Lettuce extremely effective acne treatment

Lettuce not only helps with appetite but also supports good digestion. Lettuce also has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuretic & antiseptic. Therefore, the lettuce mask is used by many women khổng lồ treat hidden acne & beautify the skin.

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Lettuce is a vegetable with a water nội dung of up to lớn 80%, so it has a very good pH balance effect, especially for those with oily skin. Not only that, lettuce is also rich in Lycopene - this is a substance that has the ability to lớn block UV rays, fade dark spots, remove melasma và reduce freckles very effectively. Thanks to lớn the benefits that Lycopene brings, the face will be whiter and brighter after a long time using the lettuce mask. In particular, the anti-inflammatory properties in lettuce have a very good effect to help disinfect and tư vấn the recovery of weakened skin cells. Therefore, the mask for hidden acne is a very effective solution for those who are looking for a smooth và shiny skin. When applying a mask of lettuce regularly, the tiny acne spots will gradually be blown away, giving you the skin you want.
Many women, after learning about the benefits of a mask for acne, immediately apply and quickly use it, but do not know whether lớn apply a face mask every day? In fact, the answer is no. Because each of us"s skin always needs a break, so vì not abuse the mask of lettuce to treat hidden acne every day, this cycle will cause the skin khổng lồ become overactive & weaker. Accordingly, the skin surface is also eroded, the natural moisture of the skin is also lost. The most suitable frequency is to apply a mask of lettuce lớn treat hidden acne is from 2 to 3 times a week và it is necessary to protect the skin carefully from the sun after applying. Depending on the location và skin type, the results of this mask for each person are different, in fact some people are not suitable for skin irritation.
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After answering the question: "Is the lettuce mask good và should I apply it every day?" Then the next step we should take is to determine the purpose of taking care of và beautifying our skin, from which khổng lồ choose the right lettuce mask recipe. 3.1. Lettuce mask for hidden acne combined with honey Lettuce và honey are a very effective combination that is very effective in treating hidden acne, blackheads, và acne, trusted by many women. Every time unpleasant acne spots appear on the skin. How to lớn make a mask of lettuce và honey as follows: Step 1: Wash the lettuce và drain; Step 2: Puree the lettuce, then filter the distilled water; Step 3: phối the mixture of lettuce & honey in a ratio of 3: 1 & absorb this mixture on the skin; Step 4: Keep the mask of lettuce and honey for trăng tròn minutes on the skin & then wash the face. 3.2. Lettuce mask combined with fresh milk The combination of lettuce with fresh milk brings great benefits for those who are treating hidden acne và want to lớn have a bright and smooth skin. How khổng lồ do: Step 1: Wash lettuce & soak in fresh milk until the leaves are soaked with water and turn light green; Step 2: Puree the lettuce leaves và filter the water; Step 3: Dip the paper mask into the filtered lettuce juice, apply on the skin for 10-15 minutes; Step 4: Wash your face with warm water.
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3.3. Combine lettuce mask to lớn treat hidden acne with sea salt Because sea salt contains substances with high antiseptic properties as well as effective in reducing inflammation. Therefore, the combination of lettuce leaves with sea salt is an indispensable choice for skin that wants to lớn get rid of hidden acne. How to vì chưng it: Step 1: Wash a sufficient amount of lettuce; Step 2: Put the washed lettuce in a puree with sea salt; Step 3: Apply this mixture for 15 to trăng tròn minutes, then rinse with water. In short, the lettuce mask has the ability to treat hidden acne as well as beautify it very well. As long as you persistently maintain the use of lettuce mask from 2 khổng lồ 3 times a week, this method will surely bring your skin significant effects thanks lớn its excellent ability khổng lồ treat hidden acne. .