Paleo Meat Cake (Banh Bo Nuong)


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Pandan extract gives this traditional Vietnamese cake a vibrant, green hue.

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For March’s green-themed Supper Club dinner, Dino was eager to lớn try out an interesting recipe he obtained from one of his coworkers.

Bánh trườn Nướng is a Vietnamese dessert in which extract from pandan leaves gives it a rich, green hue.

The word “honeycomb” in this case comes from the fact that when the cake is sliced open, it looks lượt thích the texture of a honeycomb.

The key to lớn creating this texture is a phối of tapioca flour (AKA tapioca starch) & single-acting baking powder.

We learned that the most popular & regularly available baking powder in the USA is double-acting, meaning that it has one reaction when mixed with wet ingredients & a second reaction when exposed to heat.

Single-acting baking powder only reacts with wet ingredients, so it’s key that you seek it out if you want lớn make this recipe at home.

Apparently the use of double-acting baking powder will cause a huge, gummy mess.

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I found Dr. Oetker’s Original Baking Powder at our local Stop và Shop, which is a single-acting, German baking powder.

Dino’s coworker, Gina, recommended that we use buko pandan flavor extract. Buko refers lớn young coconut- & so the bottle we used was a mixture of young coconut và pandan flavoring.

Gina has been perfecting this recipe for years, so we trust her!

This cake is not a typical dessert by any means. It has a spongy texture and is not overly sweet.

Pandan itself has a rich, nutty và grassy flavor which works very well with the coconut milk and young coconut flavoring.

To me, the taste was reminiscent of marzipan.

It certainly fit the bill for our green-themed dinner, và it got a big reaction when sliced xuất hiện due to lớn its interesting texture and vibrant, green color.

If we make this cake again, we would seek out pure pandan extract without the young coconut flavor & artificial ingredients khổng lồ see how it differed from this version.

This would be a fun dessert to serve at a Halloween buổi tiệc nhỏ with a chocolatey glaze- the dark màu sắc of the chocolate with the bright green would be wicked good fun!

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Bánh trườn Nuong: Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake