Beginner'S Guide On How To Brew Beer


This guide tells you exactly how khổng lồ make your first batch of brew with just a handful of special equipment & ingredients.

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Mandy Naglich is a freelance writer, social truyền thông consultant, & beer sommelier based in thủ đô new york City who has almost 10 years of experience in the food & beverage space. She co-wrote Hello, Cookie Dough & is the author of How to lớn Taste: A Guide to lớn Discovering Flavor và Savoring Life, due out in 2023." data-inline-tooltip="true">Mandy Naglich

For this very simple ale recipe the basic ingredients are available from any homebrew supplier. Read about the hop pellet profiles to pick one that has flavor notes that are appealing to lớn you. Your kettle can be a large stock pot or a specialty kettle ordered from a homebrew supplier.

Any 5 gallon vessel with a lid can be a fermenter, but it is important there is a way for CO2 to lớn escape without letting air (containing harmful microbes) into the beer. Most fermenters will use an airlock for this. Some fermenters have the airlock included while others require it to lớn be purchased separately, be sure to lớn read product details.

Baker's yeast will not work lớn ferment beer. You can find dry brewer's yeast online for less than $5 a pack. An American ale yeast is a good starter yeast because it has a clean flavor and can withstand higher temperatures so the beer doesn't need to lớn be in a cooled fermentation chamber.

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The specialty equipment for this stage is a bottling bucket và beverage line or a siphon & racking cane. If you can find a bottling bucket with a spout it will make the bottling process much easier. If not the classic racking cane and siphon are available at all homebrew shops both in person & online.

Swing vị trí cao nhất bottles don"t require the purchase of a bottle capper or separate bottle caps. They are good for beginners before deciding to make an investment in homebrewing as a hobby. The bottles must be brown khổng lồ protect the beer from light. When light interacts with some compounds in beer it can create an undesirable skunky flavor.

The Brewing Process

Follow the steps below, split into the three major stages of brewing, to lớn make your first beer.

Brewing Wort


Packaging (about 14 days after fermentation began)

Drinking! (about 14 days after packaging)

Chill all bottles in the refrigerator và enjoy! Because the swing đứng top bottles can allow in a little oxygen it is best to lớn drink the beer within a month.