Homemade Beef Breakfast Sausage Patties


Homemade beef sausages flavored with orange zest, leeks, & red wine are easier to lớn make at home than you might imagine! This recipe delivers big, bold flavor that’s perfect all year round.

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This recipe was sponsored by the new york Beef Council.


Earlier this summer I was invited lớn participate in a “Beef Bash” with the NY Beef Council. Over the course of two zoom-filled days, I got a crash course in all things beef: from smoking my own brisket to grinding my own chuck for homemade beef sausages lớn putting together a tailgate-inspired charcuterie board with burgers và hot dogs. I even got to lớn try an amazing dessert of peanut butter bananas foster with beef bacon! I can’t wait to lớn use what I learned to make a smoked beef tenderloin.The entire experience was so much fun (you can check out my Instagram trương mục for some photos và videos) but hands-down my favorite part was making my own beef sausage.I’ve made homemade sausage before, but it had been a while và I had completely forgotten how easy it is! Start lớn finish, this beef sausage recipe is done in just about an hour. It’s a great way khổng lồ spend a chilly Sunday afternoon, & you’ll be rewarded with a huge batch of sausage that will keep well in the freezer all winter.

Serve it up with a batch of loukoumades (honey donuts) for a delicious greek-inspired feast!


Why make homemade sausage?

There’s nothing quite like the smell of homemade sausage cooking. It fills your house with such an amazing aroma that’s so cozy.

But why make sausage from scratch instead of buying it? There are a few reasons!

The first is that it’s a really fun and rewarding way to lớn spend an afternoon. If you want to impress dinner guests, telling them you made the sausage by hand is definitely a great way to vì chưng it!

Making your own sausage also means you control exactly what goes into it (no fillers or preservatives), so you can control the unique of the ingredients & ensure everything is super fresh. Kiểm tra out how gorgeous the piece of beef I used to make this Greek-style sausage is!

You can also adjust the seasonings so that they’re just right. In addition to making sure it tastes perfect, knowing exactly what’s going into your sausage is also helpful if you’re cooking for people with food allergies or sensitivities.

Finally, homemade sausage means you can experiment with flavors that might not be easy to lớn find at the store. For example, this recipe is inspired by loukaniko, a citrusy Greek sausage that I adore getting at the annual Greek festival but have never been able to find locally.

What is Loukaniko?

Loukaniko is a type of Greek sausage that’s often flavored with orange zest, leek or spring onion và aromatic spices lượt thích fennel và coriander. It’s typically considered a summer sausage and can be smoked or grilled over charcoal until the casing gets nice và crisp. It can be used in recipes or served as an appetizer as part of a mezze plate or charcuterie board.

Loukaniko is traditionally made with pork or lamb, & this recipe made with beef definitely isn’t authentic. But I love the way the rich beef pairs with the bright citrus and red wine flavors. It reminds me of a richer, more sultry loukaniko that’s perfect for the winter holidays.

Purists may object, but if you ask me there’s definitely room for traditional và more creative sausages in my kitchen!


Ingredients needed khổng lồ make beef sausage with orange zest

To Make this homemade beef sausage, you’ll need:

Beef Chuck. I lượt thích to grind my own chuck roast for this recipe–it’s part of the sausage making experience! If you don’t have a meat grinder, you can use 80% ground chuck. Garlic và Leeks. Sautéed garlic và leeks give this Mediterranean-inspired sausage a bold, punchy flavor that you’ll love!Orange Zest. Orange zest is what makes this recipe really special. It adds a bright, citrusy pop of flavor that airs so nicely with the savory beef. Red Wine. Red wine adds moisture khổng lồ the recipe & enhances the beef’s meaty flavor. Dried Spices.

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This homemade beef sausage recipe gets rounded out with oregano, fennel seeds, and roasted ground coriander.


Tips for making homemade sausage

Making sausages at home can seem intimidating, but it’s really not that difficult! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Start with unique ingredients

I recommend using a chất lượng piece of prime or choice beef. That means the beef will be tender, with lots of nice marbling throughout. Using beef that’s very lean will result in a dryer sausage, so you definitely want something that’s well marbled! If you can only find very lean beef, you can also showroom beef fat (often labeled as suet) for an extra juicy sausage.

Don’t forget about seasoning!

I’m picky about my sausage! và I know that if it doesn’t taste amazing to me, then no one else is going to lượt thích it either. We’re going for big, bold flavor here so don’t skimp on the seasonings.

One great tip is to lớn cook off a small amount of the sausage mixture before stuffing it into the casings. This way you can taste it và adjust things until it’s perfect.

This is also a great tip when making meatloaf or meatballs!


Keep everything nice and cold as you work

Sausage is an emulsion of meat & fat, & it can break down/separate if it gets too warm. For the best results, make sure all of your ingredients are chilled.

I even lượt thích to stick my grinding plate & bowl in the freezer for a little while before I start.

If your kitchen is especially warm, it can be helpful to fill a large bowl with ice và set a second smaller bowl on đứng đầu to grind the meat into. This will keep everything chilled as you work.

Achieving the right texture

Don’t just wing it when mixing the sausage mixture. Instead, follow a trusted recipe (like this one) & adjust from there. If you make your sausages with too much lean meat, they’ll be dry and crumbly; if you use too much fat, then they won’t hold together properly in the casing.

Once you’ve got a good ratio, phối everything together until it’s well combined. You can use your hands or the paddle attachment of a stand mixer for this job.

Pro Tip: To demo for readiness, press a tiny meatball into a spoon & turn the spoon upside down. If the sausage stays on the spoon for 5 seconds, you’re ready to cook! If not, add some ice water bit by bit until you get the desired balance.

When it comes lớn stuffing the sausage into casings, you want to lớn find a nice balance or stuff them full enough without packing the meat in too tightly (which can result in dense sausages). Load your meat into the stuffer and slowly start cranking it through, guiding the sausage into a coil as you go.

When you reach the end, secure it with a knot. You can either leave the sausage in a big spiral lượt thích this or twist it apart to create links. Finally, use a sharp knife, make a small puncture in each links to allow any trapped air escape.

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Homemade beef sausages flavored with orange zest, leeks, & red wine are easier to make at trang chủ than you might imagine! This recipe delivers big, bold flavor that"s perfect all year round.