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This peppery, sweet, and savory bo luc lac recipe (Vietnamese shaking beef) on a bed of crisp watercress, red onions, & cherry tomatoes is the easiest yet most luxurious Vietnamese dish. This quick và easy authentic Vietnamese shaking beef recipe is perfect if you want to treat yourself lớn a restaurant-quality dish at home!


The warmth of the seared umami marinated beef against the cool crunch of the watercress and the tartness of the dipping sauce is the reason why this is my Dad’s all-time favorite dish. My father is a simple man with simple pleasures. He wears the same beige polo shirts và khaki pants every single day and spends hours on his ipad scrolling the news. But when we go out khổng lồ a Vietnamese restaurant, he loves to treat himself to a large sizzling plate of bò lúc lắc made with filet mignon.

The glaze for the shaking beef cubes made with a mixture of soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce, & oyster sauce packs an umami punch. The watercress adds a peppery bite to lớn the beef making it a delicious accompaniment. If you love authentic Vietnamese recipes, make sure to check out my Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Noodles), Thit Kho Trung (Caramelized Braised Pork & Egg), ngươi Xao Gion (Crispy Noodle Stir Fry), & Che bố Mau (Three-Color Dessert) for dessert!

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What is bò Lúc Lắc or shaking beef?

Bò thời gian lắc, or shaking beef, features stir-fried cubes of marinated beef và sliced onions served over a bed of watercress & accompanied by a dipping sauce of lime juice, salt, & pepper. The name “shaking beef” comes from the method of having khổng lồ literally shake the beef cubes lớn get an even sear.


🍽Kitchen Equipment


The ingredients for this bo luc lac recipe can all be found at your local Asian grocery market.

Beef Marinade

Beef: select your beef of choice either rib eye, tenderloin, sirloin or filet mignon. More about that below.Garlic: one of the main aromatics of the dish.Pepper: used to season the beefGranulated Sugar: sugar is used to lớn balance out the salty flavors & adds a sweet component to the marinadeShallots: an added aromatic khổng lồ the dishScallions: another aromaticUnsalted Butter: the butter adds a cảm biến of caramelized flavor khổng lồ the beef. This comes from the French colonial influence in Vietnam. Make sure lớn use unsalted butter khổng lồ avoid adding any more salt khổng lồ the dish.

For the Salad

Watercress: you can use any other leafy greens as well such as arugula or baby salad mixRed Onion: the raw red onion compliments the flavors of the beefCherry Tomatoes: tomatoes địa chỉ cửa hàng a cảm ứng of brightness lớn the dish

Dipping Sauce

Lime Juice: the lime juice adds a cảm ứng of acidity that brightens up the beefSalt & Pepper: to season the lime juice.

📝How khổng lồ Make This Recipe

This bo luc lac recipe is so incredibly easy to make. All you need to vày is marinate the meat, toss it on a wok và serve it with rice and vegetables!

Marinate the beef. In a mixing bowl, phối together the garlic, pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar & sesame oil until combined. địa chỉ the cubed beef and toss lớn combine. Cover và refrigerate for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
Make a glaze with the marinade. Drain the marinade from the beef và mix in 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. Set aside.
Cook the beef. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil on a wok on high heat và saute ½ the shallots until translucent about 1 minute. Place ½ of the beef cubes mixture on a single layer and sear for 3-4 minutes. Then, add ½ the scallions và toss the beef to sear the other sides for another 2-3 minutes. địa chỉ 1 tablespoon of butter & 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch marinade, toss the beef to lớn glaze for about 30 seconds. The beef should be seared on all sides and cooked for under 7 minutes. Remove from heat & repeat with the remaining beef.

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Make dipping sauce. In a small dipping bowl, phối together the lime juice, salt & pepper.Serve. Serve the shaking beef on a bed of watercress, red onion và cherry tomato salad. Enjoy with white rice!

⭐️ Tips For The Best Bo Luc Lac

Marinate the beef for a minimum of 1 hour. It is important that you marinate the beef for at leas an hour so that the marinade has time to permeate the beef. You can alternatively marinate it overnight if you have the time.Use a hot pan or work! Before you add the beef, make sure the pan you are using is hot. It will ensure you have a quick brown sear on the edges without overcooking the beef.Cook the beef in two separate batches. This will ensure you have the space on your skillet or wok to evenly spread the beef và toss them for an even cook. You bởi not want lớn crowd your pan because it will yield a less even cook.

🥡Storage Instructions

This bo luc lac recipe is best served immediately. You can store any leftover shaking beef in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up lớn 5 days.

💬Frequently Asked Q’s & A’s

What cut of beef should I use?

You can opt for any cut of steak that you like. The most commonly used cuts are rib eye or filet mignon. If you are willing lớn treat yourself, filet mignon is my #1 recommendation for this dish. It will yield a more tender và flavorful dish. When selecting a cut of beef, opt for a more marbled cut for a more tender cut. For best results, I recommend marinating the meat for a minimum of 1 hour khổng lồ let the flavors soak into the beef.

What bởi vì I serve with shaking beef?

You can serve Bo luc lac with steamed rice or even noodles. It is served on a bed of watercress, red onion, & cherry tomatoes which you can simply eat alone as a salad if you’d like! The added dipping sauce is optional if you would like an additional zing of citrus to lớn the dish. Some Vietnamese restaurants serve shaking beef with sauteed onions, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and red rice. You can opt for this way as well.

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