Jaggery cake recipe

This eggless atta cake (whole wheat cake) is a nutty, soft and moist, delicious, tea time cake. You will love this healthy cake made without any refined flour, refined sugar, or even eggs. Check out the quick, step-by-step đoạn phim to make this easy wheat flour and jaggery cake at home!

I’m super excited to share a healthier cake recipe with you guys! This eggless atta cake is made with 100% whole wheat flour & naturally sweetened with jaggery.

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A celebration is incomplete without some sort of cake in my opinion, be it birthdays or anniversaries or any other special day. Và if you refrain from enjoying a piece of cake due lớn various dietary restrictions, then you definitely need khổng lồ try this healthier alternative.

I was always under the impression that cakes made with wheat flour are just not that great. But guess what? I was so wrong! That perception changed when I tried this eggless date & walnut whole wheat cake.

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While there isn’t much difference in calories between refined flour i.e all-purpose flour (maida) and whole wheat flour, the latter is relatively healthier as it contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

I love baking simple tea-time loaf cakes, as they are hassle-free and require less effort as compared to a frosted cake. I lack the patience for those kinds of bakes but vị reserve them for special occasions.

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Recipe inspiration

I actually tasted this eggless whole wheat jaggery cake for the first time just a couple of weeks ago when my friend, Aarti prepared it for one of our neighbor’s send-off to Kenya. It was so good that I requested her for the recipe lớn which she happily obliged.

I have been wanting to mô tả a healthier cake recipe for quite some time now & this atta cake fits the bill perfectly! Just look at that beautiful crumb