Hand made oil gac treatment of melasma


Gac oil is not only good for health but also the skin beauty and skin pigmentation very good value. The following article will reveal to you how to lớn beautify your skin with essential oils Gac và skin lightening treatment that effectively.

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Gac fruit contains more vi-ta-min A should be very good for the eyes, brighten the eyes và help cure a number of diseases related to the eye. In addition, vitamins and minerals in Gac oil also helps beautify the skin and is the secret of great skin pigmentation. You can use fresh oil from Gac fruit or essential oils she trained to lớn treat skin pigmentation.

•1 How to treat skin pigmentation steamed ground nuts Gac

With help cure skin lightening beauty items, you have to lớn be very persistent và meticulous. You buy Gac fruit ripe, remove pits and Gac for steamed into the steamer. Membrane extract the seeds Gac sit outside lớn eat. You can địa chỉ sugar if somewhat difficult to eat. Gac eat 2-3 times in one week, within 2 months of patience will work pretty clear melasma.

2 DIY mask at home Gac oil to treat skin pigmentation

Have you prepared a range of 1.5 kg Gac fruit ripening, along with 400ml of cooking oil. To lớn get more Gac oil as well as quality assurance should choose the Gac fruit ripe, evenly spaced spikes Gac, heavy holding hands.


- A pair of Gac Gac seeds have taken all the red mucous membranes.

- Seamless are Gac on a clean flat surface, dried about 3-4 hours or drying at a temperature of 50-60 degrees until touching on Gac seeds not seen stick.

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- Separation of the mucous membrane components from Gac seeds và chopped with a knife.

To the hot pan on the stove, the membrane Gac chopped into, pour oil flooded. Simmer và stir hand about 5-10 minutes. Gac hunt until the membrane as locking the residue Gac picked it up. Gac oil filter through the entire sieve for cleaning residue, then allow to lớn cool & place in storage in glass jars. Gac oil do the right process can be stored at room temperature for use within 1 year.

•When used, you get Gac oil and spread onto skin pigmentation (was clean) and then gently massage Gac oil penetrates the skin. Leave the mask overnight, the next morning rinse with clean water. Before applying essential oils, you can steam your face with hot water, or warm up towel waterproof khổng lồ pore expansion, easy to lớn absorb nutrients in the oil, increasing efficiency melasma, skin care.

3 How lớn treat skin pigmentation ground Gac oil concentrates

Also, if you vì not have time, you can buy Gac oil in pharmacies. Before going khổng lồ bed, wash your face & apply a little oil on the skin are Gac, mát xa gently for about 30 minutes Gac oil seep deep into the skin, clean edit your face with warm water. You can work continuously in the evening before bed.

How aromatherapy facial beauty Gac & effective skin lightening treatment for stretch marks appear, must be done in a long time (from 4 months or more) to take effect.4 fresh dairy & Masking Gac oil

To make the mask, you need lớn prepare the mask (from paper or fiber), milk (no sugar). Very simple way, for a Gac oil capsule in 100ml milk và ensure that vitamin E is blended with milk, then the mask to lớn soak for 2-5 minutes. Get out & apply on face, wait for the mask dry, take out and wash the face with warm water.Using this method every day in the evening before going to lớn sleep, combined with Gac oil capsule every day. You will see your skin more white, the visible stretch marks fade. At the same time smooth và tighter skin, wrinkles at the corners of the mouth và the eyes dimmed. Your friends will be amazed because you will look much younger age.