assume that Vietnam is the same as đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan and that you don’t need a visa khổng lồ travel here. In the past, things were a lot simpler, & tourists could apply for a three-month multiple entry visa; however, due to Covid restrictions, now it’s only one month at the time of writing (I’m told that barring another Covid wave, the old system may return). A Vietnam visa is currently around $25usd.Don’t drink tap water- Although not as bad as in other countries, it is highly recommended that you only drink bottled water in Vietnam(and always kiểm tra that it’s sealed correctly). Tap water has the potential to lớn include all sorts of nasty germs lượt thích typhoid & cholera!Don’t kiss in public- Vietnamese culture is still quite conservative, with Northern Vietnam a little more so than Southern Vietnam. Although the chances are that nobody is going to lớn say something lớn you, it’s always polite khổng lồ keep your smooches indoors.Don’t rent a motorbike- I know how tempting it is to lớn rent a motorbike in Vietnam, and it is the most exciting way to lớn see stunning areas of natural beauty lượt thích the nhị van pass in central Vietnam. However, you’re asking for trouble. If the worst does happen và you have a crash, it could even make your health insurance void.Don’t constantly mention the Vietnam war- There is a slight caveat khổng lồ this because some people will be happy to talk about the conflict; however, this is a country very much with its eyes mix on the future, và if you keep bringing up the past you can seem at best outdated and at worst offensive.

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Visit Vietnam With Ling and Learn Vietnamese While You’re There


Overall, Vietnam is very accessible to foreign tourists and great for a summer holiday. There is something for everyone, from a crowded city like Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố to the peaceful streams of the Mekong Delta or the ancient town of Hoi An.

N.B My personal favorite is the Unesco World Heritage site Halong Bay(in the South trung quốc Sea), where beach lovers can spend the days in cool caves và take in a coconut tree’s bounty at sunset.

One final thing, be aware of when you’re visiting Vietnam. Vietnam has a typhoon season và what’s more complicated is that different parts of the country experience this at different times. Although most of the country is accessible during the rainy season, some mountain trails might be dangerous. Generally speaking, the dry season would be the best time to visit the mountains.

If you enjoyed this blog, think about checking out a few others such as Vietnamese health vocabulary and Vietnamese business vocabulary, and don’t forget to kiểm tra out the app before you book your plane tickets!


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