Deep Fried Bread Sticks

This incredible Meatloaf Sandwich includes a thick slice of our favorite meatloaf topped with melted cheese, crisp spinach & tangy sauce, sandwiched between toasted bread.

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Make Ahead và Freezing Instructions:

To Make Meatloaf Ahead:This is a great recipe lớn use leftover meatloaf! Or, lớn make with fresh meatloaf, shape meatloaf in pan 1-2 days ahead of time. Cover and store in the refrigerator until ready lớn bake. Allow it lớn come to lớn room temperature before baking. You can also make the meatloaf sauce several days ahead of time và store it in the refrigerator.

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To freeze Baked Meatloaf: Cut meatloaf into slices & allow to cool completely. Flash freeze slices on a baking sheet for one hour until semi frozen. Then place slices in a freezer safe bag in the freezer for up to lớn 3 months. Thaw overnight in the fridge, then reheat in the microwave or oven.

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Recipe Variations:

Fried Meatloaf Sandwich: Heat a skillet with ¼ inch oil, until oil is hot. địa chỉ one egg và a splash of milk to a shallow bowl và beat well until smooth. Add ½ cup flour and ½ teaspoon each of salt, pepper, paprika and baking powder to another shallow bowl. Dip the cold slices of meatloaf in beaten egg mixture, then flour. Fry for a few minutes on each side, until golden. Assemble sandwich as directed.

Substitute the Bread Roll with tortillas lớn make a meatloaf wrap, or for a low-carb option serve without the bun, inside a lettuce cup.

Toppings: Pile your sandwich with any extra toppings you like, including mashed potatoes from your leftovers or pickles, jalapeños, sautéed onions or mushrooms, crispy onion straws, bacon, lettuce, tomato.