3 ways to use garlic for gorgeous skin


In the hot season, the skin is sometimes dry because of dehydration, and sometimes greasy because of the humid climate, so in the hot season, it is necessary to lớn take care of the skin accordingly.

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In the summer, the hot climate and the unusually wet & rainy weather can make the skin change suddenly, which is not good for the skin, so it is necessary khổng lồ have good methods khổng lồ take care of the skin.

Bathing a lot dries out the skin

Washing your face & bathing too much during hot weather will strip your skin of its natural moisture. Hot weather is the cause of increased sebum secretion, so you should use warm water and cleanser to lớn clean your face (warm water combined with detergent has a more cleansing effect than cold water). Bởi not use water that is too hot, as it can make the skin dry & lose essential oils. When washing your face, it should be combined with facial mas sa in the direction from the bottom up, from the outside to the inside.

When we shower a lot with products containing high concentrations of alcohol can cause 20-25% water loss of the skin. Therefore, when using facial cleansers and shower gels, you should choose products containing ingredients extracted from herbs that are able to self-regulate transpiration and moisture balance such as aloe vera, cactus , cucumber...

In addition, frequent bathing, using too many detergents will reduce the amount of sebum on the skin's surface, reduce the ability to lớn protect & risk the development of harmful bacteria. Soaps with a lot of foam dry the skin even more because the chemical ingredients have the ability to "cleanse" the oil on the skin very strongly. So, replace soap with bath oil, which is less detergent.

Dehydrated skin in hot season

The hydroponic film on the surface of the skin consists of two main parts: water & oil. When the amount of water và oil are in balance, it means that you are owning a beautiful, healthy skin.

During the hot season, the skin tends to shed a lot of oil but thua kém water on the surface of the skin. The amount of moisture balance on the skin is changed, the surface of the skin is oily, but the skin is in a state of severe dehydration.

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In addition, a sudden change in temperature due to lớn being in an air-conditioned environment and stepping out in the hot sun will be dangerous for the skin, causing heat shock - a phenomenon where the skin is subject khổng lồ abnormal changes in temperature. , the amount of moisture balance on the skin surface changes suddenly, dehydration, dry skin leads to dull skin.

Therefore, it is necessary khổng lồ protect the skin to keep the youthful appearance of the skin. You should use creams, cosmetics with sun protection, non-greasy, long-lasting to lớn protect your skin. When working outdoors and going out on hot days, you need lớn equip yourself with the necessary items lớn protect your skin from the sun such as hats, masks, suitable work clothes...

Choose the right skin care products

To take care of the skin in the hot season, it is recommended to lớn choose a nourishing product that provides an immediate amount of moisture to the skin, restores the hydrochloric membrane, và balances sebum secretion on the skin's surface. Should choose oil-free products (oil free), vì chưng not choose products containing alcohol.

Do not choose a cream day care product, because normally the cream size does not create a feeling of ventilation when used during the day, easy to lớn clog pores, easy to lớn cause greasy shine, acne.

You can choose lotion or serum - emulsion. These have a texture that absorbs quickly. In addition, a fruit mask should be applied to provide moisture và help balance the hydrolyzed membrane 1-2 times a week.

The article aims to nội dung skin care experiences for you on hot sunny days for reference, hoping lớn help you have a healthy and beautiful skin.