Pear Ginger Marmalade Recipe


A simple homemade mango ginger jam recipe full of fresh flavors & ingredients (no pectin required)! It is a great addition lớn toasts, smoothies, or oatmeal!


I have been INHALING mangos in recent months. Don’t tell the other fruits… but mangos are probably my favorite of them all! In addition khổng lồ my love of mangos, I also love any sauce, dip, or spread. If you’ve read my aioli post, then you know that for me, no meal is complete without an array of spreads on the table.

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Typically, I have a piece of toast for breakfast every morning. Vegan butter, mashed avocado, & vegan cream cheese (Tofuttihas been my go-to lately) are all on the rotation for what gets spread on my toast. But, recently, I have been craving some more fresh & summery. So, I decided to put my favorite fruit to lớn work & make a homemade mango ginger jam!

Jam vs. Jelly vs. Marmalade vs. Preserves


Before diving into the recipe, I thought it would be interesting khổng lồ go over what the heck the difference is between jelly, jam, marmalade, và preserves. Many people use the four terms interchangeably. They are all the same in that they involve fruit, sugar, & heat. But, they differ in their cooking process và which fruits they use. Here is the basic gist:

Jelly– This is the most smooth of all of the options. You can make jelly using fresh fruit or fruit juice. However, if the jelly does use fresh fruit, it is strained out, leaving a clear and gelatinous consistency.Jam– Jam is like jelly’s rebellious sibling! Whereas for jelly, you strain out the fruit chunks, you leave the chunks in with jam. The fruit và sugar are cooked down khổng lồ become a spreadable consistency.Preserves– Preserves are a lot lượt thích jam, but even thicker! Instead of chopping up the fruit like you would to lớn make jam, you will find whole fruit or large chunks of fruit in preserves.

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Marmalade– This is a type of preserve with the addition of some citrus. You make it from both the juice and the peel of any citrus fruit (i.e., orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc.). Traditionally, some citrus chunks are left throughout the marmalade.

Ingredients Needed for This Recipe


The ingredients danh sách for this mango ginger jam is simple:

WaterGingerCinnamonStar aniseFresh rosemaryVegan butterMangoWhite wineWhite sugarLemon zestFresh-squeezed orange juice

Tips for Making Homemade Jam


Which types of mango work best for making jam?The most common mango variety that I see in grocery stores is Tommy Adkins mangos. These are the large red/green colored mangos. They have a thick flesh & are mildly sweet. Honey mangos I also see pretty often, và these are my preferred choice. They are a golden color, & much smaller than Tommy Adkins mangos, & golden in color. They are super creamy and have less of a fibrous texture compared lớn Tommy Adkins mangos.

Do you need pectin for this recipe?Pectin is used in a lot of jam & jelly recipes khổng lồ get that super gel-like consistency. You can actually buy pectin, but it does exist naturally in some fruits. For example, mangos are naturally low in pectin. However, oranges & lemons have high levels of pectin, so that is why I địa chỉ some orange juice & lemon zest lớn this recipe! We don’t need to add any pectin for this recipe and will just be using the natural pectin that exists in the oranges & lemons to lớn get the consistency we want.

Can I switch out the fruit in this recipe?Definitely – if mangos aren’t your thing, feel không lấy phí to replace them with whichever fruit you’d like!

What can I put this mango ginger jam on?You can enjoy this jam with soooo many things! Besides toast, you can put this jam on crackers, đứng đầu desserts like cookies, cheesecakes, or puddings with it, or showroom it to smoothies, yogurts, or sandwiches.This article is full of clever ways to lớn use up your jam!

How vì you store this jam?This jam can be stored in an airtght container in your refrigerator for 1-2 months (if it even lasts that long)!


I hope this mango ginger jam will become a new staple for you because it’s:

CitrusyFreshEasyOnly 11 ingredientsVersatileDelicious

Let me know if you try out this mango ginger jam, và if you do, I would love it if you left a rating and đánh giá below! Make sure you are also following along onInstagramandPinterestfor more food inspiration.

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