Beef coconut cake


Today is recipe that is as finicky as it is rewarding. I am talking about making Bánh trườn Hấp aka Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cakes.

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Growing up my family did not make this often because it was so much work. You had to lớn use yeast to make it rise not once, but twice before mixing a homemade coconut syrup. Then finally steaming it. So it was a lot of work in general lol.


So anytime I we get a chance khổng lồ buy this at a Vietnamese bakery, I would. You can never miss it. These beautiful cute little coconut sponge cakes. And you get a sweet and salty coconut sauce to lớn dip them in to. Now this was my childhood.


I’ve been thinking about this dish for a while because I was so intimidated by it. This is the brand of flour phối that I’m gonna be using for this recipe. I lượt thích it because it comes with the yeast & this brand is usually available at most Asian markets.

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Now this dish requires a lot of patience because we have to lớn not mix và rise this once, but twice. So it takes a good chunk of the day to lớn make this dish as well. But I promise you at the over of the day it’s so worth it.


As always here’s the recipe below until next time!




Mix together flour, yeast & coconut juice for trăng tròn mins. Cover & let rise in oven for 30 mins.Mix all ingredients under ‘Coconut Syrup’ together & cook on med heat until sugar melts. Let cool until slightly warm khổng lồ touch.Slowly mix in syrup into the dough until evenly mixed. Cover và let rise in oven for 45 mins- 1 hr.Split mixture into two. Put vanilla in one và pandan extract in the other.Spray muffin pans with oil and steam pans for 3 mins. Pour in Bánh bò mixture until 3/4 full. Wipe the lid with a towel khổng lồ remove water & steam for 8 mins. (NOTE: Make sure lớn wipe the lid every time!)To make sauce, mix everything under ‘Coconut Sauce’ together & cook on med until it thickens. Making sure khổng lồ whisk the entire time.

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